Black Market: Which item(s) should be picked? (in General)

AdminShade October 14 2009 5:36 PM EDT

Hi people of CB,

I'd like to know which item or items should be picked for the Black Market votes for the coming weeks (say up to new year).

The reason I am asking, is that I would want to try and put more real use to it. Not for the money these items could give us, but to make more use of the strategies the items could bring us.

There are little over 220 people on-line every week, let's say 75% of them vote, that would be around 165 people. That's enough for 1 item per week. (or 2 if it were really low votes required)

So please let me know in this thread, very simply, which item or items you would like to see voted on and spawned into the game.

Just make a simple top 3 list and _please_ submit your post without any other text:

Amulet of Junction
Pair of Spellboosters

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 14 2009 5:36 PM EDT

Lets take a view at rentals. The item that is least present is the item that people actually need.

Guardian October 15 2009 1:56 PM EDT

spellboosters probably?

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 15 2009 2:02 PM EDT

For me it does not matter I always vote for the item closest to spawning my vote has never gone to waste yet.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 15 2009 2:28 PM EDT

I count 7 not rented spell boosters. No we don't need those

Burton October 15 2009 2:48 PM EDT

Brakke Bres' idea is great in my opinion.

QBRanger October 15 2009 3:53 PM EDT

I believe looking at rentals is not a good idea.

People want to own their items and be able to upgrade them as they want.

Or look at the AoJ. Some days there are 5 or 6 in rentals, other days none. And even though there are some in rentals now, people are bidding on them in auctions currently.

AoJ current auctions:

Recently expired SB auctions:

These prices to me indicate a high demand for these items.

Guardian October 15 2009 3:54 PM EDT

even if u say it, spellb has 8 votes now. If we want other item must be decided and voted soon otherwise lots of votes gonna be wasted

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 15 2009 4:25 PM EDT

Lets take a look at this one:

Granted its not an item that can be voted for but it suffices for my example.

The example being; if people want an item hard enough they overpay. As you can clearly see AoL is worth next to nothing and when I tried and sell mine all I got was low offers. So someone wanted it bad enough and overpaid by roughly 600k. Now lets take a look at spellboosters and the AoJ again.

The AoJ even had 1 Central bank purchases and even one below the 1 million. So no if those people want to overpay for a AoJ fine.

Moving to spellboosters those are actually in demand. But no one is selling thats why the price of those puppies are as high. But since item hoarders buy these away from the people that actually need them. And yes they can rent them but renting is rather unreliable. People need to buy this strategy critical item. But I'm afraid that item hoarders will hoard this one yet again.

Spell check flags spellbooster, AoL and AoJ

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 15 2009 4:27 PM EDT

ow in the last 10 AoJ's that got spawned 6 were bought by central bank so people dont actually need one? And one of those 10 was under a 1mil. Strange huh?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 15 2009 4:28 PM EDT

sorry I miscounted "only" 5, 50% was bought by CB. Useless item if you ask me.

QBRanger October 15 2009 4:33 PM EDT

CB still payed well of 1.5M on average for them.

So what items do you think we should spawn?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 15 2009 5:14 PM EDT

Looking at rentals and WTB. I don't know everyone in this game is already set with items.

If it was up to me I would disband the whole blackmarket.

QBRanger October 15 2009 5:22 PM EDT

But, given that there is already a Black Market, and we all get a vote in it, what item do you think we should spawn?

Given your prior post about looking in rentals.

But your idea has merit, in that scenario, what item would you suggest, given we still have the BM in the game?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 15 2009 5:47 PM EDT

I say we boycott the Black Market. We're getting plenty of items through auctions and the drops. Let's try to keep our "rares" at least semi semi semi rare.

AdminShade October 15 2009 6:02 PM EDT

Henk: why don't you look at those things then and present actual names?

I repeat:

Just make a simple top 3 list and _please_ submit your post without any other text.

AdminShade October 15 2009 6:02 PM EDT

That means: if you want to put your reasoning in words, please do that in CM or in a separate thread because I do not read it for my purpose.
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