Training: Easy Fix? (in General)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] September 16 2009 8:59 PM EDT

So, I just realized something while trying to train my new team. I can't set a training set to how I want due to the fact that CB doesn't learn a minion's training orders based upon what it was told, but instead upon the order the list goes in.

For Example:

Health N/A
Str N/A
Dex N/A
Skill N/A
EO Max
ED 1/3 Max

It won't train 1/3 of my XP into the ED and then train the rest into the EO. But will go down the list and train "in order", instead of in order of priority, where it would go from the smallest amount to the largest. Could we get this changed? Since its change month and all?

QBRanger September 16 2009 9:04 PM EDT

A few others have mentioned this same phenomena. However, I think from a programming standpoint it would be impossible to change it as you and others would like.

I would suggest to make a couple training sets.

The first training only 1/3 your ED, perhaps named "1/3 ED".

And a second with Max EO, perhaps named "rest/max EO".

The only negative would be if you forgot to load the first before loading and learning the second.

SuperHD September 16 2009 9:07 PM EDT

yeah well why dont you train your 1/3 ED first and then train all the rest on EO?

otherwise we would need like:

EO: 2/3 max (yeah why not have a 2/3 choice when training?)
ED: 1/3 max

maybe have an automatic thing that would make those training "mistake"
like if someone try to train this:

E0: max
ED:1/3 max

then the 1/3 would diseappear.... well actually as soon as one put MAX no other fraction should be allow to be put in next to any skills..

anyway i think the training system is great like this!

TheHatchetman September 16 2009 9:10 PM EDT

SHD, I think he means more along the lines of training

E0: none
ED: 1/3 max

then after training that XP, training

E0: max
ED: none

QBRanger September 16 2009 9:11 PM EDT

Yea, what he typed.

AdminShade September 17 2009 1:32 AM EDT

Easy fix:

click ED -> 1/3 max -> Apply
click EO -> max -> apply


Honestly, there are worse things which should be fixed first, this isn't even broken.

Cube September 17 2009 12:35 PM EDT

At least for me it definitely wasn't intuitive. It'd at least be nice if there were 2/3rd and 3/4ths options etc. as training set are built in now, and having two seems a little excessive.

Though, I think it's in the category of it'd be nice to be streamlined, but not required. If you want to make things exact for training sets, you can set fixed amounts of XP to be trained, and train say every 100,000 XP.

QBRanger September 17 2009 12:38 PM EDT

I can agree with Cube.

I would like to see a 2/3 option.

However, it is not a very pressing issue for me. For others perhaps.
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