Clan Wars (in General)

Wraithlin November 6 2009 7:07 PM EST

So check my math here.

6 people in a clan all fight 50% of their fights at 100% Challenge rating and 50% of thier fights at 50% CR or less that are clan farms.

Each person therefore would average 75% CR. However by doing this they claim top clan and get the 15% 24/7.

So they now average 90% CR.

If they all just stopped farming clanners and just attacked thier 100% farms and let thier guild drop to like 12%, the clan average would be 112%.

At what level is it no longer possible to get 100%?

Why am I being farmed so much by people that in my mind should be hitting harder people so they get CR instead of clan points?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 6 2009 7:42 PM EST

You are right Wraithlin but you need to understand one small thing. Some Clanners do not care about char growth it is simply the fun of fighting and getting their Clans as many CPs as possible.

Joel November 6 2009 9:12 PM EST

What Wraithlin calculates is the exact reason why I haven't fought any clan members in about 25 days. They just don't give me enough of a bonus! I'll only fight an opponents that gives me a good bonus; all I care about is growth. Because of that, I never miss BA, but I never get 3000+ scores for my clan. I am always around 1200 though, so I am pulling my weight, no prob.

AdminShade November 6 2009 9:16 PM EST

Wraithlin: that's the obvious drawback of the current clan system...

Wraithlin November 6 2009 11:53 PM EST

Ok good I'm not going crazy. I only fight 100% challenge rating guys, and that's only 2 clan guys and 3 non clan guys atm, but i'm being farmed by alot of clanners that I doubt are getting much CR from me. But you're right, being #1 is fun to go for, that's why I merged Sins of the Past with Wasting Time after all.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] November 7 2009 12:47 AM EST

Unlike Joel. I like loading up with clan members. Though I refuse to add any that are less then half my score.

I would rather try to help out my clan then make some uber character. I dont have enough patience or time to only have 2-4 people in my fightlist.

Vicious Cat November 9 2009 2:15 AM EST

An irony considering you were the main reason I quit BRII.
Live with it...

QBJohnnywas November 9 2009 6:21 AM EST

Don't forget that if your clan is for example No1, some people will attack the easy targets within that clan to drop the clan points to bring you down from No1.

A high bonus from a clan is very useful if you are not getting much of a challenge bonus from your fights, which at the upper levels is the norm rather than a rarity.

Cube November 9 2009 7:06 AM EST

Clan members give slightly higher rewards also. I think 5%, but of course that still doesn't make up for it.
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