admin help!! (in Public Record)

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] August 8 2009 1:19 PM EDT

Orlly (Orllys) Jack the Philiac (Jack) $850000 -- mod 1:16 PM EDT

Tal Destra (Jack Knoff) Orlly (Orllys) A Mace of Disruption ($309640) 1:16 PM EDT

he sent his payment to the wrong character please help

Orlly August 8 2009 1:28 PM EDT

this is correct and the user i have sent to hasnt being active since 2005'. So please help us out :)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] August 8 2009 1:57 PM EDT

Admins do not do this.

AdminShade August 8 2009 1:58 PM EDT

Sorry but admins do not help in these situations. Players should realise to check to whom they send before clicking too fast.

The only thing I can do is advise you to email the player whom it got sent to.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 8 2009 3:57 PM EDT

Well I am not a Admin but from the outside looking in. If the Admins can't/won't retrieve the money.

Then Orlly is at fault an liable for the lost money.

Since Tal and orlly made an agreement to trade $ for said item, Tal completed his part of the deal but Orlly has not (even if he sent the money to the wrong place) therefore Orlly still owes Tal 850k and should be paid in full or refund the item back.

winner winner August 8 2009 4:02 PM EDT

But Tal told Orlly the wrong character to send it to.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] August 8 2009 4:13 PM EDT

Actually Sk, you have no way of knowing that. Tal could of told Orlly that the character's name was Jack Knoff and Orlly could of only entered Jack and pushed enter. At which point it would of brought up the list of characters who matched that name.

QBRanger August 8 2009 4:14 PM EDT

So Tal purposely wanted his 850k to go to a dead character?

QBRanger August 8 2009 4:15 PM EDT

SG is most likely correct.

Which is why I go to community ---> Find User ----> Click character ----> Click Send To ----> send items or money.

AdminShade August 8 2009 7:41 PM EDT

I myself also always go to a character through the user I need to send it to to prevent such small but significant mistakes.

BootyGod August 8 2009 9:04 PM EDT


Punishing people for not being perfect. I have much respect for the admins of this game, but I had no idea they were in the game to give name changes and unretire characters instead of helping a player with a legitimate problem.

Not the admins, but the system that is to blame here. I hated this policy when I started and, hey, it hasn't gotten easier to take.

The whole game seems to encourage ripping other players off, because honesty just doesn't work.

Tal, just email the guy, I guess.

QBRanger August 8 2009 9:07 PM EDT

I agree with GW 100%.

However it is the "policy" of CB.

It is, however, not like this happens every day, or even every month.

I have seen this occur like 5 times in all the time I have been playing CB.

Occasionally a rule and be broken once in a blue moon.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 8 2009 9:14 PM EDT

If you do it for this instance there are twenty people on CB who you'll have to do back and do it for.

winner winner August 8 2009 11:37 PM EDT

I was in chat at the time and I'm pretty sure both of them agreed that Tal told Orlly to send the money to the character Jack.

Daz August 8 2009 11:43 PM EDT

"I was in chat at the time and I'm pretty sure both of them agreed that Tal told Orlly to send the money to the character Jack. "

He probably assumed that the player would go through his user page and click on the character called Jack. It is actually a pretty reasonable assumption.

Drama [Just for fun] August 9 2009 2:08 AM EDT

Orlly is a new player too, he may not know exactly how a lot of things works on cb. I once gave a RoE instead of renting it and lost it forever. It's too bad admins can't repair those inattentive mistake.

Timberwolf August 9 2009 2:12 AM EDT

It's too bad people can't pay more attention when making transfers of large monetary value.

AdminShade August 9 2009 5:18 AM EDT

To be honest, this is their thing to work out who owes who what.

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