Sotomayor: Love her or Hate her? (in Off-topic)

[P]Mitt July 19 2009 11:01 PM EDT

Sonia Sotomayor. Like her or Dislike her?

What do you think?

AdminShade July 20 2009 1:17 AM EDT


Colonel Custard July 20 2009 1:32 AM EDT


All I know pretty much is that she ruled that some firemen couldn't get a pay raise because they were white, and none of the "more diverse" members of the force didn't pass the written exam for promotion, or something. And that's bullcrap.

I don't know anything else about her record, though, or about whether she likes to uphold the Constitution.

QBRanger July 20 2009 9:03 AM EDT

She will not be on my Christmas card list.
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