Bug with joining economic clans (in General)

AdminShade August 15 2009 9:15 AM EDT

Hoodsy has a problem joining an economic clan but it is not due to his account I believe.

When clicking: Clans > Join > selecting the list for economic clans, you are prompted with the list.

However at the center of the list, a long part of blank list is offered. I believe this part contains the moderated economic clans which is displayed in the same colour grey as the background of the list.

While annoying, I have no idea how fast it could be solved... the work around would be to inspect every clan on the list and retracing your steps back to the right clan to join.

AdminShade August 15 2009 9:41 AM EDT

To elaborate a bit more on this subject:

The list for the clans is split in 3 parts:
- open clans
- moderated clans
- full clans

The code of the list has a bug in it in which it shows blank for moderated clans.

Looking a bit deeper in the code, I just made a new account to look at it with ease. This is a part of the code for the drop down menu of the econ clans:

<form action="join-2.tcl" name="eclan_form" method="post">
Economic Clans:
<select name="clan_id">

<option value="3579"><span>*</span>Serialkiller's Forge (46,761,959)</option>
<option value="3190"><span>*</span>Fees Dirt Cheap (1,971,925)</option>
<option value="2651"><span>*</span> Shadow Blade (0) </option>

Until now, all is normal however the first moderated economic clans show up in the source code like this:

<option value="2473"></option>
<option value="3435"></option>
<option value="3406"></option>

As if something is preventing from their name to be displayed...

I don't think I can look into it any deeper, one of the devs have to take a look at this.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 15 2009 9:42 AM EDT

it was also in known issues from this thread:


AdminShade August 15 2009 9:45 AM EDT

Ahh, didn't see that thread, but it's closed anyway.

To reply NightStrikes question in it:

I do not think the first blank clan is always the same, since the list is generated based on clan position.

Somehow I think there is a part of the economic clan list which just does not update correctly and fails to display due to this. Possibly a moderated economic clan does not generate it's name and position...

AdminNightStrike August 16 2009 12:13 AM EDT


AdminShade August 16 2009 6:54 AM EDT

Great :D
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