Question about EC (in General)

Vicious Cat September 13 2009 4:46 AM EDT

Gen cast Ethereal Chains on all enemy Minions (26714)

Ethereal Chains 104,584 102,283 52,312 51,161

From the wiki: Its effect is equal to 20 + half of the level. E.g. an EC of 100,000 would drain approximately 50,020 DX and 50,020 ST.

Am I being dense, or is there another halving happening?

The 26714 bit seems constant in all my fights, so it's not some random percentage thing.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] September 13 2009 4:49 AM EDT

52,312 / 2 + 20 = 26,176

your doing fine

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 13 2009 5:09 AM EDT

Tal, he is only getting about 1/4 of what he should be getting. his EC level is 104,584 meaning the EC cast on enemy minions should be around 52,312 not 26714.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 13 2009 6:37 AM EDT

2. Dispel Magic reduces (or even eliminates) friendly casted Enchant Offense Spells:

* Ethereal Chains
* AntiMagic Field

AdminShade September 13 2009 7:08 AM EDT

Vicious Cat: you have both Dispel Magic and Ethereal Chains trained.

Your DM lowers the cast effect of your EC.

Vicious Cat September 13 2009 9:22 AM EDT


Spose I'd better switch back to AMF then

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AdminShade September 13 2009 9:28 AM EDT

Your DM will then also lower your AMF, unless you mean using AMF instead of DM

Vicious Cat September 13 2009 10:30 AM EDT

Yes - I changed AMF to DM - gave me a couple extra on my fightlist, but I was never really comfortable with it.
This is the first proper tank team I've run - I'd never really realised how many Mage Teams are out there that I've no chance against.
I'm running at an average bonus of -5%, my score only just above my PR :-(
Seems a bit early to fire 3 minions and go to SFBM, but...

QBJohnnywas September 13 2009 12:38 PM EDT

If you can then name your weapons. You get an extra 150 on each X from the naming, which is invaluable at the level you're fighting at. But in my opinion the best way to combat mages is to boost your weapons as much as encumbrance will allow.

Tanks need to be strong and fast but they also need big weapons. Concentrate on boosting the weapon X, the ToA will take care of the PTH with ease. Don't worry about boosting gears until your team is bigger, the boost from any bonus giving gears is only really noticeable higher up. Weapons!!!

QBJohnnywas September 13 2009 12:41 PM EDT

Also, until you have enough PTH from the ToA then you might want to switch to archery as a skill so you can use the bow to it's best advantage. Later on when your PTH is high enough you'll be able to rely on the PTH and dex advantage to hit opponents, but in the meantime the penalty from using a bow without archery is too heavy.

My team is actually a melee based team for all intents and purposes, but without help on PTH I need archery to use my bow properly.

Vicious Cat September 13 2009 5:12 PM EDT

"If you can then name your weapons."
TBH if there is one principal that I have tried to stick to, it is not spending any ᆪRL.

"Concentrate on boosting the weapon X, the ToA will take care of the PTH with ease"
Confirmation of what I'd been thinking, cheers JW

"Also, until you have enough PTH from the ToA then you might want to switch to archery as a skill so you can use the bow to it's best advantage."
Ah OK fair enough. It started as an Exbow/Axbow combination, but I changed to MS due the the overabundance of Mage teams. I guess going archery is just a slight extension.

"the penalty from using a bow without archery is too heavy"
I seem to be hitting most of the time against most people, but I'll swap out and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice - much appreciated :-)

QBJohnnywas September 13 2009 5:50 PM EDT

You can always get somebody to name them for CB bucks.

Vicious Cat September 14 2009 5:16 PM EDT

Oh - how much would that be?

QBJohnnywas September 14 2009 5:17 PM EDT

Current price is a mill per naming.

Vicious Cat September 14 2009 6:23 PM EDT

I presume I put this in FS/WTB?

RaptorX September 15 2009 10:43 AM EDT

Oh and a ELB PTH is boosted A LOT with archery and really the only bow that does enough damage up on top in some people's opinions. I think I heard that from Ranger. Exbow is also used though. I use an ELB and it does a lot more damage than most any other ranged weapon. (more than the (6) seems to suggest.) though I 'm sure the math works too. Just my experience.

QBRanger September 15 2009 11:01 AM EDT

I have to clarify what Raptor just typed:

The ELB's PTH is NOT boosted by a lot if you have archery trained.

You just get your NORMAL PTH if you have archery trained.

If you do not have archery trained you have only 20% of your normal PTH.

And at the top the ELB does the most damage, but if I had to do it over again, I would most likely use a SoD for numerous reason. Chiefly that I would not have to train a skill, using over 1.4M levels to be able to use my weapon properly. Unlike any other weapon in all of CB except other bows.

Dark Dreky September 15 2009 11:29 AM EDT

Ranged salvage yard, ftw!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 15 2009 11:31 AM EDT

getting off topic?
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