Strat Idea: Criticism Welcome (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] September 2 2009 3:09 AM EDT

I have been thinking about a specific strat that I would like to try when my NCB finishes. Here it is;

Minion #1
Train: AMF (~3.5mil), HP (~500k), GA (rest)
Equip: AoI, BoE, Corn, BoF

Minion #2
Train: VA (~1-1.5mil), Evasion (~2.5mil), HP (rest)
Equip: HoE, ToA, AoM, TG, EB, MoD, SoC

The way I see this strat working is that the second minion should have enough HP to last until melee, and once there the MoD i believe would be the most effective weapon, due to propensity for AS to be trained as well as helping against PL.

The GA should make a lot of teams self destruct, so long as it is high enough. The level of AMF trained along with the equips will be good in dealing with the lower level DD's. I would also probably train Decay on that minion, so it would depend on some factors.

The one change i could see happening with this strat is changing GA for AS, though I prefer GA.

I would like to hear peoples opinions about this strat. I was thinking for it to work that the minion would have to around at least 4mil MPR, so as to allow high enough levels in the required attributes.

Unappreciated Misnomer September 2 2009 5:08 PM EDT

im thinking that if i fought you, your AMF is nothing on me. My DM would most likely take your VA, some GA. in ranged i would be out the door firing 3-4 shots a round. i have a large PL(thatwhatshesaid). So if i dont do enough by melee its anyones game.

QBRanger September 2 2009 5:15 PM EDT

3.5M AMF at 4M MPR is like peeing in the wind.

Vs the NSC, you lose a lot of levels.

I would go with just a lower level 100k AMF or a super high 7+M AMF, nothing inbetween.
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