New player invasion! (in Off-topic)

Joel November 4 2009 5:16 PM EST

Over the past 2 days I have registered at about 30 gaming forums and advertised CB2 there, so its because of me that so many new players are being created! I can't be doing this alone, though, I would like everyone to do the same! Everyone here must spread the word throughout the web about this awesome game! Maybe someday we can get some websites to post CB banners for advertising, just like every other popular game out there! I'm not offering compensation, though, Fel is doing that! He'll give you CB$ for each new user that follows your personal referral link.

AdminShade November 4 2009 5:17 PM EST

some websites are already displaying CB banners if I'm correctly, but good work man!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 4 2009 5:19 PM EST

Awesome Job Joel! :)

Joel November 4 2009 5:20 PM EST

I've never ever seen a CB banner except for on this site. If some were put on websites that belong to other MMO's then I'm sure many more people will come! Just check out and you'll see a good example of banners for other games being on a certain games main page.

Joel November 4 2009 5:21 PM EST

Thanks for the accolades guys!

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 4 2009 5:22 PM EST

Wow, 81 new users in 24 hours...I haven't seen that in a long time.

Kudos, Joel :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 4 2009 5:27 PM EST

Well done

Wraithlin November 4 2009 5:27 PM EST

Joel for Class President!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 4 2009 5:29 PM EST

remember the time that Jon gave cash, or was it BA?, to click on some vote links?

Kokokitty November 4 2009 5:29 PM EST

Thanks Joel for letting me sign up here, its a really cool websight! Good luck on everything :D <3

AdminShade November 4 2009 5:31 PM EST

I do remember that time, that's been a long long time ago...

QBsutekh137 November 4 2009 5:36 PM EST

Nice work, Joel, and welcome new users!

Demigod November 4 2009 5:38 PM EST

Woah, thanks for the effort, Joel. If you can keep this up, you can really boost CB. Great job!

I wonder if Jon/NS would consider increasing the referral bonus. The game's economy is not as poor as when it was first started, and player referrals are more important than ever... I think it's warranted.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 4 2009 6:07 PM EST

They were increased already, a while ago. They could use a boost again, though.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 4 2009 6:19 PM EST

I'm very sorry for the double post but this is amazing work.

BHT November 4 2009 6:21 PM EST

Nice work Joel!

One thing that needs to be adjusted: When someone joins under a referral link should start with $10,000. (not $500 like ti is now)
This is a great way to drag in new players, sign up and get 10k instead of the lousy $100.

Here's the current status:
"Players you refer start with $500 instead of $100. Playing up this 'special offer' aspect (Five times the starting money! or, Start with 50 battles worth of cash!) might be effective. Additionally, people these days are understandably suspicious of unfamiliar URLs and this can help allay those fears."

Even a 50k starting bonus would be fine, considering once they get going they can make that in under 100 battles.

BHT November 4 2009 6:33 PM EST

Sorry for the double Joel, but I would imagine you have some sort of format typed up that you posted with?
If you could give us some sort of generic referral post, it may help the lazy people out there like me who would like to help but don't have the time to type up a good eye-catching/enticing post.
Format like this:

[Insert good catch phrase]
[Explain referral bonuses]
[Explain game]

Chaos Griever November 4 2009 6:48 PM EST

Joel! Awesome Job! Your a great person! It's good to see some new players. I should start telling some people in my program about CB I have a couple of people watching me while were supposed to do income statements, ROFL. Anyway! Good Job! =]

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 4 2009 7:14 PM EST

Keep up the Good work Joel!

BHT November 4 2009 7:55 PM EST

Another Idea to help keep new players:

Long Term Achievements:
Fight 5,000 Battles = $100,000
Fight 10,000 Battles = $200,000
Spend $1,000,000 in auctions = $100,000
Spend $5,000,000 in auctions = $200,000
Inspect 100 opponents = $50,000
Reach 500,000 MPR = $100,000

Joel November 5 2009 1:00 AM EST

I do have several things, held in text documents on my Home PC, that I copy and paste depending on the situation. I have one that I use for introducing my self on a new forum. One for explaining a bit more if I get some questions. And one more for bump posts to bring my referral up to the top of the threads list again. I'll put up my posts in about 3 hours.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 5 2009 8:15 AM EST

Incredible work, Joel. I'm anxious to see the Economy Report after this! :)

Neo Japan November 5 2009 8:49 AM EST

Bres, Jon gave 100 BA for voting.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] November 5 2009 12:45 PM EST

Gateman, considering there have been recent multis just for the referral bonuses. Giving NUBs more starter money, which they don't need, will only tempt a greater greed from noobs.

AdminShade November 5 2009 1:07 PM EST

Those ones will be caught =)

Joel November 6 2009 3:33 AM EST

I'm sorry, I just don't have enough time right now to go search for the posts that I made or show you guys the wording of my posts, right now. I'll be able to tell you guys and post links to my threads when get to my days off this week. Monday and Tuesday I'll be busy refreshing my threads in those forums and I'll copy the links to them while I do that. You can expect a lot of new users after I finish bumping my posts!

blackshadowshade November 6 2009 5:28 AM EST

Joel for QB!

AdminNightStrike November 6 2009 7:19 AM EST

Joel, keep track of what your referrals do! Remember, for every 5 you get to become supporters, there's a free supporter item in it for you.

Joel November 6 2009 7:48 AM EST

Really!? I know one that's going to buy supportership soon, and I'll be pushing for my other close friends to join, too. Maybe all of my friends will end up becoming supporters. It feels good to be helping advertise this awesome game; I won't rest until we get about 50 steady new players! Of course even then I probably won't rest much, heheh.
Thanks for the nomination, blackshadowshade! I would be honored to join the QB club, if you guys think I deserve it!

AdminNightStrike November 6 2009 8:47 AM EST

There was a suggestion in this thread regarding starting cash for a referred player. It is documented as being $500. In reality, it was really already boosted to $10k. I fixed this so that the page is not hard coded to the value.

Joel November 9 2009 1:04 PM EST
The last reply is mine. This is my very first mention of Carnage Blender 2 on any forum.
And a new Thread here:
Another here:
I only expect one credit for these of these but if you like you can credit all three ^.^

Could've sworn that it was alright to advertise on this site, but my link was removed, lol.

Anyway, my advertisement still got through and since my post is still there it could have

been bringing innew players! Here's the link:

Same Forum:

European Forum ^.- :

Third from last and last reply:

New Forum


These guys got insulting so I dealt with them in my reply:

Another Forum:

It turns out that most of my posts were deleted by admins or were never approved by admins because the forum was dead. I was also banned from 5 forums for looking like a spam-bot.
So, out of around 20 threads, only 9 survived. This is going to be more difficult than I thought!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 9 2009 1:14 PM EST

lol, some moderators in those forums thought you were a spambot.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 9 2009 1:18 PM EST

Joel, one thing to keep in mind, to give people a sense that you are not a spam bot you need to introduce yourself and say a little bit about yourself. Then on top of that, you need to post things like CB in the appropriate area. You won't be able to just post it wherever you see, that is seen as spam, even here on CB. If someone were to login, and then post a bunch of links to another game in the General forum after just registering, wouldn't we all claim it was spam as well?

Another thing, sometimes forums use something called BBCode for posting links, a lot of forums do not allow HTML, so you should make sure to preview your code before posting it. Here is a guide on how to use BBCode.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 9 2009 1:20 PM EST

It may not be a good idea to make it look like such a direct copy/paste. I, personally, would respond much better to something shorter. (I.e., "I've been playing a free RTS-RPG hybrid game called Carnage Blender for the past couple of years. It's intensely addicting, and has a great community. If you need help, ask me. My name's [name]. [ref. link]")
It's also definitely a good idea to make sure that doing that is NOT against the rules for a particular board.

Joel November 9 2009 1:37 PM EST

I thoroughly checked every rule and posted in the appropriate area every time. I guess it was just how my posts looked. I don't have the time to introduce myself on these forums, because I'm a pretty busy man, who also has the first signs of carpal-tunnel syndrome, heheh. I'm just trying to do my best to advertise CB2 with the time and energy I have available. I think that most of those guys jumped the gun, and several didn't have any clear rules against posting links. Some even called me a spam-bot even after I made 10 relevant posts to other people's topics so that I would gain the privilege to post my referral link! Before you blame me for why I got banned, think about all the idiots out there in this world of ours, who do not think before they act.
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