well i'm still here (in General)

bensonp October 23 2009 4:28 AM EDT

my NUB has ended and i am still here is everyone surprised omg i am so surprised god damn all you who condemned me

Wraithlin October 23 2009 4:31 AM EDT

No i won't buy your account, stop spamming.

BootyGod October 23 2009 4:35 AM EDT

Easy on the language, but I totally understand where you're coming from <.<

bensonp October 23 2009 4:40 AM EDT

how was i selling my account

BootyGod October 23 2009 4:41 AM EDT

I feel like maybe I should say a bit more.

Benson, just because some in the community are being a bit.... Unfair towards you is no reason to lose your cool. They are who they are and shouldn't bother you. You've been here 6 months and that is an accomplishment. Smile to yourself and enjoy the knowledge that they're wrong. You don't have to rub it in their faces that they're wrong ;P

And in a year, when you enter Gondor, even better. Basically, just ignore the attitude you're getting now. Some people aren't really worth it.

Just wish I was good at taking my own advice....

bensonp October 23 2009 4:44 AM EDT

thanks fel your the best. and when i do enter gondor i will ignore ranger thank you

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 23 2009 5:31 AM EDT

Without cash, without a high character and without any significant amount of NW you have 0 bragging right. Besides what you did was typical, you build a cheap strategy that required the least amount of cash so you could maximize you profits. You sold everything you could at the end of your NUB period and your left with almost nothing. Sorry like said before typical. And now you're labeled as a NUB sell out. Sorry

QBRanger October 23 2009 6:32 AM EDT

+1 Bres

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] October 23 2009 6:43 AM EDT

Ok people and what if he turns around an changes his strat and dumps USD to equip it? What then he's an omg terrible NUB Sell Out & a Horrid USD Spender too? I'm not trying to argue anything here I'm just trying to point out a few things that I see.

If he decides to jump ship then maybe we "could" say something. We have no real idea what the circumstances behind him or anyone else leaving for that matter. Real Life does happen sometimes and it has precedence over any game bar-none. If I have a choice to save face on a game because of some people looking over my shoulder or selling stuff to pay my electric bill or help with my rent then guess what my choice is? My point here is you never really know all the time.......

If you automatically look for something bad in someone then they might as well do it. Since in your eyes they are guilty any way and branded as such. Of course they are also treated as a villain to boot, treat me like one and I will act like one is the lesson here.

BluBBen October 23 2009 7:00 AM EDT

+1 Zenai

lostling October 23 2009 7:01 AM EDT

don't really know don't really care... wish both sides would stop harping on the damn problem and flood jon/ns with chatmail/pms and hope they change something

QBRanger October 23 2009 7:39 AM EDT

Jon and NS both stated it is not their problem to solve if a NUB wants to sell out.

As a community we can band together and not buy from these people.

Sickone October 23 2009 7:57 AM EDT

Wow, you're right, you're still here. Sort of.
After you sold pretty much everything you had for USD.
And after your "wife" started playing from the same machine as you do.

Oh, hey, I could have all the other people in the house start playing CB, and they would also not transfer anything to me thus not breaking the multi rules.
I mean, you couldn't blame any of us for selling CB$, we're a bit strapped for cash right now. And since I don't want to pay high withdrawal fees, I'll just have them all use MY PayPal account, since, you know, it would be weird to have it spread across multiple ones.
Oh, oh, oh, and MAYBE, just maybe, later, I could get into some cash from a mysterious benefactor and buy some CB$ from somebody else.

So, yeah, you're still here.
Are we supposed to cheer you on after your actions so far ?
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