Idea to lower NUB sellouts (in General)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 17 2009 12:23 PM EST

Cap their money at $10M, there is NO base item worth more, make them use it once they hit $10M, otherwise they won't gain money rewards. They can keep using money to buy/upgrade items, but once they hit $10M, they will no longer gain any money, just experience.

Once they exit their NUB, get rid of the $ cap.

BootyGod November 17 2009 12:24 PM EST

Not a bad idea, if hiring minions wasn't so retarded. But, alas, as long as hiring a new minion IS retardedly expensive, this shouldn't be done.

AdminShade November 17 2009 12:24 PM EST

Would this be per character or per account? I could see them bypassing this by putting 10 mil on spare characters they retire and unretire (or have unretired) when needed.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 17 2009 12:26 PM EST

Per the NUB account, not character.

QBRanger November 17 2009 12:28 PM EST

So they buy items with their money then do as Burton did.

Sell all their items and character and tattoo just after the NUB is over and sell out.

Instead of solving the problem, this is just a patch. Patches to problems suck as we see with other problems in CB land.

Mythology November 17 2009 12:52 PM EST

Why not just they have the NUB bonus until they earn their first 10mil and then the bonus goes to exp only?

QBRanger November 17 2009 1:06 PM EST

10M is really not enough to catch older players.

AdminNightStrike November 21 2009 2:33 PM EST

Sorry, no..

Lord Bob November 21 2009 2:37 PM EST

Just get rid of the N*B already.

Mythology November 21 2009 2:44 PM EST

10M is a good start in the game, if I thought that any game I joined I'd be albe to catch players who'd been playing for years it'd kinda negate the point.

Shark November 23 2009 12:14 AM EST

so what to do since NCB dont make money?..
Reg Chars got reduced 20% and NUBS are the only ones with CBD...????

I done spent 30m dollars and got less than nothing out of it..I need 30m more of nothing...

sorry but I starting to see NUB sellouts as cash into the game that otherwise is not there for the rest of us..I guess I need to start being kind to them..GAG cough choke spit whistle and hum

sooner or later we are all going to be so broke we are going to be forced to buy their CB if thats the way we want to approach this,or Jon just add CB dollars to special items list

sellouts for some odd reason is adding CBD into the game...

the selling out isnt the problem..

Its the rest of us that have the problem bec we stay

Drama [Just for fun] November 23 2009 2:20 AM EST

The guy plays a minimum of at least 5 hours a week for 6 months. That's a total of aproximatly 105 hours to get what? Max 100 usd. That's less then 1 usd per hours. So what's the problem when people are buying from them anyway.

And I really don't think someone is using the noob bonus only to make real money, and if he/she is, that person is the worst buisiness man in the world.

I think it's more because they had this cool bonus, then ᄚbamᄚ in one shot they don't get any money or exp anymore and they are not even near the top ten wich makes the game less interresting. They don't want to start a NCB cause that's another 6 months so they turn on the sell out option. Wich is totaly legal since it's been done buy hundreds of players the past five years. So why is it such a big problem now?

QBOddBird November 23 2009 2:47 AM EST

I have a better idea

no NUB

tourney-style monetary restrictions

a rolling bonus, they could still catch up

damn I am smart

Rawr November 23 2009 2:52 AM EST

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