The most effective team in CB? (in General)

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 4:59 AM EDT

All this talk of the exbow helping people climb up the score ladder...meanwhile, quietly....go Tyriel!!!

(sorry if you were trying for stealth here....)

rockdiva42 July 13 2009 5:07 AM EDT

Did he start that team with 4 people. Everyone told me that was a bad idea, but most of the high score people have 4 and maybe 5 with their tattoo. Just wondering if I should get mine now at a low price or just stay 2 minions. Hopefully I didn't hijack the thread.

kevlar July 13 2009 5:10 AM EDT

there really wasn't THAT much talk about the exbow... it was really a solitary effort that forced itself into a girls gone wild video

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 5:14 AM EDT

Lol, not quite solitary, but I know what you're saying.

Rockdiva, no problem, if you don't ask you don't get. At a push I'd say Tyriel's team was started this way, but the main damage dealer appears to be his RBF tattoo.

If you were starting a team with a mage as your main damage dealer or a tank for instance then it's better to build up a single minion for a while until they're bigger than any new minions you recruit.

The easiest way to check whether a team started off one way is to ask. The second easiest is to inspect that team and click on their graphs. If the MPR line has a sudden jump then that sometimes tells you that they added a minion at that point.

kevlar July 13 2009 5:14 AM EDT

konoha's finest I believe started as a 4 minion team and is still rockstar status

Rawr July 13 2009 5:21 AM EDT

Correct, I got my minions asap because I was warned of the ridiculous minion prices up top.

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 5:28 AM EDT

Yeah, starting with 4 minions is cool, provided you don't spread the XP around too much to begin with. And once a team gets big enough you'll do a lot of damage if you focus the XP.

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 5:35 AM EDT

Coming up close behind of course is Zenai's single ToA archer.

The main ingredient in these two teams and Mandos' team is the damage reduction involved. AC on Tyriel's team, the exbow and Zenai's DBs. Add to that some pretty large damage output and you've got some winners.

lostling July 13 2009 6:10 AM EDT

I dont understand... What do you mean by effective?

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 6:13 AM EDT

Low MPR in comparison to score. The ability to fight high in other words. Which isn't necessarily the most impressive strat, although I do like Tyriel's.

lostling July 13 2009 6:16 AM EDT

Hmmm do you know his stat distribution? I would be interested to see how much he adds into what stuff

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 6:22 AM EDT

Not sure entirely, but the tattoo is about 5 million lvls, and then there's the AC, 387 + steel skin. The AC + PL is what stops me winning, reducing my damage down by an average of 500k per strike, which is then absorbed. Then the RBF, doing a decent amount of damage mops up my 7 mill HP quite easily...

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 6:27 AM EDT

There's also Mr Jiggy floating around the top levels, Nem's char. That's probably my favourite strat around the top...

QBRanger July 13 2009 9:42 AM EDT

Score 4,970,627
Power 3,404,970
MPR 2,497,691
Net Worth $219,329,888


Score 5,250,000 approx
Power 3,142,258
MPR 1,999,999
Net Worth $279,863,008

The 2nd team is before the exbow change.

Tell me the exbow was not the most effective team/item in CB.

Kevlar, please stop the backhanded attacks on me in the forums.

It was not just me who saw the obvious.

So just stop spewing crap in the forums NOW.

BluBBen July 13 2009 10:08 AM EDT

If it's all determined by fighting as high as possible then I think I'll get a pretty good score =)

Daz July 13 2009 10:14 AM EDT

"Kevlar, please stop the backhanded attacks on me in the forums.

It was not just me who saw the obvious.

So just stop spewing crap in the forums NOW. "


Mikel July 13 2009 11:01 AM EDT

I think the most effective team should use their overall win %.

This would be a much more accurate due to the score limitations at the top, and shows that you are one tough cookie to beat. You will see a much lower win % from those that are specialized in beating on certain higher score characters and those are usually ones that can easily inflate their ratios depending on when you look at them.

You have participated in 676,842 battles, of which you won 600,981, or 89%.

FTW has participated in 442,896 battles, of which he won 314,937, or 71%.

NWO has participated in 2,022,514 battles, of which he won 1,378,039, or 68%.

Megadeus has participated in 336,487 battles, of which he won 228,416, or 68%.

The Lega has participated in 1,818,741 battles, of which he won 1,223,836, or 67%.

Hubbell has participated in 1,324,304 battles, of which he won 860,086, or 65%.

Heroes has participated in 231,941 battles, of which he won 151,157, or 65%.

Konoha's Finest has participated in 250,812 battles, of which he won 157,568, or 63%.

Yanki has participated in 734,268 battles, of which he won 457,021, or 62%.

The Iconics 3e has participated in 804,729 battles, of which he won 476,632, or 59%.

The Hens of Daze has participated in 553,230 battles, of which he won 327,059, or 59%.

Dixie Cousins has participated in 1,454,487 battles, of which he won 814,393, or 56%.

Defenders of Athens has participated in 115,199 battles, of which he won 62,158, or 54%.

QBsutekh137 July 13 2009 11:07 AM EDT

Go PoisoN and hzarb! Nice amount of wins on some rather old teams!

Demigod July 13 2009 11:57 AM EDT

Demigod has participated in 118,562 battles, of which he won 85,183, or 72%.

QBJohnnywas July 13 2009 12:12 PM EDT

Other factors come into play when you're talking win percentages though. Whether you're in a clan or not, whether or not you started well or badly, and given that a lot of characters have been through more than one owner that can have a bearing on it too.

gols090 [forge of me] July 13 2009 12:38 PM EDT

That's hardly fair :( I was farmed by 3m+ MPR people for quite a while. There's little I can do about that.

QBRanger July 13 2009 12:42 PM EDT

Win %, although a very nice stat, means little if your a N*B as you get farmed a lot coming up through the ranks.

The best and better stats are score/PR ratio, especially at PR over 2M.

Lefty July 13 2009 12:44 PM EDT

"Win %, although a very nice stat, means little if your a N*B as you get farmed a lot coming up through the ranks. "


I get farmed a ton by people higher than me while I try and make it up there.

Daz July 13 2009 12:49 PM EDT

Or as an NCB, if you have NUBs on your list, they only stay there for a short time...

Anyway, getting off topic :P

BHT July 13 2009 12:52 PM EDT

If your basing it as being the most effective by comparing his score to his MPR, then my team is far more effective then his...

His Score to MPR ratio: 1.959
My Score to MPR ratio: 2.787

I have also won a greater percent of battles:
Defenders of Athens has participated in 115,250 battles, of which he won 62,158, or 54%.
You have participated in 58,603 battles, of which you won 41,576, or 71%.

So my point is, what proves that his team is the most effective?

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- July 13 2009 4:32 PM EDT

=) Here is an update on my char:

Score 4,800,132
Power 2,528,273
MPR 1,999,999
Net Worth $282,018,543

Since the change, my fight list has not changed at all, the score difference is that I'm using an RoE as opposed to a Hal to fight 100% bonus + 4% RoE bonus atm. So Lots of PR gone from un-equipping. :)

My score should be back up to it's usual self once I get back to farming Sut/Ces :S

Tyriel [123456789] July 13 2009 6:31 PM EDT

Hehe, thanks for the praise, JW. =) I actually wondered occasionally if anybody even noticed my NCB, as I'd see all these threads on 'congrats on reaching 2m MPR!' and 'look at these awesome N*Bs!'. Guess I'm just not burning enough BA for those awesome N*B threads, and flew under the radar of the milestone ones. =)

I started out two minion, and hired the other two when I could fit all my wall gear on one minion. I think that was around 1m MPR (you can't see it on my graph any more. Or at least I can't).

Currently I'm spending all of the XP on my first two minions on AMF, the third mostly on HP with a little bit of PL, and the last currently Evasion/DX, though I'll be changing to HP/SS soon. I'm hoping that putting half my XP in AMF will help me get some of the CoCs and SGs out there, and the Evasion/DX has helped me add one tank to my list, and helped against others.

Win percentage isn't really all that accurate when you compare top January 1st characters with N*Bs. Of course characters that have been at the top the entire game will have a higher win %.

Also, top characters tend to get farmed much less. In the past 4 hours, I've been attacked almost 700 times, while LA has been attacked just over 100 times. Throw in that I regularly miss some BA, missed almost a full week's worth recently, and don't buy BA very often, and I also fight a lot less, too.

Oh, and for those wondering, I have a little below 5m score after being farmed by others, and can get up to 5.4-5.5m depending mostly on JS' score, since his char is on the top of my list. My challenge bonuses are between 40% and 70%.

My initial goal with this NCB was to make it well into 6/20 with a strategy that I liked and could compete with. My last char was pretty much stuck single minion, as I really only had the money for one minion at most.

I think the most effective team is really impossible to judge. You can look at it all the ways you want, but until I wouldn't really call anything 'most effective' until it dominates the top with less NW and MPR. That would make something in that strategy OP, though, since things are fairly balanced and there's such a wide variety of strategy at the top that nobody should be able to beat everybody with lower NW and MPR. Even determining if some strategy is 'more effective' than another would be hard, since there are just so many things to consider...

I think that's it. o_o

kevlar July 13 2009 6:49 PM EDT

"Kevlar, please stop the backhanded attacks on me in the forums.

It was not just me who saw the obvious.

So just stop spewing crap in the forums NOW."

Ranger that post was comical, not an attack. You're wound so tight and you get a majority of the people here wound so tight, you can't even step back and have a laugh at yourself. If you don't think it's funny, holy cow it must not be! To ANYONE! You gotta get over whatever it is that makes you so dang serious and have a little fun, and omg the blasphemy if it comes at your expense.
I never said I didn't think the Ex/Ax didn't need change and you gathered an army of followers and had some good discussion about it. But you can not honestly say there wasn't a whole lot of kicking, screaming, and even a little ... just a little threatening to quit the game along the way.
You think change sometimes need harsh words in order for it to occur... but you might be shocked what a couple of friendly CMs can do.

You can say my post was crap, but I think it was spot on. Take yourself out of the equation... would the Ex/Ax be changed right NOW?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 13 2009 7:01 PM EDT

1) I did not find that very funny.
2) "just a little threatening to quit the game along the way." He is quitting still. See this thread

Thank you.

QBRanger July 13 2009 7:02 PM EDT


There are ways to state things in a comical manner.

Your post had none of them.

In fact, I received quite a few CM's about it.

And a few points of fact.

1) It was NOT a solitary effort. Unless you think Sut was doing this all by himself.

2) There were other posts aside from mine about it.

3) If you do not like the post, feel free to stay off the thread. Or just post something positive towards someone instead of something negative.

4) Kevlar=Troll.

Nuff said.

QBsutekh137 July 13 2009 7:14 PM EDT

Uh oh, you called him a troll.

kevlar July 13 2009 7:22 PM EDT

1)Ranger, again take you out of the equation, would the change be made NOW? (substitute push instead of effort if that wasn't clear. Of course Sut, others have had opinion, obvious?).

2)You can call me a troll as much as you want, name calling is always the way to go!

3)Not all people find the same things funny.

And Art, if he really needs to quit, that's fine. But why and for what? That's all this game needs is to lose another person who luvs this game to up and leave. Even if I don't agree with him 100% of the time, I'd rather make fun of it and move on then him thinking he has to follow through. But again... a troll can only do so much

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 13 2009 7:29 PM EDT

I say the Top 10 of the Game are all effective, interesting and multifaceted in the fact of balancing extreme items with strategy in order to retain their spot/status. The ability to do all of those minor tweaks in order to maintain their char without unbalancing them is a testimony to their effectiveness.

As far as the rest of the stuff in this thread...... I am so tired of seeing flaming in Threads regardless of which side it starts from.

Does there just have to be a back and forth retort battle? What is a one person argument, foolishness correct? Can no one be the bigger person or have more Class and say you know what it is not worth my time?

So many times I have seen these "posts" only to see later that people have "misinterpreted" anothers meaning or jumped when there was no reason for it. Be QUICK to FORGIVE and SLOW to ANGER in this it is easy to see if a person is actually trying to get at you or if you are just seeing something where there is nothing.

Remember just because your day may have sucked doesn't mean that another person's day has not sucked as well. What is the real use of adding to yours or another person's bad day?

PRDGY July 13 2009 7:36 PM EDT

Ranger, quit being a thread hijacker/diva/troll.

QBRanger July 13 2009 7:39 PM EDT

And KFCO, have you read the whole thread?

I would say more, but out of respect for your new nature of CB, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Demigod July 13 2009 7:55 PM EDT

Soooooo... to get away from that sudden awkwardness and back on track...

I actually don't have a favorite strat or team. I prefer the simple strats so it's easy to understand what could be tweaked and where the specific weaknesses are. They're not the most effective, but they're simple and fun.

lostling July 13 2009 7:59 PM EDT

:) ranger you ARE a diva lol... Remember trolls do regen... :)

Demigod July 13 2009 8:00 PM EDT

Hmm. Oddly enough, I tried pulling the conversation back to the topic of a different thread. Oh well.

QBRanger July 13 2009 8:00 PM EDT

Well perhaps a diva. Certainly not a troll or hijacker of this thread.

Especially after the "comical" post of Kevlar.

QBRanger July 13 2009 8:03 PM EDT

The most effective team is the one that can get a 100% CB the longest.

Super specialized ones are of course the "best".

However I remember a character named A Melon Named Herold or something like that with 3 EC minions and 1 attacker who would routinely go after tanks very high up.

If people would post if they are still getting a 100% CB and their MPR, that would help.

I think Mandos is getting a 100% CB vs some targets at 2M MPR. That is quite a feat.

And he is using the exbow for those targets, to bring that back into things/perspective.

QBsutekh137 July 13 2009 8:15 PM EDT

He has already "admitted" as such, but you just gotta love him. *smile* I have been a low-hanging fruit before, and it isn't really that crazy since I have 2/3rds of my strat VERY specialized. I LOVE rawr's team, and he has always been a delightfully good sport. I'll vote Konoha's Finest as the finest, in fact.

Mikel July 13 2009 9:17 PM EDT

"That's hardly fair :( I was farmed by 3m+ MPR people for quite a while. There's little I can do about that. "

KoP was a NCB and farmed by many. I remember when some players (like bast) used to just sit there and hit me all day. Try being in BR and being a N*B, it's like putting a big ol' bulls eye on your back. Ask our newest members how hard they are getting targeted.

Anyways, the overall trick is to grow fast and have a good solid strat that will help you fly past them.

gols090 [forge of me] July 13 2009 9:19 PM EDT

That's exactly what's happening :p Only lost 400 clan points today.

QBsutekh137 July 13 2009 9:25 PM EDT

Mikel, I think you answered your own "question" -- you grew so fast, then bough minions, and that is pretty much why your win ratio is where it's at. You did a reverse sky-dive and it worked. *smile*

I smile out of respect, because I don't really have a choice. *smile*
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