Why is USD... (in General)

Rawr August 4 2009 3:04 AM EDT

Allowed to be used for purchasing of items, cbd, and/or characters in this game? Now, I am not talking about the "Special Items" or supportership. Those are understandable. But, allowing the purchase of cbd via usd seems ludicrous. It does no good for the community...

Shark August 4 2009 6:41 AM EDT

Been that way since early in CB1

The Camper people(?) in CB1 decided that CBD and gear was worth USD and everyone who participates in this to this day is in agreement, somewhat still on this matter

Campers started trading USD for CBD and what ever else

I have taken USD for forging in CB1..I was going sell the CBD anyway so why not?

its Called Capitalism

you are free to use the system or not use the system

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] August 4 2009 6:42 AM EDT

It will happen anyways so why try to stop it. It is better managed if you let it happen out in the open.

Shark August 4 2009 6:44 AM EDT

here we deal with each other not as master and servant, but as traders, exchanging value for value by our own free will, to each others mutual benefit

Burton August 4 2009 6:45 AM EDT

It needs to remain a part of the game.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 4 2009 6:53 AM EDT

Try to regulate the USD Market will result in an even smaller Player Base. Nem has said it right let it happen where people can see it otherwise it would be much worse.

QBJohnnywas August 4 2009 7:09 AM EDT

Be careful what you wish for. Because in order to stop it you have to stop any kind of player to player transfer, even auctions.

You can't regulate for the contact players make outside of the game. There is nothing to stop me meeting with GentlemanLoser, who lives not far from me, handing over money and him sending me something in return in-game. Even if player to player transactions were restricted to auctions we could still do that.

Canibus August 4 2009 7:15 AM EDT

I Think the USD part is ok, got no probs with it.
Im not calling it capitalism though, that would be imply i would be massively confused.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 4 2009 7:43 AM EDT

I've gotten used to be able to pay urgent bills with CBD :) Done it three times so far, heh.

Seriously though, I don't think I saw it that way before, but now I like being able to decide for myself, what my game time is worth. Sometimes, it may be worth some hard-earned cash, yes. Sometimes not. The important part is I get to decide. So do you, and everyone else.

I kinda like the freedom that Jon has given us so far, regarding out of game deals, and if it skews the game ladder, well...too bad. I'm having fun at 500k MPR right now.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 4 2009 10:12 AM EDT

I have always thought that CB should sell its own money at a competitive rate it would put more money into the game and help improve/maintain the high standard CB has to offer at it's best. This would also decrease the people selling out there NUB's money and just using the game for a buck.

Daz August 4 2009 10:18 AM EDT

In that case, you'd have people undercutting it, but then you'd also have people who pay the higher rate just to support the game...

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] August 4 2009 10:39 AM EDT

"I have always thought that CB should sell its own money at a competitive rate it would put more money into the game and help improve/maintain the high standard CB has to offer at it's best."

We've suggested this but Jon doesn't want there to be too much money in the game. We've mentioned that it would help pay for the things CB need to no avail.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 4 2009 10:42 AM EDT

CBD being sold by the system would just mean some people would have unlimited cash. Picture that for a second...

Demigod August 4 2009 10:44 AM EDT

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 4 2009 10:45 AM EDT


QBRanger August 4 2009 10:50 AM EDT

With NW/PR and ENC is that so bad a thing?

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 4 2009 10:56 AM EDT

Yes. A strat illeterate like me could take on everyone in his bracket. NW v.s NW is not so fun, and then you'd get two kinds of people fighting:

-Maxed ENC
-Not maxed ENC

This is observable right now, but an infinite flow of CBD would just make it worse.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] August 4 2009 11:03 AM EDT

Its already like that for people who can afford to buy CBD from other players.

Demigod August 4 2009 11:04 AM EDT

If the funds were flowing back into CB, I wouldn't have a problem at all with it. And by "back into CB," I mean to Jon for marketing and to give him some incentive to spend more time coding for us. He might be willing to take note of a rolling bonus if CB paid his mortgage.

Dark Dreky August 4 2009 11:05 AM EDT

It looks like there is an infinite amount of CBD for sale right now... with no buyers.

I see no reason for "the system" to sell CBD if the market is already flooded.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] August 4 2009 11:12 AM EDT

Dreky, if the System was selling CBD, some more of us might be willing to spend money on it since it would go to Jon and hopefully pay for CB.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 4 2009 11:22 AM EDT

Buying CB from Jon is simple, pay for namings and supporterships.

QBRanger August 4 2009 12:11 PM EDT

Novice is right.

I have done that as have novice and many others.

It is especially noticeable when a new good supporter item comes out.

Like the HoC or AoF.

SuperHD August 4 2009 1:56 PM EDT

yep buy supportership and naming for other in exchange of CBD. i'll do this again and way more in 2 months :) Can't wait to be done with my job. Go Carnage Blender Go

Shark August 4 2009 9:44 PM EDT

we use USD here because its accepted in remote pygmy villages outside of lubumbashi

VsCountStrum [Black Watch] August 4 2009 11:45 PM EDT

Real money will always be a part of the CB. It has been that way from the beginning and will continue to be that way. As it was stated earlier the only way to remove the effect of real money on the game is to remove all trading in all forms. I play several games that work this way. Yes, it does remove the effects of money, but it also creates single player game with little real interaction outside of the forums. From what I see, the use of real money is much lower than it used to be. Also with the Encumbrance penalty it limits the effect early in the characters life.

I believe that it is good for the community. When people need money they are able to gain that money by playing a game. We once sent $200 to a couple in Australia who had been robbed. None of us knew them in any way except CB, but as a community we gathered donations first of CB dollars and then real dollars.

This is from the player that sold the most expensive character in the history of CB, or so I believe.

Shark August 4 2009 11:50 PM EDT

good mister KnIGits...he was the reason we had a NooB room made and mentors on CB1..good mister KnIGits...I think I forged his lace panties a few times :)...
he was moving and got a new job. went back to get some stuff and he had done been robbed...:*(
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