Transfering clan ownership: bug / by-passed (in General)

QBRanger July 14 2009 3:55 PM EDT

I do not want to disband BR, but this bug about not having the link to change ownership is hard to figure out.

Can an admin please give BR to Mikel as the owner?

Thanks in advance.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 14 2009 4:44 PM EDT

NS has stated the link should still work... if we only knew what the heck it was

QBRanger July 14 2009 4:47 PM EDT

Well that would help.

I have no idea what that link is/was/will be.

If an admin can post a link, or anyone else, that would be much appreciated.

AdminShade July 14 2009 5:14 PM EDT

I've tried to figure it out but it seems I'm at a loss here.

If any clan owner who has the link would be able to send the url of the link, then it will be modifiable to be generally used...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 14 2009 5:20 PM EDT

i haven't had one since i tried to get igot noname out of the clan to sell him and quite possibly before that. i guess that was last october.

perhaps a better question would be does any clan leader actually have the button any longer?

QBRanger July 14 2009 5:23 PM EDT

No button on my admin page.

No button on any user id of the people in the clan.

No knowledge of the link we used to have.

Need help ASAP so I can xfer leadership to Mikel instead of disbanding BR.

I can put in a 1 PR character but then Mikel would not be able to get replacement people for BR as I would still have the admin powers after I leave the game for good.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 14 2009 5:28 PM EDT

It was last seen on the user page (when DrAcO xfered TKII to me)

I suspect the syntax for it isn't really complicated... but it's going to have to be a code contributor who gets it to us.

QBRanger July 15 2009 9:15 AM EDT

Hello, is there anybody out there?

AdminShade July 15 2009 9:24 AM EDT

I haven't seen the link button on any clan leader, I've checked 3 or so...

QBRanger July 16 2009 9:51 AM EDT


QBRanger July 17 2009 9:40 AM EDT

Please help.

I do not wish to disband as old a clan with history as BR.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 17 2009 9:55 AM EDT

do the admins not have some method of reaching the devs for situations such as this?

AdminShade July 17 2009 9:58 AM EDT

Verifex is making attempts to find the problem, yet even he is only human.

QBRanger July 17 2009 9:58 AM EDT

I was told there was an admin only forum.

Perhaps they can make a post there and find an answer.

This is getting a bit discouraging.

AdminShade July 17 2009 10:02 AM EDT

Already done. When I get home from work, I'm going to try something different. I hope it could work.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 17 2009 10:11 AM EDT

simply communicating the fact that someone is working on it would help matters tremendously. remember that all we have to go by is the posts in the thread which would make it seem like it hadn't been looked into for about 3 days now. one of the greatest things about being human is our ability to communicate after all. ; )

AdminShade July 17 2009 11:10 AM EDT

True but last night and the evening before it was communicated that Fexy is working on it...

However, this is something which isn't easily solved, even for the devs.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 17 2009 11:16 AM EDT

"True but last night and the evening before it was communicated that Fexy is working on it..."

ah, ok. i do not chat and therefore only have this thread to look at. hopefully we can get a fix on this and the other clan issues for good, if they are all related that is.

QBsutekh137 July 17 2009 11:25 AM EDT

It's not easily solved to put a link on a page? That seems weird. But maybe the underlying functionality already needed work or something...

AdminShade July 17 2009 11:43 AM EDT

Those 4 links along with this button to leave the clan are the only things I could find.

javascript:if (confirm('Are you sure?')) { document.unjoin_form.submit() }

AdminShade July 17 2009 11:43 AM EDT

sut: itᄡs perhaps not hard to add the link, but to find the link which should be added is harder if you don't know what it is or how it looks like.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 17 2009 11:46 AM EDT

NS has stated that the link should still work.
The reason it was removed was that there wasn't an o0bvious spot for it on the new user pages...

Making it clear that this issue is a priority for some of us (myself included, I only took ownership of TKII to help NightStrike test another clan issue) and asking Night to provide the url for the link if nothing else.

AdminShade July 17 2009 11:49 AM EDT

the link indeed should still work, but I cannot find it anywhere because I'm not a dev.

Anyway, lets wait until NS or Fexy are online.

QBRanger July 17 2009 1:45 PM EDT

Well it seems NS is away for all July now.

Jon has not chimed in on the issue.


We as players are in the dark on something that is effecting gameplay.

Quite a lot of discourse would easily be solved by a post from NS and/or Jon about these issues.

I keep seeing that the developers want a nice and happy forum. Free of negative posts. However when the players are kept in the dark and their CMs are never answered, frustration occurs.

No wonder CB is losing people. Myself included. Frustration is a bad thing.

I know now that Fexy and Shade are working on it. However a simple message or reply from the developers would go miles towards a much happier and friendlier community.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 17 2009 1:55 PM EDT should transfer the ownership to whoever that is.

QBRanger July 17 2009 1:57 PM EDT


For those not in BR, the last digits was Mikel's User ID.

Soxjr July 17 2009 2:00 PM EDT

Just a quick comment. Ranger I have loved and hated you in this game at times, but unfortunately this last problem and how you pushed it has to be one of the hate ones. You make it seem like this is a huge problem that just affects everyone and something that if not fixed will destroy the game. I have seen 3 people say this was a problem. Dude, Novice and yourself. If my math is right, that is less than 2% of the active users that have a problem. People were working on fixes, but some have real life jobs and commitments and a problem effecting that few people might not have been the biggest of issues.

All that aside, I will miss you in this game and hope to see you popo in from time to time.

AdminShade July 17 2009 2:03 PM EDT

Sox: those 3 players might just have expressed it in here but I myself also found this to be a really nasty bug. I'm just glad it got fixed in a way now.

BHT July 17 2009 2:07 PM EDT

The sad part is, if Jon knew NS is gone the least he could do would be find 10min of his time to log in each day and make sure everything is cool, by checking posts and CM's. I doubt he's that busy with RL that he can't find 10min to check a game that he took the responsibility to create. Heck, a lot of us have full time jobs, busy social lives and a family and still find hours a day to burn BA.

Last login: Jul 14

Having only been here a few months, I must say I am largely disappointed with how little involved Jonathan is.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 17 2009 2:17 PM EDT

It's okay, I'm sure we'll all be fine, if anything needs Jon attention I let him know, this was just a minor issue not needing the Jon-coding-swat team.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 17 2009 2:20 PM EDT

Fex is awesome!

Lefty July 17 2009 2:22 PM EDT

3 Users compiles just under 2% of all our active users..

215 Active Users in the past 7 days.

Those 3 users may not seem like a lot, but get 21 people who have been affected by this (even those not posted) and that's 10% of active users.. Quite significant I would think. And how many of those active users and people who have just signed up, played twice and are gone?

This isn't meant to say the admins need to take more action, just shows that we are a small user group, and even if something only affects 20 or so people, it may seem like a small group of people and not needed to be dealt with quickly but those 20 people actually account for more than you would think.

Neo Japan July 17 2009 2:39 PM EDT

Jon created Carnage Blender almost 10 years ago. and he has a family, job(because CB won't pay ALL the bills) and probably a social life. He is busy, and thats why CB1 no longer exists and why he has NS help him now. The admin and programmer bashing is starting to get upsetting towards me, and I'm not one of them, so pissing them off won't help you. You get more bees with sugar and honey(or however the saying goes).

TheHatchetman July 17 2009 5:30 PM EDT

While i wouldn't have called the inability to transfer clan ownership "big problem" in general, it was most certainly an issue that needed to be dealt with... Same problem just cost me a little over 500k not to long ago as I paid to relocate the people in my clan that I was forced to put out by disbanding my clan. Took 4 days to get the equivalent of "yeah, i read this" from a dev when I made my post on the issue. That was a little frustrating, but bleh, it was just an economic clan... I'd imagine I woulda been just as uppity as Ranger has been in this thread (if not, moreso), if I was given the choice of dragging down my buddies, or losing this legendary heritage, forever...

QBRanger July 17 2009 7:11 PM EDT

This has been brought up at least 2 other times without any response from a developer.

While they chat of wanting a harmonious forum, their participation is essential to that end.

While 3 people have actively stated it was a problem, it was a problem to more than just those 3.

I fail to see anywhere in this thread my "bashing" admins except to ask why this was not addressed and/or why they could not or would not post about this issue.

A simple "we are working on it" would have easily sufficed.

With all the Ranger bashing, do you wonder why I am leaving? I wonder who will be your next target.

So in the future, if Sox or Neo has a problem with my posts (or anyone else), please CM Nightshade and he will take appropriate action. But please leave your criticism of me out of threads I create. But if you have to contact an admin about how out of line I was.

But please, if you stil think I was out of line, please CM me about how I pushed things too much in this thread.

AdminJonathan July 18 2009 9:04 AM EDT

Try it now.

P.S. How about leaving the whine home next time?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 18 2009 9:18 AM EDT

"Try it now."

still no button on my clan admin page, if that is what you meant?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 18 2009 9:19 AM EDT

d'oh, been so long i forgot where it was, it shows up as a link on the user's page you are wanting to transfer clan ownership to.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 18 2009 9:52 AM EDT

removed from the known issues wiki page as well.

Demigod July 18 2009 10:03 AM EDT

Thanks for the fix.
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