Tattoos (in General)

BootyGod September 3 2009 9:41 PM EDT

The system needs to be changed.

A 100k Halidon familiar going for 2.7 mil?

Most tattoos being bought lately are being bought by people who just want to hoard them to drive prices up. Which is great, I guess, except for the fact that it shows just how small of a player base we have when that kind of thing is possible. It makes it impossible for new players to buy tattoos without wasting cash and makes it harder for veterans without USD to buy new gear and try new strategies than it should be.

And yes, this is a selfish post. I want myself a damn Halidon and it's ridiculous I'm looking at a 2.5 mil price tag for the dang thing. It's also silly that this tattoo hasn't seen a nerf yet when the last time I had my hands on one, the only thing keeping it from dominating teams was how stupid *xbows were. And now they're now so bad, but the Halidon is still there.

Weaken the tat or find a way to stabalize tattoo prices, please. Just increasing the spawn rate of them would be nice, or limiting how many tattoos an account can have (As in, only being allowed to have 2 normal tattoos per character. Not a harsh limit, but better than nothing).

Granted, the entire system of paying cash to reink was SO much better, in my mind. Apparently others disagree, as we're still using this, but come on. Putting such a big aspect of the game to the mercy of whoever has money is silly.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 3 2009 9:47 PM EDT


{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- September 3 2009 9:52 PM EDT

I have to disagree, I've been hoarding for a valid reason. Free market has it's Pros and Cons...

Though if you really need something you know I'd give you the hookup on prices any day GW!

QBRanger September 3 2009 9:56 PM EDT

One could say the same thing about the RBF.

But I wish the tattoo artist was as in the past, 400k for a change.

Then we could really see if one tattoo is so OP that it is the predominant one being used.

Having a tattoo limit would be very bad as there are times I try a few different tattoos at one time to see if it helps my fightlist.

BootyGod September 3 2009 10:00 PM EDT

Well, I did try to make it generous. The idea wasn't to skimp on people preparing for changes or to reduce experimentation even further, just merely to stop people from getting more tattoos than they could ever use.

I can't see anyone need more 9 base tattoos and one regular tattoo at once.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 3 2009 10:01 PM EDT

To a point I agree GW but bottom line that is the way of everything. If a person has money they have power. Yes there should be checks and balances but if you implement to harsh of one then you will not help the game in any way.

Finding that happy medium is an extremely hard thing to do. that Cliche` of "Be Careful what you ask for." comes to mind.

Drama [Just for fun] September 3 2009 11:34 PM EDT

At the same time, I would also check the IF selling at stupid prices like 30k wich is almost 10 times less then the Hal.
Maybe the Hal is buffed right now, but maybe others are we too weak to be used too.

Drama [Just for fun] September 3 2009 11:39 PM EDT

And some like the RoS doesn't spawn anymore cause of weird random circumstances. I think like Ranger, you should be able to switch your tattoo for a fixed price. By the way, why isn't there any Lesser Hal?.

RaptorX September 4 2009 3:17 AM EDT

I would think the Bank is somewhat to blame for economy woes since it lately ticked me off by snatching 2 shadow cloaks at the last minute from me.. When they were being sold for a 'normal average price' - about 450,000. But yes the Hals and RoBFs right now are king and all other tats are selling 10x more cheaply. That should give a clue that things are way unbalanced. Hals being expensive though does make some sense since they come with an ELB that grows all by itself built in. That should be worth a couple mill anyway. Though , on the other hand, all familiars have a weapon built in too.. hm . I think something is out of whack. The Hals are hard to hit - like they also have large DBs built in or something.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 4 2009 6:18 AM EDT

Because the HaL is the flavor of the month now for almost 9 months.

QBRanger September 4 2009 6:23 AM EDT

8 out of the top 50 score characters use a HF.

Given there are 200 or so players, the HF is hardly overpowered.

At least not compared to the RoS and RBF which are in greater use.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 4 2009 6:29 AM EDT

The ELB, DBs, Hal and RoBF has been the Flavor of the month for 9-10 months no secret there. Before them it was something else, and before that it was something else and so on and so forth big deal. There is ALWAYS going to be a Flavor of the month, are you guys not going to be satisfied until EVERYTHING is Nerfed into oblivion?

Supply and Demand is what makes a free market work, you put a strangle hold on it and yes prices will go up but if you completely control it then it is no longer a "Free Market". Once again I say the Cliche of "Be careful of what you wish for." comes to mind.............

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 4 2009 6:35 AM EDT

Yeah evasion was nerfed hard, RoBF is useless against HaL's so are DB's, the RoS was never overpowered to begin with since it only does two things.

And the HaL gets too much free PTH. If you might want to a look at all the other realms Ranger you could see that most people use the RoS, ToA or the HaL, the other tats are rarely used.

QBRanger September 4 2009 6:47 AM EDT

So instead of nerfing the HF alone, why not change things as I proposed in another thread.

To help the other unwanted tattoos out there.

But to say the HF alone is OP is not accurate.

From where I stand, the RBF is very overpowered, given its multifaceted abilities. Chiefly damage that is unique.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 4 2009 6:52 AM EDT

The RoBF is OP because of it multiple abilities? So then the JiG is also OP since that thing also has multiple abilities?

The damage it gives is only once every round and is not a familiar so to who should the damage be reflected?

Join me in me other post to solve this one.
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