T46: Blender of the Dead 2; Story and Discussion (in Contests)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 23 2009 12:10 PM EST

Day Eleven

You are now in the Military Base. Assign the remaining survivors to the outer defensive points (ABCD) and prepare for the incoming horde. If any of the groups should fail against the boss they face, they will die, and the remaining survivors will be pushed back to the next level of defense.


1) Fight.

2) Flee.

You have 0 AP for today.

Survivor Information

Current Location: Military Base.
Dead Players: Hamburglar[D2], WhiteWolf[D3rD4], GatemaN[D6], Demigod[D8], rrowland[D10]
Zombies: alaskanpsycho[D3], Wraithlin[D5], CombatSquirrel[D9]
Survivors: Oddbird, Nemerizt, Rawr, WhiteWolf, Joel, Titan, Vaynard, Shade, Admiralkiller, adampurkis, Zenai, Messbrutal
Leaders: OddBird, Nemerizt, Shade.
Weapons Tier: 4
Available Items: 1 Revive, 1 Antidote

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 23 2009 12:45 PM EST

Day 1 Discussion

Admiralkiller 12:25 PM EST
I vote Nem and OB.

Titan 12:37 PM EST
I think we should have 4 leaders, a council if you will. This way it gives us a high likely-hood of our group always having a leader. Thus, we do not have to take a day and vote if a couple leaders die.

Admiralkiller 12:41 PM EST
OB for leader Nem, Titan, D8 for council is my vote.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 12:45 PM EST
To be clear, numbered rooms or areas (other than floor numbers) are search-able rooms.

AdminShade 12:51 PM EST
OB, Nem, Titan and DoS would certainly make a good team. :)

Demigod 1:58 PM EST
"OB for leader Nem, Titan, D8 for council is my vote." - AK
So OB would be the leader and if he dies or doesn't log on, ANY of the other three could make the call? I'm game with that, and I'll second your vote, but I'd prefer a 2nd-in-command, 3rd-in-command, etc setup to avoid confusion after OB gets zombie-fied on day 2. ;)
How about we just go with the arbitrary order you wrote? OB as the leader
Nem as 2nd
Titan as 3rd
D8 as 4th

AdminShade 2:02 PM EST
Idea: search through rooms 3 & 4 and 2 rooms of either 5, 6, 7 or 8.

That will give us 4 searched rooms with our available AP for today without having to go into infected areas.

Zenai 2:02 PM EST
sounds fair to me.

Mythology 2:02 PM EST
I propose we all stay here and send shade to get the helicopter to fly down to us

Demigod 2:04 PM EST
Myth's now the leader. Sorry guys, but the helicopter is idea is better than death.

AdminQBVerifex 2:08 PM EST
We need to make the decision now, go upstairs to the helicopter or try to find a way downstairs and get outside. Either way, we should probably barricade some of the entrance/exits on this floor so we don't have any little 'surprises' sneak up behind us.

Zenai 2:35 PM EST
I agree, what is the Plan of Action?

Mythology 3:18 PM EST
I think shade should be leader, seems to have best plan he gets my vote

WhiteWolf 3:20 PM EST
I vote Shade as leader and wish to follow his current plan of action.

Kefeck 3:21 PM EST
I vote shade also :)

AdminShade 3:22 PM EST
Thanks for the support, perhaps I could take place of DoS in the decision team because he's occupied. Anyway, let's wait for now and get our BA burnt :)

CombatSquirrel 3:44 PM EST
I like Shade's plan. And if could anyone tell me what to do right now since my character is at $0? I can't disenchant or sell back to the store.

AdminShade 3:53 PM EST
helped you out, your char has $100.

CombatSquirrel 3:54 PM EST
thanks very much

Nemerizt 3:54 PM EST
I also think that searching 4 rooms today would be the best option. We need to get some good equipment as soon as possible for any boss fights and ambushes.

AdminShade 4:06 PM EST
When do we need to decide? I'm going to sleep in a bit. :)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 4:08 PM EST
Decide before 8PM tonight, about 4 hours from now.

AdminShade 4:14 PM EST
Ok, I won't be online then so in case I am member of the team of deciders, then if what we do comes close to what I suggested... go for it! :)

Zenai 4:20 PM EST
Nem Sounds like a plan to me, search a few rooms, grab items, tuck tail and ruuuuuunnnnn!!!!!!

adampurkis 5:01 PM EST
yep i agree with the searching around plan..

Admiralkiller 5:19 PM EST
Yea lets search some places. :-)

Messbrutal 6:43 PM EST
Search the place down we need heavier weapons to survive this holocaust.

Wraithlin 6:44 PM EST
Yeah this longsword is just not cutting it.

Joel 7:24 PM EST
I am prepared for a few mini boss battles and ambushes in the infected area. I vote for the increased risk for increased rewards option!

Nemerizt 7:50 PM EST
We decided for our course of action to search rooms 11, 10, 9, 2, 3, 4 in that order and end out in room 4. It also seems that me, OB and Shade are the 3 leaders in a last minute decision by Slayer.

QBOddBird 7:52 PM EST
My name is OddBird, and I approve of this decision. :D
Hopefully we'll get a tier or two!

Zenai 8:36 PM EST
It will really suck if that Helicopter has no fuel......lol
PS: Maybe check to see if we can find some fuel just in case?

Nemerizt 8:38 PM EST
Me, and OB are both leaning away from using the helicopters. If they crash we will take horrendous damage. We want to see how things look after getting some equipment together first though.

Zenai 8:56 PM EST
true on the damage but the fuel would still be useful even if it is not for the copters. Im sure a Molotov Cocktail would be a nice way to stop a few shamblers after a good barricade >;-)

Zenai 9:04 PM EST
Of course grabbing fire extinguishers would be a good idea as well. Put out fires and use them as a bomb with a pistol shot.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 23 2009 9:04 PM EST


You are a group of employees at Zed Inc. Several hours ago the headquarters building where you are employed, in the downtown area of a small city, was put on lockdown. The power is out, and you have been instructed by the police and military forces who have surrounded the structure to remain in place. Ten minutes ago, a large explosion was heard, and you could see from the window a huge figure plow through the military barricade outside the building. Military personnel have entered the building, and on the floors below you the sound of gunfire echos. Nobody knows what is going on, but the group decides the best course of action is to get the hell out of there. You have three options:

The CEO has a few helicopters on the roof, the group should be able to get out on these.

The military has left the outside of the building in chase of whatever escaped, you could possibly get outside and use a bus that was stopped and abandoned just beyond the front door.

The structure is built over a subway tunnel, and there is an access hatch in the basement.

Day 1 Results

The survivors quickly moved down flight after flight of stairs, down to the basement. They would start their search for supplies in the most logical place: the supply room. The approach to the room was littered with piles of butchered workers, their bullet ridden corpses curiously lacking any blood. Inside the supply room was a gruesome scene. Packed and stacked together were the mutilated corpses of what can only be guessed was once a SWAT team, who were apparently cornered by some great evil and slaughtered without mercy. The survivors saw the prudence in arming themselves, and took the nightsticks and riot shields off of the bodies. [Tier 2 Unlocked].

Moving up one floor, the survivors ducked into the records room behind the front desk as ten soldiers left the building carrying a writhing comrade. In the records room is a first aid kit containing a defibrilator. [1 Revive Found]. The survivors quickly darted across the empty hallway into a small corner office. Finding nothing, they quickly returned to the stairwell and moved on to the second floor.

As Nemerizt carefully opened the door to the second floor hallway, he saw nothing. The group slowly moved towards the floor managers' office. From inside the office the survivors could hear rustling of papers and the occasional gurgle. All eyes were fixated on the door as Shade, armed with nightstick and shield, cracked the door open. Someone at the back of the group screamed, and all heads turned to see him grappling with a crazed janitor. The screams attracted the attention of the manager as well, who barreled through the door, knocking Shade to the ground. OddBird quickly pushed the manager over a desk and onto the floor, and promptly put his nightstick to work cracking the skull of the oddly pale manager. The janitor lunged at Nemerizt, but Mythology, an accountant whose hobbies apparently included wrestling, put him in a full nelson. Nemerizt took pistol and put a single bullet through the head of the janitor. Peering at the carnage, a single voice in the group muttered a single word, "...zombies."

On the fourth floor, the main group decided it would be safest to send only four survivors out and for the rest to remain in the stairwell. Whitewolf, Alaskanpsycho, Verifex, and OddBird moved into the cafeteria area at the end of the floor. As Whitewolf made a terrible joke about how funny it would be if the McDonalds was still open, a zombie popped out from behind the counter of the StarBucks, and another shambled out from a Dunkin Donuts. As they slowly made their way towards the group who felt quite confident that they would have some fun with these slow blokes, OddBird felt a hand grasp his shoulder. The survivors in the stairwell heard gunshots, cursing, and a few whimpers. The four men burst through the door having carved a swathe of destruction behind them to reach it, and immediately began climbing the steps.

The survivors climbed now to the seventh floor and moved towards the office at the end of the hall. The group stayed close to the wall to avoid being ambushed, while Shade and Hamburglar crept up on the door. Shade counted down on his hands from five, and when he reached zero, Hamburglar kicked down the door and began firing at random whilst screaming. After regaining his senses, he realized the room was empty. The survivors kept their distance and moved up to the eighth floor.

The eighth floor was oddly undisturbed, and the survivors took the chance to take a seat on the very comfortable lobby seats as Admiralkiller had a look through a large meeting room. He found the CEO of the corporation hanging from the ceiling fan. Inside his briefcase he found several million dollars. [100k to T-Chars].

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 24 2009 5:44 PM EST

Day 2 Discussion

Vaynard 2:53 AM EST
Scruffy mourns his poor zombie janitor coworker. Scruffy believes he'll join this group.

Wraithlin 2:57 AM EST
If possible one more day of searching and arming would be great, tier 3 is a huge level for all of us. Since we are all going with tanks atm. Although there might be better stuff at the next place, so I'm not totally opposed to leaving either.

AdminQBVerifex 3:00 AM EST
If we can find the accounting department, I know how to hack into the computer mainframe and transfer some cash from their system to all of us, I don't think the CEO or anyone else is going to need that cash any more.

Nemerizt 3:14 AM EST
I was figuring we should either search 3 of the upper rooms or search room 1 and take either the bus or subway out.

Wraithlin 3:17 AM EST
If we do decide to leave, I vote the bus, the subway seems like a great place for a massive ambush. At least if we head outside we can have more options for fleeing from nasty zombie hordes.

Wraithlin 3:19 AM EST
Also as a side note, I think we should try to discuss somewhat in character in this thread, maybe it will give slayer more ideas for his daily stories.

Mythology 4:12 AM EST
Im out for the day, bloody college and learning things :P Anything shade says gets my vote.

AdminShade 11:17 AM EST
Nice to see we've scrapped some things together. I'm hoping that we could scrap some more today then since we took all the lower floors.
However, we do need to escape, I'm not sure if the infected have risen above floor 5 today... (do they?)

alaskanpsyko 1:03 PM EST
I'm infected. I'll let you decide what I should do. even if it deals with me killing myself. i dont want to let you guys have more of a chance for infections :).

AdminShade 1:11 PM EST
I saw the bite mark on your shoulder when you ran up the stairs. I myself would have you take your own life.

AdminShade 1:28 PM EST
We have 6 AP. Options for today:
1: Search room 1 and then escape (through B: Front door or C: Basement)
Pro: we'd be out of the building while still having searched something.
Con: we'd be in an 'infected' area immediately.
2: Search 3 of the upper rooms.
Pro: 3 more chances on getting higher Tiers.
Con: still stuck in the building with the chance of the Zombies creeping up the stairs having to defend ourselves.
I'm not sure which path to follow, we know a huge figure has proved it's strength against the military barricade. We don't know how fast it is (I'm thinking of getting an abandoned bus for transport)
I do think though, that if we don't escape today, the zombies will be up and onto the 10th floor, making helicopters our own decent way of escaping without having a huge chance of losing another member.
I'm in favour of searching through room 1 and exiting through the main entrance(or rather our main exit) and hijack an abandoned bus. Anyone have ideas, options?

Mythology 1:33 PM EST
I agree with you, search one more room then exit. Question though, why through the front and not via helicopters not going near the infected?

Demigod 1:35 PM EST
Fear of crashing? Fear of no fuel?

alaskanpsyko 2:26 PM EST
1/3 votes to have myself killed I'll take 2/3 votes from leaders. since I'm infected I'll give you guys(leaders) end of the day to decide.

AdminShade 3:52 PM EST
True, we could go out through the roof, with the helicopters. I'm thinking of what happens then though. We'd have to land somewhere and could as well get ambushed.

AdminShade 4:20 PM EST
I am in favour of searching through room 1 carefully and then escaping either by bus or by subway.
I have talked with Nemerizt and I now think subway might be a bit more safe, or in all, more controlled.
OB: what do you think? Please contact Nem and talk this over, you know what I favour.

Nemerizt 4:20 PM EST
Here is my advice to those of you who may be infected. You still have some time before taking any hasty actions. You won't turn immediately and in the mean time we may be able to find some more first aid packs to help you out.

Wraithlin 5:12 PM EST
I think the first aid is for if they kill themselves, we rez them. If they just stick around they turn into a miniboss battle, but if takes the noble path we have a rez right now.

AdminQBVerifex 5:22 PM EST
Lets fortify a room down in the infected area so nobody else gets turned into zombies, and we're closer to the exit. While we are fortifying it, we might come upon some loot in the toppled furniture. Unless you guys have your heart set on the helicopter.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 5:44 PM EST
There are no rooms capable of being fortified in the headquarters building.

Wraithlin 6:41 PM EST
If I were a swat-team-killing super zombie boss, I'd go jack myself a helicopter. Let's sneak out the back.

AdminQBVerifex 7:09 PM EST
Ok, instead of room, lets look for "Fortifiable sections" closer to the bottom floor so we have a better chance of escaping. Then we can search the section for a little bit once it's fortified.

Nemerizt 7:11 PM EST
There is no where to fortify in this area. We would have to leave through 1 of the 3 routes first.

Zenai 7:15 PM EST
I'm not to sure about that Wraithlin, I mean the first thing that would draw me is warm blood/flesh so a fortification/getting out of dodge might be more prudent. Subway, no way big time ambush area. Bus, maybe but tempting the Zombies is not in my book of things to do. We need to prepare for this something to make sure these things stay off of us. Any kind of a combustible and ignition source would be ideal for everyone to have. Combine this with something like a home made ramming shield would be great. Teamwork might make all of the difference here.

Nemerizt 7:37 PM EST
Ok, after discussing with people on what we should do and since neither OB or Shade are on right now I will send the orders for today. We are going to go search room 1 and then take the front door escape out of the building. Shade and OB can confirm this when they get on as I think they will also agree with it.

AdminQBVerifex 8:05 PM EST
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
An if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know.

QBOddBird 8:59 PM EST
I agree with it Nem
Sorry busy today

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 24 2009 9:01 PM EST

Day 2 Results

Titan crept slowly towards OddBird, Nemerizt, and Shade. He awoke them gently, and pointed them towards the stairwell. Titan had been on watch while the others slept, and had seen a rather disheartening turn of events. The zombies were everywhere, every floor, and in the stairwell.

Once everyone was awake and ready to move, the survivors began their descent to the front door. Mythology kicked the stairwell door open, sending a zombie over the railing and down eight stories to its flattening demise. It was a rather easy trek to the first floor, as the zombies were less than agile and found the steps difficult to navigate. More often than not, they stood dumbfounded as a survivor put nightstick to skull and proceeded onward.

On the first floor Hamburglar decided to quickly check the maintenance closet for some supplies. He opened the door and was promptly knocked over by an obese zombie maintenance worker. Wraithlin quickly ran over and bowled the large zombie over before bashing its skull in, but Hamburglar had already been bitten several times. His cries of pain attracted zombies in droves. Verifex ran outside to start the bus as the rest of the survivors helped Hamburglar to the vehicle.

With everyone more or less safely aboard, Verifex began driving towards the highway in the hopes of escaping the city as soon as possible. Bodies littered the streets, both military and civilian. The infection had broken quarantine and spread quickly across the city. The radio played nothing but static, and only the sound of sporadic gunfire interrupted the long and awkward silence. As Verifex quickly turned a corner to avoid a pile of cars, the front glass of the bus shattered. The bus had impaled itself upon the barrel of a tank cannon. Everyone dove to the side as the tank fired a shot clean through the bus and out the back, striking a building which went toppling. Where Hamburglar once sat there was now only a pair of legs, strangely devoid of a torso. [Hamburglar Dead] Messbrutal barely had time to scream in horror before a massive monster of sorts T-boned the bus and sent it rolling down a hill.

The survivors crawled out of the burning bus amazingly unharmed. They stood at the edge of a small university with one less comrade and a potential 10,000 zombie students before them.[Enter Campus]

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 24 2009 9:28 PM EST

Day 3 Discussion

"Messbrutal barely had time to scream in horror before a massive monster of sorts T-boned the bus and sent it rolling down a hill."

Please tell me that this thing is not right behind us, coming down that hill!

--Zenai, November 24 9:24 PM EST

My suggestion.

Search 6-10 A,B and c. Barricade ourselves in one of A,B, or C then search 1-5 the next day and leave. (Assuming we get at least 11 AP tomorrow) and either go to the mall or hospital.

--Admiralkiller, November 24 9:27 PM EST


--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 24 9:28 PM EST

Probably only me but Slayer explained to me that searching 6-10 is one 4 AP each...So I say search any one of 6-10 then follow the rest of my plan. Trying to be helpful not a Usurper. Go US!

--Admiralkiller, November 24 9:35 PM EST

no, please feel free to offer ideas and suggestions! While we usually brainstorm in chat, all ideas are totally welcome here or there!

--QBOddBird, November 24 9:37 PM EST

Another thing discussed in chat, your actions don't have to be limited to searching...you can be as specific as you want and role-play it up. This is similar to the Hellenic Wars tournament, anything you add on can help (or hurt) you.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 24 9:40 PM EST

I suggest search 5 then 3 then 1 for 2 AP each, then search the football stadium and fortify it for 3 AP each.

"We should check out some of these buildings on our way over to the stadium. That place is huge and we'd see these slow moving zombies from a long ways off and be able to exit out the opposite side. Seems like a solid place to spend the night. Plus our lookouts would be able to get really high up, maybe we can spot something useful from the top of the place."

--Wraithlin, November 24 9:44 PM EST

AK, Wraith both Good ideas. My only problem is this, Fortification and Searching of that Stadium will suck. The Stadium would be the last place I would go it is open(Pro and Con) but the underside of it has too many places for Zombies/Monsters to hide in my honest opinion. That will be on the side of the Zombies if you ask me, besides I really do not want to have to deal with the Football Player Zombies......lol I would rather Search the place when properly equipped(If we find anything suitable). Being higher up is a two edged sword, you can see them from farther away but they can see you too. On the Science Lab, once again that is going into a building with a lot of enclosures and blind spots. I would suggest that if we go ahead and do all of this that we try and get some small mirrors or break a big one and use the Shards. At the very least it will give us a chance to leave a bad situation before it starts or have a jump on the situation, seeing around corners will make a big difference.

Just a few thoughts.

--Zenai, November 24 10:04 PM EST

I'm putting my faith in whomever can unlock tier 3.

--Demigod, November 24 11:36 PM EST

These are also options:
3) You may walk to a nearby mall in hopes of finding much needed supplies. 9AP

4) You may go to the city hospital in search of medical equipment. 9AP

Not that im suggestion either, just throwing it out there.

I say we defiantly end up fortifying the Science Lab if we choose to stay here and camp out. It seems to be the smallest and may also have some useful supplies. Not to mention it takes the least AP.

--GatemaN, November 24 11:43 PM EST

Search 6 and 9 for 4 AP each, 2 for 2 AP, search and fortify the science lab for 1 ap each.

"Well if we're going to stay in the science lab, there are some other buildings close by we can check out first, seems like it would be quick to fortify once we get there, nobody head off alone unless you want to end up a zombie."

--Wraithlin, November 24 11:47 PM EST

Alright! first person to die...so in that case I vote to find survivors :)

--DaH4mburglar, November 25 12:00 AM EST

What I'm asking myself, however, is why Slayer made that science lab only 1 AP to search and fortify.

That's begging us to go there, since a normal search by itself is 2-4 AP. I'm distrustful of that, as it seems a likely trap. I'm willing to bet searching/fortifying in the Science lab will end up earning us infected individuals from the materials within...

What do you think?

--QBOddBird, November 25 1:09 AM EST

I think it would be good to search buildings 1-4 and then fortify in the student center. Then the next day we can search building 5 and move to another place.

--Nemerizt, November 25 1:26 AM EST

I think we should also decide what to do with the medi kit.

If the guy whos about to turn into a zombie kills himself I think we should use it on him for helping us and turning on us.

If not then hamburglar ?

--Mythology, November 25 11:06 AM EST

that should read "and not turning on us"

--Mythology, November 25 11:06 AM EST

<{CB1}Slayer333> Mall is East, School is West, Hospital is South, and highway is just north up the hill you went down

--AdminShade, November 25 12:21 PM EST

p.s. source of the map: http://www.elon.edu/e-net/images/elon_campus_map.gif

--AdminShade, November 25 1:22 PM EST

So far, this is the direction I'm leaning in.

1, 3, 5, 4, B.

This allows us to use up all 12 AP - there's no reason to waste any by not using it, as it does not carry over.

It doesn't involve C, because I feel like that 1 AP fortify/search combination is a trap, luring us in with the low AP cost. I can also foresee lots of horrible things in the science lab of a zombie-infested world.

Additionally, Slayer has said:

<{CB1}Slayer333> AP costs affect the scale of the rolls
<Shade> the scale of the rolls?
<Shade> so something costing AP 4 gets a higher chance at something than something costing 2 AP?
<GatemaN> better odds I would imagine
<Shade> hmm, noted
<{CB1}Slayer333> yeah, basically
<{CB1}Slayer333> say a 2 AP search rolls between 1 and 10
<{CB1}Slayer333> 2 AP may have 4 good and 6 bad on the scale
<{CB1}Slayer333> while 4AP may have 5 and 5
<Shade> so vice versa: AP 1 would generate a higher chance of having zombies than AP 4
<Shade> ahh, I get the idea
<{CB1}Slayer333> it could
<Shade> 2 AP rolls between 1 and 10
<Shade> while 4 AP would roll between 3 and 10 possibly

That leads me to favor the 4AP fortify/search ending.

--QBOddBird, November 25 1:33 PM EST

After discussion with OB and Shade, I must agree with him.

--GatemaN, November 25 2:22 PM EST

just to inform here is the cm i received.:

You are infected. You have three days to choose an action. All is not lost though, as your group has 1 revive available to them, which is only usable if you kill yourself. However, there is one other infected player withing your party as well.

looks as though most of you didn't know there was one other infected besides me or he/she hasn't inform us.

--alaskanpsyko, November 25 3:14 PM EST

Sneaky. I guess it comes down to the almighty dollar. But this early, it sounds like taking yourself out is the best option. Stinks though.

--Demigod, November 25 3:18 PM EST

We already knew that both you and Nayab/WhiteWolf were infected alaskan :)

--AdminShade, November 25 3:33 PM EST

Why are we fortifying ourselves in the student center?

Wouldn't it be better if we searched 1,2,3,4,5 and then fortified and searched C? I mean we are much more likely to find tanks or canisters of exploding/freezing/burning/otherwise harmful substances/equipment in the science lab that could be used on the zombies en masse. The student center isn't going to have that.

Besides the science lab might have some lone scientist who has locked himself inside a secured area that is working on a solution to the whole zombie plague thing. Just saying...

--AdminQBVerifex, November 25 4:02 PM EST

This is my personal thought on it, Verifex:

The 1 AP cost looks more like bait to me than anything else. It looks to me like he designed that AP cost to invite us in because we could potentially get in one other AP search move if we did so.

This is confirmed to me by his statement that AP cost is related to roll probabilities - saying that lower AP gives lower probabilities of good things and higher probabilities of bad things.

I'd also like to see us near a road for an escape route, and there are potential uses for the building surrounding B as well.

--QBOddBird, November 25 4:07 PM EST

Clarification: not just my personal thought, that's a combination of Shade + Nemerizt + OB fleshing things out. ^_^;;

--QBOddBird, November 25 4:08 PM EST

Nathaniel I. Alone (aka Nate)
1/4 Filipino, 3/4 Caucasian American
Brown Close Cropped Hair
Brown Eyes
Slightly Tanned Skin
5'11" 180 lbs.

Nate was always an unusual one a true mark of his last name, Alone. Alone is the way he preferred to be even as a child. In school children can be cruel and to Nate they always were. They made fun of his name all the time, Nathaniel Israel Alone, he was dubbed "Nate Is Alone". It was their was of branding him and it stuck with him throughout his childhood. Not that this really mattered to him at least until he got into middle school and he came home with a black eye, torn shirt and bloody nose. His grandfather was visiting at this time and decided that maybe it was time to show him the family art "Kali Escrima". With a bit of persuasion and of course posturing and a bit of pleading Grandpa got the approval of mom and dad to teach him, to Nates dismay. It was bad enough that Mom and Dad knew he got whooped it was even worse that Grandpa thought he was a wuss and needed his intervention.

After a while Nate warmed up to the teaching as he really had no choice in the matter Dad and Grandpa made it abundantly clear and mom backed them up. Soon everyone realized that Nate had a natural flare for the art, he mastered techniques almost as fast as they were taught to him. Nate then decided that maybe those drumming lessons he was forced to take when in elementary school had a reason and took it back up in middle school. Sure as the sun rises those same kids started in on him again but this time he had those handy drum sticks and settled the score......and was suspended for it. His parents didn't like it and told grandpa the lessons were over. Nate and Grandpa decided differently. They plotted and planned and made time for his lessons, Nate knew he didn't have much time so he studied and learned and practiced harder than ever before. After 2 years of this intense pace Grandpa announced that there was nothing else he could teach him he had taught him all he knew. Bare handed he knew a few techniques and was not too bad, but with Escrima sticks he was down right deadly.

Just before graduation a few of the jocks decided they were gonna teach Nate a lesson. Too bad for them the lonely drummer that was not in band still had his drumsticks close at hand. The end result was that Nate had one of two choices, jail or the Army. He chose the Army of course as jail did not have a great deal of appeal to him. He passed basic without too much of a hitch, went through advanced training for the infantry and was deployed to Iraq. Nate was still dubbed a Lone Wolf, but with a bit of respect added to it, since he had floored the Hand to Hand instructor when he brought out the Batons and tried to make an example out of Nate.

Nate always had an unusual way of thinking about things and it both helped his company and hurt his military career at the same time. His Company was on the move through some truly bad territory by the reports sent and he was on point. He suggested that they don some of the enemies gear to fool them from afar so they would have a chance at both a few seconds of running time or surprise on the enemy. Well the Company Commander didn't like it and gave a direct order not to do so. Nate had a bad feeling about the whole thing and convince a few of his point men to do it anyway. Well his bad feeling came true, they were ambushed and the clothing him and the other point men saved their lives, and many of their company. Many hailed him as the man who made the difference in their survival and rightly so. However, the Company Commander was not pleased and had him put up on charges for disobeying a direct order.

It turned out the Company Commander was the son of a Highly Respected General. Yup, that was Nate's luck catching up with him again. The Court Martial proceeded and with everything brought to the forefront Nate managed to get off with a General Discharge. He counted himself lucky to do so. Well at least he could get a job without too much of a smudge on his record. He tried and tried but no place wanted to hire him, fortunately his old Army buddies had a connection for him. One of their brothers worked for a security company and they had positions open. So he got in contact, took the tests and became a Security Guard, hurray he could now pay his long overdue rent.

Nate did quite well as a Security Guard and caught the eye of a high profile companies Security Director. They contacted him, and told him where to go and what time to be there. Nate thought it weird to be called by anyone for a security job but whatever it was 4 times the cash he was getting now. He got to the Spot he was directed to go and in the blink of an eye he was attacked by four people in ski masks and black clothes. Luckily Nate still had a habit of carrying sticks with him all the time but now they were Retractable Batons(ASPs). He put them to use and shortly thereafter four people were laying on the ground either knocked out or groaning in pain. As he was looking around he heard clapping from above him, when he looked up he saw the Head Security Director of Zed Inc. You have passed the test Nate you are hired if you still want the job. Nate decided he had a bit of leverage and managed to tweak out five times the pay and work on one of the upper floors.

A few months later many of the people knew who Nate was as he had ousted several disgruntled protesters from the building in quick fashion. He had also made a name for himself as once again being a loner....go figure. As Nate was one one of his security rounds the buildings power was shut off and was put under lock down. The it sounded like the first floor exploded and from the 6th floor Nate could see something huge plow through the Military Barricade. Not good he thought, he got a few things together and ran into Nem, OB, and Shade. Nate knew these guys, they were all deadly in their own aspects which was why they had all made it to the Head of their Departments Security Staff. Nate followed with nothing more than eye contact and a nod.....

After going through the search of several floors with them and a few ragtag survivors, there was a powow on what to do. Nate gave a few suggestions which fell on deaf ears it seemed yet again but no matter the plan was set. On the way to the Bus they searched a few floors, Nate grabbed a few small Fire Extinguishers. When they Hit ground zero he saw the carnage that was previously a battleground. The Military personnel had been slaughtered by something big and apparently quite nasty. Just then the fray began, Nate watched the others go into action and decided it was in his best interest to do the same. Whatever these things are they will go down he decided. He dropped the extinguishers and slapped out the ASPs and went to town splitting Zombie Skulls. After everything was said and done he grabbed a few more serviceable batons from the military personnel and hoped to God he would get out of this alive. They all hopped onto the bus and got out of dodge, on the way they met the barrel of a tank after skirting a corner. Nate barely dodged that to watch someone in the back get severed in half. Just then they get bowled over by something huge.....

Nate and a few others crawled out of the bus after it stopped rolling over, and their heads stopped spinning. For the most part everybody was ok just a few nicks and scratches. Nate did not know what hit them but did not want to stick around to see it up close and personal of course the School didn't seem to inviting either, the lesser of two evils, what a decision................

--Zenai, November 25 4:43 PM EST

Shade, Nemerizt, and I have discussed this for a while over in Chat, and this is the conclusion we've come to:

The survivors stood at the edge of the campus, shocked at their luck in surviving the burning wreckage, yet unsure where to go from here. As Shade, OddBird, and Nemerizt pondered what move to make next, GatemaN dashed up to the trio, completely out of breath. "Look...what I found..." he gasped out, and handed a tattered piece of paper to Nemerizt. "Perfect! It's a map of the campus!" Nemerizt exclaimed, and he turned to the other two compadres. Studying closesly, the examined the map to determine where they should go next.

After several moments of whispered discussion and muffled exclamations, Shade popped his head up. "An announcement! We have discovered the location of the Campus Safety and Police building, so we feel that the appropriate decision is to head that way post-haste and hope to find some assistance or weaponry there for our use!" The rest of the survivors grinned at the good news, despite the horrors they had faced over the past few days. As the group began to head for the door, OddBird ran to the front and caught up to Shade and Nemerizt. "Guys, we should also take a few detours while we're out...I figure before the day's over, we'll have time to run by the dining hall to grab a bit of cutlery before we explore elsewhere." The other two nodded in agreement, and as they headed for the Safety & Police building, they agreed to finish out the trip out back at the Student Center, where they would barricade and fortify for the night.

(The end result of this is: 9-1-3-B. We discovered from the map that Slayer used as the basis for the zombie expedition that building 9 is the Campus Safety and Police building and 1 is the Dining Hall.)

--QBOddBird, November 25 4:57 PM EST

Day 3 Discussion

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 26 2009 2:11 AM EST

Day 3 results

As the survivors began to move across the campus in a hurried pace, the top half of a tank came flying through the air, smashing into the Greek Housing area, spilling a lot of beer. Unfortunately, blood came seeping from the tank and mixed with the beer, ruining it. Seeing this, and realizing it would not take much effort to be torn in half, the survivors sprinted to their first destination, the on campus police station.

Carefully the survivors crept through the complex, bashing a few heads in here and there. In the basement of one of the small side structures was a rack of weapons. The rack of shotguns caught the eye of the survivors, and soon they were fully armed and feeling bolder than ever. [Tier 3 Unlocked].

The survivors left the Campus Saftey complex and moved to the dining hall area in search of a meal. Feeling a little brave with their new-found weaponry, Verifex, Whitewolf, Wraithlin, and Shade blew open the doors and charged in guns blazing. They blew holes through everything, the walls were littered will bullet holes and coagulated blood. As they finished their sweep of the floor, they began a four way high-five. Just before this righteous act of manliness could be completed, zombies came crashing down on them from the floor above. Nate came charging in, quickly putting down three zombies and dragging two more away so the four survivors could crawl away to safety.

After gathering as much ramen as possible, the survivors left the dining hall and proceeded to the lecture halls. Within the halls sat thousands of students, neither dead nor alive, half asleep and certainly not entirely human. The survivors were unsure if these were zombies or not, and decided to just pass by. In the office of one of the professors, Gateman found in a drawer several checks in envelopes labeled "grade bribery money." [100k found].

In the student center the survivors split in groups of two and went about clearing every room. Rawr and Vaynard cautiously moved through a hallway in the Student Government area. From out of nowhere a peppy looking blonde jumped out. Rawr promptly blew her face off with a shotgun blast. Within the office of the Student Government Vaynard found to his amazement, several thousand students tuition payments. This was apparently a good year to pay in cash. [300k found].

With the Student Center fortified, the survivors decided to do a quick roll call. When Shade called out for WhiteWolf, nobody could find him. Shade called once more, loudly, and was answered this time by the sound of a distant gunshot. [WhiteWolf suicide]. A hush fell upon the group, and as Nemerizt glanced around the room he thought to himself...

"Where did AlaskanPsycho go?"

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 26 2009 1:03 PM EST

Day 4 Discussion

<OddBird> Slayer, can we delay decision by 24 hours due to Thanksgiving
* OddBird is not going to be here at all
<{CB1}Slayer333> you can do two on friday if you want
<{CB1}Slayer333> but I can't add a day to the tourney

There you have it, we can do Friday = 2x if it works out better. If others are around to do it tomorrow, though, that's fine with me too - but I think it's easier on everyone (including Slayer) if we don't have to worry about being here for actions tomorrow.

--QBOddBird, November 26 2:30 AM EST

I'd like to second OB's idea. Saving up T-day's action for Friday would be awesomely awesome!

--Vaynard, November 26 2:48 AM EST

** Thanks Zenai to inspiring me in doing some RP too. I wish I wasn't a frenchmen because it really gave me a hard time finding big words but I dealt with it and ended up with something worth the reading I think.**

Alonzo Del Padre
Half junky-looking, Half Italian
Long stylish brown hair
Brown Eyes
5'8" 120 lbs.

'Oh Man, Gross' was what he was reputed to say every single time, but let's fall back a bit... Padre always been a man with charm, he started to play with knifes at a very young age and got very impressive with them. Always ending up away from guys at school because of his feminine manners made him very popular with the girls as he was not only sentimental but also the only guy who wasn't mean with them. His life could still be resumed like any other's and he started to feel the urge of doing something more than live a predefinite path.

It took almost a year for him to be convinced that he did not need to follow in his father's steps to be successful. His father was a very well known artist in the little town where they lived because the gift he had was special, he couldn't juggle or make people laugh but, without any doubt, he was the best at healing injuries and he always done it very quick. The gift was passed from generation to generation and since the beginning of its appearance, they always been able to cure what an alchemyst, a doctor or even a priest could not cure. Further more, Alonzo's father would never ask for money in return of his service, he simply wanted to keep the body part he needed to cut off the patients to heal them.

Alonzo always been a bit disgusted by his father's methods but never said a word about it seeing that they worked and brought food in the house. He had nightmares every nights with frightening images of his father's practices and always made him try to scatter away from this gift he supposedly had in him. One thing was sure though, he was very handy with a knife in his hand and he finally been able to use his skills at its full potential after finishing his studies at the most prestigious cooking school. Since then he was leading a good life, even though he did not have a 'better half', he was always surrended by women just like he always prefered. He loved to teach them what he knew at work and they would always show him their gratitude by taking care of the 'gross' things he called meat.

One day he has been approched by Zed Inc CEO who ate a couple times at his restaurant and been offered the job of his dream at their headquarters. After giving it some thoughts Padre decided to rent his restaurant to a friend and continue his career in a well known company. It started off real good, he only had regular customers and a good weekly paycheck, there was nothing more he could ask. After working there a couple years, getting well earned promotions, he decided to go have a little chat with a Zen CEO about some matters that has been floating in his mind for a couple months and that is where all his dreams fell apart.

A large explosion was heard in the distance and, all of a sudden, his meeting was halted by a shiny spike emerging from his interlocutor's chest. Stumbled by what just happend Alonzo fell on his knees and his world started to fade away as if he was entering a very dark tunnel. Some of the persons from the other room rushed in wondering what happened as all they heard since the explosion was 'Oh Man, Gross'. Alonzo seemed to come back to reality and stood up with his fellow regular customers' help but never said anything beside 'Oh Man, Gross'. Sometimes he would stay calm, face the ground and whisper that same sentence or some times he would stand still with eyes deep shut yelling the same old sentence. Zombies storming from every corners, Alonzo's friends managed to help him follow the group of survivors always keeping an eye for him as they knew he was their only hope to over come their hungry.

Every single step taken by the team of survivors were always double effort for Shade, Nate and Scruffy as they had to drag mister 'Oh Man, Gross' everywhere. Although the team was fine dealing with the situation, they started to grow hate onto Alonzo, he hadn't cook anything in the past three days. After a harsh morning storming the campus to get to through targeted areas, all team members felt a big relief when they entered the dinning hall as it was offering some good cover and seemed quite quiet... Nate dragged Alonzo who was fiercely assaulting the menu-of-the-day board with his pocket knife and made him sit in a corner to make sure he wouldn't hurt anyone. Scruffy was gently petting Alonzo's head like it was his lucky charm that would make some food appear when he heard Verifex yell 'God, they're here too!' and got a chill when he realised no one was around. Soon after, Whitewolf and Warithlin came by and handed Alonzo the ramens they found. Alonzo sundenly stood up with the bright eyes he had back when he started his restaurant, he grabbed all the ramens he could manage to carry and headed to the kitchen where he made one of the greatest meal no one ever tasted.

While Alonzo was still looking for some more feedbacks on his meal he saw everyone starting to gather outside and wondered what was happening. He followed the group and finally realiazed what the team has sacrificed for him to keep him alive and understood how hard it has been for them, from this point forward, Alonzo wanted to do more than just cook their food and started to sharpen his cooking knife. Although he was not as well armed or skilled as the others, he hold onto his small group to make them safer than the others as they were the only real man who shared him their friendship.

Bursting into the waves of zombies made him finally realize that blood was not as bad as he thought, it just depends on who, or what, drops it. Alonzo started to look berserk as he was experiencing for the first time the real trill of cutting flesh and strengthening the bound with his encestors gift. It was the first time anyone heard him say 'Oh Man, Gross' with a big smile in his face until the most tragic thing happened... Fighting 2 zombies at once with his poor little kitchen knife, Alonzo managed to finally make them embrace the floor and received the biggest blood splash in history of blood. Still with his bloodlusted eyes, Mr Padre hasn't talked since then so it is unclear if the sound of WhiteWolf's shotgun slugs or his blood got to Alonzo first.

At the thought of seeing Alonzo go numb again and loosing his brave frenzied companion during such hopeless moments, Titan slaps him a bit and takes his head into his hands. 'Fight it off!' Titan says, 'We need will need more noodles soon.'

--Salketer, November 26 3:39 AM EST

"These zombies are really starting to take a toll on our group. Maybe we should go try to see if they have a cure or some medical supplies at the hospital. I know I'm hurting bad as it is with this nasty gouge out of my shoulder. I'm feeling weak already, if we could get some bandages and some disinfectant though I think I will be able to pull through."

--Wraithlin, November 26 5:13 AM EST

Actual suggestion to go with above RPing: I think with the losses we have been having 2-3 dead already a trip to the hospital to search for medical equipment might be a good idea.

Alternately we can go to the high school just to look for survivors, but I would think that a bunch of high schoolers would of succumbed to zombies fast and it's probably more of a death trap than we'd like.

--Wraithlin, November 26 5:16 AM EST

Alonzo stands up at the hearing of wraithling's thoughts then decides to speak as the brave man he thinks he are: "Do you really think that it will help in any manner!? I love to hear about your cute childish dreams but there is no cure for healing someone who just blew his head off! Take it as the man I am not and walk the line as everyone else." Realizing what he just said, Alonzo decides it would be best to have a good look at the floor in shame. Suddenly, Alonzo decides to step up again with his chest full of air, taking the 'Hero-Stance' and speaks up with his not-well-known-man-voice "I second Wraithling! We should... threat the wounded, heal the braves but also find shelter so we can have a great moment taunting the beasts!"

So I propose the same thing as Wraith, and baricade there. If we get the chance, taunting targets we see while defended might be a good idea to make sure we don't get ganged up in the open while scattered.

--Salketer, November 26 6:19 AM EST

Norman "WhiteWolf" Johnson
Origin Wales
Short cropped brown hair
5'11" 140 lbs

Since a boy, he was always a silent one watching the moon and stars since he was only 2 years of age. His keen ears got him into trouble on more than one occasion and his pale skin set him out from the crowd. He had a gift for fixing things and could take apart then reassemble a clock with his eyes closed. An academic, he didn't spend much time exercising at school but took Judo classes with his father, reaching black belt in his 16th year. He was a lucky one, staying out of the way of the jocks at school and keeping his teeth in his mouth. He made a successful career for himself as an engineer, becoming a master a month after receiving his black belt.

He immigrated to the Americas when he was 18, continuing his martial art and engineering business to the point of obsession. Then, without warning, he lost everything. Stock crash sent his business into the ground, his parents were killed in a plane crash on their way to see him and within a week he was stuck in a basement with nothing worthwhile to look forward to.

He became an alcoholic overnight, spending his days in a bar, whittling away the money he had left. It was an addiction he could not throw and it cost a man his life. After his 8th beer of the night, Norman got into a bar fight, killing the man after thrusting his long nails into the mains throat. He was given a choice, jail or Army. He chose the Army, at least there he might get his life back.

After a month, he was promoted from recruit to mechanical engineer. He spent his days apart from others working on the vehicles at every spare moment to improve them. At night he would stare at the moon and stars and remember his family.

At age 24, after 4 years service, he left the army. But after those many days and nights practising engineering and remembering his past, he walked with the most conviction he ever had. He had heard that a company, Zed Inc. was looking for a head engineer. He was inside the building for 10 minutes and after a quick demonstration of his skills he had a job.

He enjoyed working at Zed Inc. the people there were nice and dubbed him the WhiteWolf. He would practise martial arts with his fellow workmates, marvelling at the skill of Nate the security guard and OB. He would give them a run for their money but they would always find a way to beat him.

WhiteWolf was working on the air conditioning on level 4A when he heard the explosion on the first floor. Glancing out the window, he saw that a Military Barricade had been erected outside the building at that there was now a massive hole at the front entrance.

Hurriedly he packed up his tools and dashed out of his room to spot Alanzo Padre kneeling on the ground before a corpse. Striding over, he heard Alanzo mutter 'Oh Man, Gross'. Nate and Scruffy walked and helped WhiteWolf heave the stunned Alanzo out into the corridor. They found the others quite quickly and once the employees of Zed Inc. were together, they started searching the floors for weapons to defend themselves. WhiteWolf, Alaskanpsycho, Verifex and OB were sent down to level four where they were ambushed from three sides by Zombies leaving a wave of destruction in their wake as they desperately tried to escape.

WhiteWolf, having been injured in the fighting, inspected his wounds behind the others backs. The infection was spreading into him and he could feel the death entering him. He shuddered as he thought about what he might become.

The group left the building hurriedly after that, choosing to use an abandoned bus out the front of the building. WhiteWolf ran out to the front of the bus, checking the engine was working as the others heaved the injured into the back. OB took the drivers seat and once all were inside, he drove as fast as he could. He went round a corner had we were met by a tank, its turret shattering the windscreen and showering OB with a spray of glass. There was a dull rumbling in the ground as something huge drew near. The tank fired, annihilating the injured Alko as he sat. A great tearing sound came as a great weight struck the bus of its wheels sending toppling into a local school campus.

The employees of Zed Inc. were outside in a zombie apocalypse and we knew we needed a place to hold up. WhiteWolf also knew he would join those he fought against soon if he didn't do anything. The employees explored 4 buildings in the campus, eventually choosing to hold position in the Student Centre. Here, WhiteWolf made his sacrifice for his friends. As Shade called his name, WhiteWolf pulled the trigger on his shotgun, a boom crack and a moment of silence as darkness overtook his vision. He had made his sacrifice but he knew that the Zed Inc. employees wouldn't give up that easy. He may live to see another day yet.

--WhiteWolf, November 26 6:23 AM EST

Why is alaskanpsycho noted with [D3]? wouldn't he be Z1 instead?

Anyway, while I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving it would be nice to decide on what to do tomorrow, I'm sure the zombies will understand. ;)

--AdminShade, November 26 10:59 AM EST

D3 = Day 3, for prize purposes.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 26 1:03 PM EST

Ah :)

--AdminShade, November 26 1:08 PM EST

Surely there is a penalty for people using unlocked spells/abilities/items?? There are multiple people using EO's/ED's when the tier is not even unlocked. For example, Shade and GodBoob.

--Rawr, November 26 4:05 PM EST

k shade fixed, but godboob :P

--Rawr, November 26 4:05 PM EST

My bad, forgot about the tiers, but removed my base AMF already.
Also I don't think godboob is playing competitively.

--AdminShade, November 26 4:10 PM EST

<OddBird> Slayer, can we delay decision by 24 hours due to Thanksgiving
* OddBird is not going to be here at all
<{CB1}Slayer333> you can do two on friday if you want

Does this mean 12 AP tomorrow from today, perform our actions and jump map if we'd want to. Then get whatever AP we'd have gotten tomorrow and perform actions there?

OR does this mean we'd get 24 AP anyway and perform all actions we want on this map? It'd be a bit useless getting 24 AP on a map which is half explored and all...

--AdminShade, November 26 4:20 PM EST

Even though today we got the chance of delaying our storyline, Nemerizt, Admiralkiller and I have decided to continue. Here is what we decided:

Nemerizt noticed alaskanpsyko had not been feeling well the past few days. The survivors couldn't bear the idea of taking the poor young man's life and while alaskanpsyko tried to take his own, he failed. Alaskanpsyko now was certain to turn into a Zombie and follow the group of survivors closely, but hidden.

Shade rushed to the location where he had heard the gunshot. There he saw WhiteWolf lying on the floor, gun still held in hand. Without hesitating he use the reviving toolkit which started WhiteWolfs heart pumping again while being able to apply a few bandages to prevent him from bleeding to death. After the night, the group would go visit the hospital to heal him up properly.

"...insert elevator song here while people take turns in sleeping and keeping watch over the Fortified Student Center..."

At dawn:
The group now faces a difficult task, getting WhiteWolf to the hospital to improve his chances of staying alive and escaping from the . Oddbird selected Rawr, CombatSquirrel, Vaynard and GatemaN to swiftly search inside of the Football Stadium for survivors or anything which would be useful to bring along. Certainly the stadium would have been filled with paying spectators a few days ago with the cheerleader talent show. They might be able to crack the safe and grab the money.

The rest of the survivors worked on constructing the stretcher to put WhiteWolf on to be able to take him to the nearby Hospital and give proper medical care. Nemerizt and Shade have their hopes up to be able to get some requisite medical supplies there and perchance even one or two well hidden and living survivors.

And off they went, while keeping a constant watch around the area to make sure that alaskanpsyko was not following them with a group of hungry zombies.

In short:
we use revive on WhiteWolf, and then search the Football Stadium (A on the map) for 3 AP and then head out to the Hospital (option 4) in search of medical supplies or anything except zombies for 9 AP. (This way we prevent being stuck here for another day while there is a fight up north and some huge thing shambling around also.)

--AdminShade, November 26 5:15 PM EST

"Also I don't think godboob is playing competitively."

Then he should not be attacking tournament characters. I was warned by Slayer to not attack tournament characters when I ran a test character in the last tournament.

--Rawr, November 26 6:26 PM EST

Attacking tourney characters in this case doesn't really do much.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 26 7:55 PM EST

The rule is to prevent people from feeding themselves to tourney chars, basically to super boost a tourney char.

--Wraithlin, November 26 7:56 PM EST

Maybe he's playing seriously... maybe he just doesn't have time.

--Titan, November 26 7:59 PM EST

There should be a rule about putting [Test] in your name if your doing a test run.

--Admiralkiller, November 26 8:03 PM EST

You mean like this rule that Slayer added: "Your character name must include [Test]." He added that before this tourney ;).

--Titan, November 26 8:05 PM EST

Boss Fight:


You can fight (everyone must fight once before 8PM)

Or Return to the university.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 27 11:56 AM EST

How many fights do we get to kill it? Just one? Ten? Just kill it before 8PM?

--QBOddBird, November 27 11:59 AM EST

Some info: 425k HP

This means 8.5k damage per round you need to deal to kill it within 50 rounds.

Average damage against 0 AC 20 ST minion: 28k
[28232] / [24971] / [31259] / [27645]

--AdminShade, November 27 12:06 PM EST

Can I Fight this beast more than once?

--Admiralkiller, November 27 1:25 PM EST

Jereziah (Shinobi Sanctuary) Hospital Patients (F) (+) Jereziah 16 1:27 PM EST

--Rawr, November 27 1:28 PM EST

Desperation (F) (+) (Band of Wookies) Hospital Patients Desperation 46 1:46 PM EST

--Nemerizt, November 27 1:47 PM EST

Alright, I did some math, and Slayer obviously put 1/2 xp into HP, the rest split in ST and UC. This leaves him with 216k levels of UC. This has an effect of 22, and gives a pth of 27. It takes 33k levels of Evasion to get 27 effect. Train that with 10k DX or so, and he will never hit you. Then you just have to worry about killing him.

--Titan, November 27 2:04 PM EST

Francis (LONG ISLAND DUB ALL-STARS) Hospital Patients (F) (+) Francis 22 2:10 PM EST

--Titan, November 27 2:12 PM EST

28 Blenders Later defeated Hospital Patients after 38 rounds of combat

28 Blenders Later (The Knighthood II) Hospital Patients (F) (+) 28 Blenders Later 38 2:17 PM EST

--AdminShade, November 27 2:17 PM EST

Is only 1 fight allowed?

--CombatSquirrel, November 27 2:37 PM EST

Zombie Killer Joel defeated Hospital Patients after 50 rounds of combat

Zombie Killer Joel (Battle Royale II) Hospital Patients (F) (+) Zombie Killer Joel 50 2:42 PM EST

--Joel, November 27 2:44 PM EST

ZombieWraith (Wasting Time) Hospital Patients (F) (+) ZombieWraith 29 2:44 PM EST

--Wraithlin, November 27 2:45 PM EST

[T46]Messbrutal Hospital Patients (F) (+) [T46]Messbrutal 40 4:26 PM EST

--Messbrutal, November 27 4:27 PM EST

Zombie Wolverine defeated Hospital Patients after 24 rounds of combat
Zombie Wolverine Hospital Patients (F) (+) Zombie Wolverine 24 4:34 PM EST

--QBOddBird, November 27 4:35 PM EST

Facepuncher (F) (+) Hospital Patients Facepuncher 23 4:44 PM EST

--rrowland, November 27 4:46 PM EST

{Dead}EngineerJohnson (The Saltwater Room) Hospital Patients (F) (+) {Dead}EngineerJohnson 50 6:17 PM EST

Those Zombies were very annoying.

--WhiteWolf, November 27 6:18 PM EST

[T46]adamus defeated Hospital Patients after 18 rounds of combat

[T46]adamus (F) (+) (LONG BEACH DUB ALL-STARS) Hospital Patients [T46]adamus 18 6:21 PM EST

--adampurkis, November 27 6:22 PM EST

Pale Knight defeated Hospital Patients after 39 rounds of combat

Pale Knight Hospital Patients (F) (+) Pale Knight 39 6:24 PM EST

--Admiralkiller, November 27 6:27 PM EST

I can't kill it... (KreaT46)

--Salketer, November 27 6:31 PM EST

Day 4 Discussion

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 27 2009 6:35 PM EST

Day 4 Results

The survivors awakened to the sound of a dull moan. Outside the fortifications a rather large group of zombies had amassed. After sneaking out of a side entrance the survivors quickly made their way to the football stadium. After a few hours wasted searching what was now a barren wasteland, they gave up and huddled together. Shade called the play, the group would proceed to the nearby hospital, just south of the campus.

After a quick two hour walk, the survivors drew up on the parking lot of the hospital. Demigod trailed the group by a few feet, panting. He leaned against a truck in the parking lot when he saw that the group had stopped to gear up and prepare for entering the hospital. As though by an act of God, the car alarm went off. All eyes shot to Demigod, who was in the process of going through every curse word he knew.

From the hospital came a huge mass of patients. The hospital had been swamped when the infection first broke out, and was now one of the heaviest hit areas in terms of infection. The hordes knew no end. Shotguns cocked, pistol hammers struck, and a battle raged...

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 27 2009 10:20 PM EST

Day 5 Discussion

Good going, demi!

--rrowland, November 27 7:03 PM EST

Catastrophey (F) (+) (Hell Blenders) Hospital Patients Catastrophey 18 7:42 PM EST

--CombatSquirrel, November 27 7:43 PM EST

[T46] Zenai (The Knighthood II) Hospital Patients (F)(+)[T46] Zenai 43 7:47 PM EST

Nate had been on a whirlwind rollercoaster ride since this started, but he had kept his head about him. So far he had saved several peoples lives and had strength to spare even when he had gotten stuck in the Mess Hall of the University. The ceiling had fallen through and several of those.....things had fallen on several of his comrades. It wasn't until then that he understood what his grandfather was talking about when he said you have to tap into your "Great Rage" and control it. Seeing good people getting swarmed by....Zombies or whatever had struck a cord with him and he had sprung into action. Later he he had thought about it when there was time, there was no real control just the Red Haze. He decided that he would practice through the night since they had looked around and fortified themselves in the Stadium and he had first watch. He just wouldn't wake anyone up. He had lost track of time when he was finished and looked through the fortifications and saw the crowd of Zombies out there. He quietly woke everyone up and suggested they make a decision and get the heck out of dodge. The leaders made their decision and everyone agreed maybe the Hospital was the best place to go. When they got there Demi leaned against a car and the alarm went off......crap. It was probably for the best as the group saw wave after wave of Zombies come out of the Hospital. If it hadn't happened then they would all be dead, at least now they have a chance. Nate dropped his supplies and pulled out his ASPs and slap extended them. Time to see if this Crap really works grandpa, Nate tapped into his Great Rage and let his body Flow..............

--Zenai, November 27 8:00 PM EST

I say we search to our max Ap and fortify.

--Admiralkiller, November 27 8:09 PM EST

"Well now that we killed everything trying to eat us, who did we lose? And do you think we can still find something of use inside to save any of them? I think they keep the medical supplies nearby to the rooms, or possibly in a side storage room, it also might not be a bad idea to check the waiting area, maybe that's where any hospital security made a stand and we can find some much needed ammo. On the other hand, there might still be some people in there, some rooms of a hospital can be very secure, maybe someone survived this chaos."

I suggest we search 8 and 5 as those look most likely to be a storage room for med supplies in my opinion. And I suggest we search 4 for ammo/cash/random other supplies. My alternate to 4 would be 1 or 3 for possible survivors holding out in a room.

--Wraithlin, November 27 9:26 PM EST

Jim is one of the very few survivors of the original rage virus which devastated the entire UK and Europe mainland. After also losing his girlfriend Selena, he went to the US to find out what had really gone wrong.

He now works for Zed Inc. at the blending department, or worked rather. Since the last virus outbreak he had trained himself in some martial arts as well as being able to shoot simple firearms and side arms. He had never imagined that someone would ever try to genetically manipulate such a strong, dangerous virus.

But here he is, helping the survivors around him the best way he can!

--AdminShade, November 27 10:16 PM EST

just so y'all know, your storylines are mostly non-canon, as most of them are entirely wrong in their assumptions ;)

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 27 10:20 PM EST

I don't know if I'm too late, but here:
Scruffy defeated Hospital Patients after 34 rounds of combat

It would kind of stink to be knocked out of a tournament because I had to work today, but ah well. Whatever happens happens. Can we have more than an 8 hour window next time perhaps though?

--Vaynard, November 27 10:31 PM EST

That's fine, Vay.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 27 10:58 PM EST

After the hard fight for survival we finally made it inside of the hospital. Seeing how many we had injured the leaders decided that getting a good fortified position to recoup was first priority. Shade noted that the records room would be the easiest to hold, so they searched the only adjoining room (4) before carefully examining the records room and then fortifying it. Once secured OB took a group of the best survivors who were uninjured to search for medical supplies among some of the other rooms before rejoining everyone back at the records room.

(Our orders for the day are search room 4, fortify B, then search room 6 and A)

(If anyone wants to fix up the story a bit that is fine I was a bit rushed to throw this out.)

--Nemerizt, November 27 11:14 PM EST

Hey sorry my internet went down for the last 2 days and a bit, they brought a new modem today :)

Sorry I mean, Mythology knocked unconcious was dragged unhappily along with the group for 2 days... :)

--Mythology, November 28 4:47 AM EST

"Demigod trailed the group by a few feet, panting. He leaned against a truck..."

I was tired because I was dragging Myth the whole way. See? I can add to the story, too.

--Demigod, November 28 10:13 AM EST

Who drinks that heavily during a zombie attack...

--QBnovice, November 28 11:49 AM EST

Only a Brit drinks that heavily any time :p

--AdminShade, November 28 1:37 PM EST

Pffft Tell the Irish and Scott's that......lol

--Zenai, November 28 1:40 PM EST

Didn't think we had either of those as survivors as they'd be sleeping from the booze and turned into zombies already. So besides drunken irish Zombies, we only have Myth ;)

--AdminShade, November 28 1:43 PM EST

You've got an antidote now that can cure an infected. Story to come later.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 28 4:56 PM EST

ooooo Nice!

--Zenai, November 28 4:57 PM EST

"Holy cow! Booze cures zombieness. I thought I was dead, surrounded by like 40 zombies and out of ammo. But I just popped open my keg and started passing out drinks. 3 hours later we were dancing and i was making out with some chick that didn't have a lower jaw, it was gnarly. Anyways, I woke up next to someone, not sure if she was undead or alive, but man it was a blast."

--Wraithlin, November 28 4:59 PM EST

Day 5 Discussion

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 28 2009 8:28 PM EST

Day 5 Results

The Battle

The survivors split into two groups, one group would act as an anvil, holding in a strongly fortified position to draw out all of the zombies, and the other would act as the hammer, flanking the zombies so the huge force would be split and take casualties from two sides to thin the ranks quickly.

The hammer group would be in the midst of the zombies, and thus would consist of the most battle hardened troops. Demigod, Nate, Combatsquirrel, admiralkiller, adampurkis, rrowland, messbrutal, OddBird, Shade, Joel, Wraithlin, Titan, Vaynard, Nemerizt, rawr, WhiteWolf, and Gateman formed the hammer group. Everyone else created a makeshift barricade by moving a few cars into a semicircle around themselves, and began unloading as much lead into the shambling would-be butchers as they could.

The hammer group struck hard, inflicting hundreds of casualties with well place explosives. However, the main force was not distracted and instead continued upon the makeshift fortification. For every thousand dead zombies a thousand more took their place. Soon the anvil was overwhelmed, zombies crawled over cars and surrounded the fortification. When it seemed that there was no longer any chance of survival for those in the anvil group, a grenade soared through the air and sent zombified body parts flying. The anvil group cleaned up the remaining zombies and moved into the hospital.

In a quick survey of the hospital the survivors managed to turn up a vial labeled "antidote." Too little too late. [One infected may reveal himself and receive the antidote.] After fortifying the records room the group split into smaller teams and searched quickly through the building for more supplies. A few groups encountered light resistance, but all returned empty handed. As the survivors sat around their leaders, a low groan came from a dark corner of the room. Wraithlin began his slow walk towards the survivors. [Battle Wraithlin].


Nobody had noticed, but Verifex had remained behind in the campus fortification. He cooked a nice breakfast and then waded through hordes of zombies seemingly unnoticed. He walked into the science building and searched through hundreds of records before he came upon a folder labeled "Zed Inc Research." The folder detailed the research the university had done on post-death virus activity and brain stimulation. The dean had canceled the research contract a year prior for undocumented reasons. Several pages of the reports were missing. Before Verifex could continue his research, a loud thumping noise began to draw closer to him. Verifex pulled a toxic waste can closer to him, and drenched it in gasoline. As the huge monster pulled the roof away from the building, Verifex ignited the toxic barrel, creating a huge explosion. Plumes of smoke rose from the science building for hours. In the rubble a shattered vial with the label "Cure" lay.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 28 2009 11:03 PM EST

Day 6 Discussion

Jereziah (Shinobi Sanctuary) ZombieWraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Jereziah 11 8:24 PM EST

--Rawr, November 28 8:38 PM EST

Welp, there goes 90% of the tourney players.

--rrowland, November 28 8:48 PM EST

90% of the remaining half of tourney players....

--WhiteWolf, November 28 8:54 PM EST

All the members of the hammer group now realised that their anvil group had been too small. Now finally taken up the fortified Records Room Demigod, Nate, Combatsquirrel, admiralkiller, adampurkis, rrowland, messbrutal, OddBird, Shade, Joel, Wraithlin, Titan, Vaynard, Nemerizt, rawr, WhiteWolf, and Gateman began to think and wonder where Verifex had went. They hadn't seen him in a while.

Suddenly they heard a giant explosion coming from the Science Building. They saw the huge monstrosity being blown apart by a huge chemical explosion. They knew this was the work of Verifex...

The group now decides to search through some of the rooms they had left alone in the first place. About half of the survivors now is sent to search rooms 5, 7 and 2 for anything useful. The rest remains to make sure everyone can 'rest safe from an attack'*.

When the searchers returned, they noticed Wraithlin cocking his head and slowly walking towards the 16 survivors. While they knew they could not avoid the confrontation, they would have less of a chance at being infected.

* Survivors can choose from the following actions which take no AP: If a room has been fortified, survivors can rest safe from attack. This will decrease the likelyhood of having a member infected by 25%. Press onward. Earn double AP for one day, but there is a 90% chance of a survivor becoming infected, and survivors will have an increased chance of encountering a mini-boss.

--AdminShade, November 28 8:56 PM EST

I would assume we have till tomorrow night to fight Wraith ... since you posted at like 9 tonight?

--Titan, November 28 8:59 PM EST

<{CB1}Slayer333> you dont have to fight wraith till tomorrow at 8
<{CB1}Slayer333> same rules as a normal boss

Stay and turn. You will turn into a zombie and attack your comrades in the process. When a player turns they will be treated as a mini-boss encounter, but with a 50% base chance of turning a survivor they defeat. They may only turn one survivor in this manner. If you manage to kill a survivor, you will earn 100k.

I'm assuming these rules will be picked instead of a normal boss battle. Moreover the 50% instead of 80% turning chance. :)

--AdminShade, November 28 9:03 PM EST

So we can't cure the boss?

--CombatSquirrel, November 28 9:26 PM EST

No we do not even know the cure exists, besides it is too far away.

--Zenai, November 28 9:35 PM EST

I was thinking of the antidote

--CombatSquirrel, November 28 9:47 PM EST

Well the antidote vial is broken, I was also thinking of making wraith swallow the antidote before I realized the vial was broken.

--Messbrutal, November 28 9:49 PM EST

Each ranged hit (of 5 rounds) is roughly 1500 dmg with 1-2 hits per round.
His melee physical damage ranges from 8k-14k with 1-2 hits per round.
His LEF deals 13k-20k damage per melee round.

I beat him through high HP and a strong LIF. Good luck guys.

--Rawr, November 28 10:24 PM EST

"They may only turn one survivor in this manner."

So only one of the losers can turn zombie. That's good news for me.

--Demigod, November 28 10:46 PM EST

I believe that's one per day. As in the zombies can get the same income as the survivors as long as they get 1 person per day they fight. But it assumes I find someone to fight everyday and that I beat them. I'll come up with a background RP story in a bit as to why I turned.

--Wraithlin, November 28 10:47 PM EST

Zombie Wolverine defeated ZombieWraith after 16 rounds of combat
Zombie Wolverine ZombieWraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Zombie Wolverine 16 11:00 PM EST

--QBOddBird, November 28 11:01 PM EST

I assume double/triple etc attacking is not allowed, as 75% of the tourney can beat me if they just hit attack enough times in a row.

--Wraithlin, November 28 11:03 PM EST

Correct. Single battle, but as many tries as you want.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, November 28 11:03 PM EST

Day 6 Discussion

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 29 2009 12:13 AM EST

Day 6 Results

Battle Results:

Wraithlin was upon the survivors before they could realize what had happened. Closest to him were Nate and Messbrutal. Nate quickly knocked Wraithlin back with his ASP's, however the cramped quarters of the room did not leave much space for another survivor to make a shot on the newly turned zombie. Panicked, many of the survivors ran to to the barricades and began desperately trying to tear down an escape route. Vaynard managed to get a shot off and removed one of Wraithlins' arms with his shotgun. By this time a small escape had been created and survivors began crawling out of the barricaded room. As GatemaN attempted to leave, Wraithlin grabbed his leg and pulled him back into the room. Screams were quickly replaced with silence, and blood leaked through the barricade.

The survivors geared up and moved through the hospital quickly, wishing to leave the hellish place. They first checked a small medical supply closet, and found to great joy a second defibrillator kit! [1 Revive]. Morale was beginning to recover, but it was a cautious optimism. The survivors continued down the ghostly hallways, now completely emptied of all life, undead or otherwise. In a janitors closet the survivors could hear a faint noise, strangely different than the low moan they had heard every second of every day the past 5 days. Shade cracked open the door and was greeted with a bittersweet scene. The hospital janitor had taken a shotgun to himself, and various bits of him were now scattered across the wall. But, in front of him stood a perfectly operational radio, playing blues music faintly. Upon further inspection the janitor did not seem to be infected, and it hangs heavy on the minds of every survivor that perhaps the radio had some rather bad news.

Continuing on into the office of the Dean of Medicine, the survivors discover another grisly scene, mutilated bodies littered the floors. In a drawer the survivors find a large stack of bills. [500k].

The survivors returned to their fortifications for another night. A deadly silence fills the air as the radio flips through channels of static. Few stations are still broadcasting...

"Judgment day is upon us! WE HAVE SINNED, THE END IS NIGH! Repent ye sinners and..."

"If anyone can hear this, my name is John Conno---"

"I repeat, the attackers can be disabled by removing the head, or destroying the brain."

"Base Alpha remains strong. Patrols have been sent into the city to do reconnaissance, however none have returned. We have preliminary reports of a group who may have been exposed to Patient Zero, and another group leaving the school. One of our helicopters was downed above them and crashed into the roof. Initial reports of other destinations in the city report several areas have completely fallen to infection, however small pockets of police resistance remain. Do we move to evacuate these survivors?" .... "No, the risk is too great. The strike has been called, we have only days left."

The survivors let the radio run into the night, the droning moans of the zombies blending with the conversation between a sergeant and his superior. There was only one other group of survivors in the entire city. They were alone.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 29 2009 11:43 AM EST

Day 7 Discussion

Desperation (Band of Wookies) {Zombie}Wraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Desperation 11 12:38 AM EST

--Nemerizt, 12:41 AM EST

Why do I have a {D} now? sigh...

--Mythology, 4:44 AM EST

because you're dead :(
we might be able to revive you though!

--AdminShade, 4:53 AM EST

as said in chat from the rules :

Boss battles:
There is an 80% chance that a survivor who fails to defeat a boss will turn into a zombie. For every survivor who does defeat the boss, this 80% is reduced by 5%

I failed to defeat the boss, two and a half days lost due to net. Log on this morning no msg, nothing just {D} next to character.

--Mythology, 5:02 AM EST

So you died to the boss, but didn't become a zombie.

--QBOddBird, 5:03 AM EST

And where does it say that? If you fail to defeat the boss there is an 80% chance you will turn into a zombie, oh and p.s. if you dont turn into a zombie you will automatically be dead.

Anyway screw the tournament, as far as I could see by actually reading the rules something not that many seemed to bother doing at the start one of two things was going to happen
1) Id do fairly well and somehow manage to survive and have fun doing so
2) Id not do so well and get turned into a zombie and have fun doing so

As both option 1) and 2) seemed worthwhile to spend time pursuing I am obviously annoyed that there was a hidden option

3) Log on in the morning to find out you've been knocked out for no apparent reason against the given rules

--Mythology, 5:14 AM EST

If anyone who died actually wants to be a zombie, send me a chatmail. The reason it defaults to "dead" is because you are at least guaranteed a prize this way. I have no problems letting someone become a zombie.

--Admin{CB1}Slayer333, 11:43 AM EST

Plus we have revives...death is not the end XD

--QBOddBird, 11:44 AM EST

Anyone who is having trouble with the zombie, please check with me. I'll try and get him down to a small HP in an initial fight, and you try to finish him off. You'll need to be able to do enough damage to finish him, however.

--QBOddBird, 3:59 PM EST

Pale Knight {Zombie}Wraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Pale Knight 8 4:13 PM EST

--Admiralkiller, 4:14 PM EST

Engineer Johnson (The Saltwater Room) {Zombie}Wraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Engineer Johnson 8 4:22 PM EST

--WhiteWolf, 4:23 PM EST

Engineer Johnson and Pale Knight both beat me because wolverine attacked first and got me low with a loss then the other guy attacked. That's the same as double attacking. I guess slayer will have to come up with a ruling for it, but really that isn't in the spirit of the system.

--Wraithlin, 4:27 PM EST

I helped in this manner only because Slayer previously said we could in the T46 room.

I believe that's how Nem beat you as well, IIRC?

--QBOddBird, 4:30 PM EST

So then why is double attacking illegal, that makes no sense at all. Oh well, i'm not running the tournament, good luck guys, still need 5 more wins for me not to kill someone.

--Wraithlin, 4:32 PM EST

Actually aren't there still 11 people who you can still turn?

--Nemerizt, 4:35 PM EST

2 points.
1) This isn't double attacking as double attacking would be less effective for most of us.
2) We likely aren't allowed to win a double attack because we as individuals can't strike from two places at once. However getting a friend to "flank" them would allow us to win.

--WhiteWolf, 4:36 PM EST

Nem he is going off his percentage chance to turn someone.
With enough wins, no one can be unwillingly turned.

--WhiteWolf, 4:37 PM EST

The max I can turn is 1 person per day, and I have a base 50% chance to get someone I beat with a -5% per person that beats me. I count 5 right now, so for all the people that can't beat me I have a 25% chance right now to turn/kill whatever. But only one of those will actually happen per day.

I guess how it plays out in character is that I attack the group and most of you band together to fight me off, but one of the weak guys that lost to me, I drag off with me in my retreat.

--Wraithlin, 4:41 PM EST

I don't think that having one weaken wraithlin and have the second finish the job should be allowable. Essentially that is like having the first person sacrifice himself so the second can defeat the boss.

--Rawr, 4:41 PM EST

Sweet so did Oddbird sacrifice himself to me, that would be a sweet zombie ally to have for the rest of this tourney. I vote we go with what rawr said.

--Wraithlin, 4:43 PM EST

I'm not sure if the -5% is in effect for player zombies. Also, that is only for turning them. As long as 1 person cannot beat you, you will at the very least kill that person.

--Nemerizt, 4:43 PM EST

hehe, if I sacrificed myself, this tourney is OVER

--QBOddBird, 4:46 PM EST

If you look at it from a true fighting standpoint: 4 People can effectively fight 1 without getting in each others way. Think box formation, if in a circle it is a bit harder but can be done. *shrugs* Just saying my two cents.

--Zenai, 4:48 PM EST

Storytime for the Zombie:

John had always considered himself a good man, he tried to help other people, he contributed to his community. He ran a 18+ karate school in his home town that made enough income for him to get by and he worked at a few shows from time to time demonstrating his own skills as he had practiced the art for years.

It was just bad luck that he was at that building that day, there was a big demonstration coming up and he was meeting with the guy that recruited him, finalizing the details, it was actually going to be his best paying gig in a long time. Up until the explosion this was one of the better days of John's life.

Then the explosion happened and the zombies happened. On the up side it turns out that being able to kill someone with your bare hands turns out to be very effective against the walking dead. They went down just as easily if not easier.

For the first couple days everything went somewhat smoothly, outside of the bus crash, but then a zombie actually bit John on the shoulder. At first he was surprised, and then he was angry, how could he let this happen, him of all people, was supposed to be the one that couldn't be hit.

John thought long and hard after that bite, he considered taking his own life and actually started down that path before he came to a realization. There could be a cure. Not only that but this group still needed him, he couldn't just kill himself, because who knows how many of the group would die because John wasn't there to protect them.

It was decided, he would convince the group to get to the hospital and find a cure so that he could still save them from the zombie horde. Unfortunately for John, he would only make it to the hospital moments before he turned..

--Wraithlin, 4:51 PM EST

I agree teaming together is a creative strat, but apparantly the reason one person can't double tap is that how can they kill me after they themselves are dead.

So i think in this situation if two people that can't beat me otherwise team together, they can both attack me and one lose, the other win. However they can't do it both ways and both be saved, they can just pair up and get one more person saved. In this manner maybe 8 people that can't beat the person can be turned into 4 people that can by having the other 4 sacrifice themselves to help thier buddies.

If the -5% per win still applies to player zombies then this would both be logical in character and strategically.

--Wraithlin, 4:55 PM EST

Also I don't think one person can sacrifice themselves for more than 1 other person, as it is right now oddbird is letting multiple people get wins. I think it should be 1 sacrifice can get 1 win. Again though, slayer will have to make rulings on all this stuff.

--Wraithlin, 4:56 PM EST

Having pilfered through most of the rooms here, and with Wraithlin hot on our tracks, the leaders have decided to make a run to meet up with the last surviving group at the Police Station.

--QBOddBird, 4:59 PM EST

28 Blenders Later (F) (+) {Zombie}Wraith (Wasting Time) 28 Blenders Later 9 6:05 PM EST
Zombie Wolverine (F) (+) {Zombie}Wraith (Wasting Time) {Zombie}Wraith 16 6:05 PM EST

Yes I did need to team up with Oddbird.

--AdminShade, 6:06 PM EST

Francis (F) (+) (LONG ISLAND DUB ALL-STARS) {Zombie}Wraith (Wasting Time) Francis 7 6:22 PM EST
Zombie Wolverine (F) (+) {Zombie}Wraith (Wasting Time) {Zombie}Wraith 16 6:22 PM EST

Titan beat Wraith with OB's help.

--WhiteWolf, 6:27 PM EST

Zombie Killer Joel (Battle Royale II) {Zombie}Wraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Zombie Killer Joel 12 7:08 PM EST

Helped by OB but I hear thats OK! Yay!! No zombification for me today...!

--Joel, 7:10 PM EST

Yeah, I was getting ready to post. Thanks WW.

--Titan, 7:38 PM EST

Well that does it, I can't beat him.

--Zenai, 8:01 PM EST

Verifex's final words as he lights up the science lab...

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers!"

--AdminQBVerifex, 8:11 PM EST

I untrained 2 days worth of xp in attempt to get a perfect xp distribution but still can't beat him. I even hired a new minion. :P

--CombatSquirrel, 8:14 PM EST

Day 7 Discussion

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 29 2009 10:12 PM EST

Day 7 Results

After a thorough sweep of the hospital, the remaining survivors decided they had no option but to move onwards to the police station. On their approach to the police station they survivors encountered almost nothing, yet the sound of zombies grew ever stronger. When the group came into view they beheld a sight that struck awe into every one of them. A veritable army of the undead lay siege against the police station. A small group of ten people, some military, some police, stood against them. The leaders of the group quickly conferred. It was suicide to proceed, and the group decided against reinforcing the seemingly doomed last stand.

To avoid being seen, the survivors ducked into a small residential area nearby, where most zombies had long since left. At the end of a small cul-de-sac the survivors stopped for a brief moment to catch their breath and ponder their next move. Their time was cut short though, when from a distant skyscraper, the figure that had long since been burned into their mind leapt into the sky. The thud of its impact could be felt, even from almost a mile away. The beast was charging straight for the survivors.

Panicked, OddBird looked around for somewhere to hide, but all seemed hopeless. As the creature crushed a house at the end of the cul-de-sac, a scraping noise pulled the groups attention towards the ground. A soldiers head popped out from a sewer grate, and prompted the group to follow him. As the grate slid shut above them, two fists smashed through the ground. Following the soldier at a quick pace, it seemed as though they had escaped.

Minutes later, the group emerged again from the sewers to the sound of gunfire and intense groaning. Glancing around, it was clear the survivors had left the frying pan, and were now caught in the oven. They were now trapped within the police station.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 29 2009 10:17 PM EST

Barricaded rooms count as fortified.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 29 2009 11:12 PM EST

First order of business. Search the armoury :)

AdminShade November 30 2009 1:37 AM EST

Did we lose GatemaN?
What happened to Wraithlin?
What has happened to alaskanpsyko so far?

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2009 4:19 AM EST

We lost Gateman in the Battle with Wraithlin. (see battle results Day 6)
Wraithlin has gone into hiding and Alaskanpsycho hasn't been actively playing in the tourney.

Rawr November 30 2009 10:28 AM EST

is today day 7 or is today day 8

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 30 2009 12:17 PM EST


Messbrutal November 30 2009 4:53 PM EST

I am about to leave for work and don't have much time ahead of me.

Some of you might know and other now will know, I am infected and will either need the antidote before 8h00 tonight or I will have to kill myself, because I don't want to become a zombie.

May the leader decide what the best option for the group regarding my fate.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 30 2009 5:06 PM EST

Are these the people that did not defeat Wraithlin?
Combat Squirrel

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 30 2009 5:07 PM EST

Nvrmind, ignore the above post.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2009 5:08 PM EST

Titan, AK and I defeated Wraithlin before you did. We have OB to thank for that :)

Demigod November 30 2009 5:38 PM EST

For those who aren't aware, I'm also infected. However, I'm taking the suicide route. Save the antidote for a stronger character to improve our odds.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 30 2009 5:52 PM EST

Alright cool WW, my mistake, didn't see that only one person could be infected anyway.

QBOddBird November 30 2009 6:54 PM EST

Today's move: 1,2,3,4,i,J

The group scurried from room to room in the station, searching for possible armaments to protect themselves from the horde outside, before finally coming to a vault where the leaders felt they could hold up a reasonably strong defensive position for the night.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 30 2009 7:45 PM EST

OB forgot to write this up be we are using the antidote to save Mess.

QBOddBird November 30 2009 8:01 PM EST

Thanks Nem, I totally forgot to add that. x_x

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 30 2009 10:33 PM EST

Day 8 Results

After a short rest, the survivors got up and took a quick look around what would most likely become their final resting place. They quickly checked through the two evidence lockers, finding a sum of 1.5m in drug money. [1.5m]. They quickly moved down the hallway as quietly as possible so as to prevent another wave of attacks against the fortification. They came to a small coat closet near the main entrance, and debated the merits of checking a coat closet for supplies to aid in a zombie invasion. Before they could reach a consensus, a loud bang on the front door drew their attention. Immediately, the door of the coat closet flew off its hinges and a zombie emerged. The survivors were stunned and confused, as the banging on the front door grew louder and they were quickly disoriented. It was almost twenty seconds before Nate plunged his ASP into the right eye socket of the zombie.

Nemerizt and Titan poked their heads into the interrogation room. Seeing nothing, they cautiously crept in. The door flew shut behind them, and the darkness of the room was temporarily alleviated by a hail of random gunfire. The two emerged from the room after a few minutes, both clutching wounds. Luckily, both of their wounds seemed to be due to their own stupidity, as they had both shot one another in their confusion.

Returning again to the front door, the survivors prepared to make their way through the small office area. The door seemed to crack open before them, but before they could even ready their weapons, the barricade holding the front entrance safe burst inwards, and zombies began the slow but sure shuffle towards their next meal. Demigod breathed heavy. He looked at the bite marks on his forearm. Taking only his pistol, he plunged into the oncoming horde of zombies, pushing them back. He put his entire might into this push, and managed to clear the doorway. The others rushed in behind him to place a new barricade at the door, but their eyes never left him. He took his pistol in his right hand, and aimed at his head. Before he could pull the trigger, the flesh seeking teeth of a zombie bit from his hand all five fingers. He dropped the gun into the ravenous pit of zombies. Nemerizt took his rifle, and silenced the horrible screams of Demigod.

After creeping through the offices, daring not to explore the room in the dark, as all lights had been shut off to persuade the huge horde outside to leave, the survivors came to the vault entrance. OddBird opened the vault using the combination he had received from the man who led them to the police station, and the group entered. They were quite disappointed, as it seemed the armory had long since been looted. All that remained were several beds and many sleeping soldiers. Shade crashed down upon one of the beds in tears, only to hear an odd thump. Lifting up his mattress, he found an M16! Other beds contained similar goodies, an experimental laser cannon, which Nemerizt quickly too up. Other mattresses contained various rifles and even a dirty magazine for OddBird. Under the mattress, a classic hiding spot. [Tier 4 Unlocked]. The survivors sat together before going to sleep, and Nemerizt carefully took from his pocket the single dose of antidote. As he administered the dosage to Messbrutal, his mind drifted to the screams of those he could not save, those who had simply been one day too late, who with a single shot could now be standing in Messbrutal's place.

The survivors found it hard to sleep that night, the intense moaning pervaded their every thought. In addition, the zombies were quite loud. It is unknown as to who did it, but after several minutes of moaning, someone threw a shoe at OddBird.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] November 30 2009 11:35 PM EST

lol finally beat him

Scruffy defeated {Zombie}Wraith after 9 rounds of combat

Rawr November 30 2009 11:48 PM EST

oh come on OB this is a PG game

QBOddBird November 30 2009 11:51 PM EST



AdminShade December 1 2009 1:41 AM EST

Wonderful continuation of our epic journey!

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 1 2009 11:31 AM EST

Yup one of the best sections of the story thus far.

QBOddBird December 1 2009 12:38 PM EST

sweet, we've got tier 4, I vote we get out of this zombie-infested land

maybe new zealand, zombies can't get to new zealand

QBOddBird December 1 2009 12:55 PM EST

<{CB1}Slayer333> decay is allowed in tier 4, since everyone has been asking me

Wraithlin December 1 2009 4:41 PM EST

Oh sure, everyone farm the zombie who can't use spells. I'll get you guys in the end, just you wait.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 1 2009 4:42 PM EST

You can use spells, the tiers are open to you as well.

Wraithlin December 1 2009 4:44 PM EST

game over.

QBOddBird December 1 2009 4:51 PM EST

Why is game over? :(

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 1 2009 4:52 PM EST

I mean Wraith, after you retrained you couldn't beat me!

Wraithlin December 1 2009 4:53 PM EST

because i can eat people again, and zombies always win the end, we're already dead. once you die, you just join us. every zombie movie ends poorly for the living.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 1 2009 4:55 PM EST

He can beat me now, draining my score pretty hard, but it matters not. With the ability to retrain and only need to beat him once, he will go down.

CombatSquirrel December 1 2009 8:54 PM EST

Catastrophey (F) (+) (Hell Blenders) {Zombie}Wraith (Wasting Time) Catastrophey 8 8:53 PM EST

No help, I love decay :)

QBOddBird December 1 2009 9:24 PM EST

Today we're going to search 5,6 and then attempt to steal the SWAT van and leave the other forces to their fate. :D

Rawr December 2 2009 12:34 AM EST

no story for day 9? :(

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 12:35 AM EST

Coming soon.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 12:58 AM EST

Day 9 Results

The survivors woke early. They crept from their beds silently. Taking everything they could find, they loaded up the SWAT truck. The survivors quickly checked the remaining evidence locker, finding more drug money. [900k]. As the sun broke the stolid darkness of the night, the engine revved. The SWAT truck smashed through the brick exterior of the police station. The soldiers and police officers within barely had time to load their weapons before the hordes were upon them. As their bodies were torn limb from limb, a sewer grate across the road slid open. Seeing his comrades being torn asunder, the soldier readied his RPG. With his target steady in his sights, he fired. The SWAT truck flipped several times at the impact of the rocket propelled grenade.

At this guarantee of a meal, the zombies began flooding in upon the survivors position. From the sea of zombies a large figure emerged. A huge zombie, most likely one of the original infections, barreled forward towards the SWAT truck. With the crimson blood of CombatSquirrel at their feet, the remaining survivors readied their weapons and prepared for battle. [Battle Infection Four].

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 1:18 AM EST

Really wish we had chosen to fight with the other forces rather then run.

CombatSquirrel December 2 2009 1:21 AM EST

Ahh I was looking forward to the drug money, then read the rest of the paragraph.

Rawr December 2 2009 1:23 AM EST

wait what the heck, why did we get RPGed by a soldier?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 1:24 AM EST

Because you killed all his friends.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 1:32 AM EST

yea not exactly how i would have left the building.

QBOddBird December 2 2009 1:34 AM EST

Zombie Wolverine Infection Four (F) (+) Zombie Wolverine 4 1:33 AM EST

Zombie Wolverine defeated Infection Four after 4 rounds of combat

Rawr December 2 2009 1:35 AM EST

oh i see. yeah maybe open the garage door next time :D

Rawr December 2 2009 1:36 AM EST

im assuming all we need for this fight is decay..

QBOddBird December 2 2009 1:39 AM EST

That's all you need, yep. Just decay and the ability to last long enough to knock down his HP, whether that's through HP of your own or through moar minions.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 1:40 AM EST

There are two easy ways to beat this boss.
1) run decay and a damage dealer with kill slots.
2) run high AMF, VA, decent HP and good damage output.

Rawr December 2 2009 1:41 AM EST

Jereziah (Shinobi Sanctuary) Infection Four (F) (+) Jereziah 5 1:40 AM EST

Rawr December 2 2009 1:42 AM EST

his robf hits for 80-90k per round so high hp might not be enough. kill slots + decay is much better

QBOddBird December 2 2009 1:43 AM EST

He hit that on you due to AC, Rawr - others will face 125k+ per round

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 1:51 AM EST

Engineer Johnson (The Saltwater Room) Infection Four (F) (+) Engineer Johnson 8 1:38 AM EST

3 rounds of melee :)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 1:57 AM EST

Pale Knight Infection Four (F) (+) Pale Knight 8 1:55 AM EST

4 decays = pwnd

168k mpr vs 573k mpr

AdminShade December 2 2009 4:39 AM EST

How long do we have until we have to win against this boss?

p.s. Infected Four link which saves searching time :p

AdminShade December 2 2009 4:49 AM EST

Selena cast Antimagic Field on CriticaLDamagE (0.13)
CriticaLDamagE takes damage from his own Decay (30050)!

It has no Ranged combat possibility, though Decay hits in last round of Ranged due to the HoC.
In melee, the RoBF kicks in, dealing 125-135k damage a round.

In 7 rounds, I dealt ~170k damage. that's little higher than 10% :p

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 4:58 AM EST

To beat this boss, it is required that you train decay or have an utterly massive AMF.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] December 2 2009 5:41 AM EST

Scruffy defeated Infection Four after 8 rounds of combat

adampurkis December 2 2009 6:29 AM EST

[T46]adamus defeated Infection Four after 6 rounds of combat

[T46]adamus (LONG BEACH DUB ALL-STARS) Infection Four (F) (+) [T46]adamus 6 6:28 AM EST

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2009 6:57 AM EST

Got em!

[T46] Zenai (The Knighthood II) Infection Four(F)(+)[T46]Zenai 8 6:55 AM EST

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 2 2009 7:16 AM EST

Francis defeated Infection Four after 8 rounds of combat

Easy as pie.

AdminShade December 2 2009 8:02 AM EST

I hope I'm not

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2009 8:58 AM EST

Ut ohh it's Frankenshade! { :-O

Joel December 2 2009 10:55 AM EST

If only I'd already bought more minions! Ah, well, if I survive this one then I'll be more prepared for the next ones. I may have just enough money to buy another cheap minion before the deadline!

blackshadowshade December 2 2009 10:57 AM EST

Joel, if you need to raise CB$, you could always try convincing someone to buy something cheap for a whole pile more in the auctions.

Joel December 2 2009 11:08 AM EST

Great idea! I'll try that out!

Joel December 2 2009 11:13 AM EST

Alright! I've got three things in auctions, on 4 hour timers! Please help me out with large bids!

QBOddBird December 2 2009 11:14 AM EST

tourney characters have their trades disabled for a reason...

blackshadowshade December 2 2009 11:17 AM EST

I've covered you with min bids at just below store value, meaning that you won't end up much out of pocket.

However, it would be useful to know just how much you need to hire that next minion.

blackshadowshade December 2 2009 11:30 AM EST

In this vein, you could have also set Buy Nows on the Auctions to tell us how much support you need.

Joel December 2 2009 11:37 AM EST

I need about 500k for 1 more minion and 1.5 million if I need to buy 2. I can't put a 'Buy Now' on auctions with my tourney character. I don't know if I'll be able to win with just 2 decay minions, so I would really like to have 4 minions before the deadline. I hope you guys can help me out! Thanks a bunch!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2009 11:40 AM EST

T-Chars cannot BIN for Items they are Auctioning. Just my thoughts on this but I feel that T-Chars should be able to sell to the store if they can buy from it.

blackshadowshade December 2 2009 11:56 AM EST

Ah, didn't know about not being able to set a BIN.

Zenai, I agree with you, but we've not seen any movement in this direction, even for base or low NW items.

AdminShade December 2 2009 11:58 AM EST

Joel: we can buy those items through auctions, however we cannot buy them at insane prices as that would be considered cheating.

on a second note however:

28 Blenders Later defeated Infection Four after 7 rounds of combat
28 Blenders Later (The Knighthood II) Infection Four (F) (+) 28 Blenders Later 7 11:56 AM EST

Have you tried some other options, even getting a lesser familiar and some retraining in case your sales don't give you enough?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 12:25 PM EST

You cannot use auctions to "transfer" money into the tournament. However, if another survivor wishes to give you money, I can transfer it for you.

QBOddBird December 2 2009 12:26 PM EST

Donating 500k from this survivor

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2009 12:39 PM EST

300k From this survivor!

QBOddBird December 2 2009 12:48 PM EST

That's what, 1 minion donated, 1.2 remaining on the 2nd :D

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 2 2009 1:02 PM EST

He doesn't need 4 minions, three would be plenty with the strat I told him.

Mythology December 2 2009 1:27 PM EST

{D}The Accounts Dept. defeated Infection Four after 7 rounds of combat

The dead slaying the undead :P

Messbrutal December 2 2009 5:05 PM EST

[T46]Messbrutal Infection Four (F) (+) [T46]Messbrutal 8 5:04 PM EST

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] December 2 2009 5:34 PM EST

Desperation (Band of Wookies) Infection Four (F) (+) Desperation 7 5:26 PM EST

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 5:42 PM EST

I will donate 300k.

Joel December 2 2009 6:40 PM EST

Whoa!! I just saw these posts and then looked at my money! This'll be enough, for sure! Thanks guys! I will use it well!

Joel December 2 2009 6:49 PM EST

Attacker Defender Winner Rounds At
Zombie Killer Joel (Battle Royale II) Infection Four (F) (+) Zombie Killer Joel 8 6:47 PM EST

Got him! Thanks again for all the help, guys! I've always loved the idea of fighting zombies and I've never wanted to die to them or become one! I hope to fight alongside you guys until the very end!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2009 8:33 PM EST

As Nate Tapped into his "Great Rage" the others dropped everything except weapons and went into action falling into line in the Hammer part of the plan. It was a classic fight and defense tactic that was easy to execute. Everything was a show in anti-gravity that all seemed to flow slowly to Nate. Each movement to him seemed as if he was on speed or something.....it reminded him of that scene in the first Spiderman when Peter Parker was having that fight with the School bully. The Taunt worked, the Hammers Dance was flawless and it enraged the Zombies spurning them ever forward. Most notable amung the group was Rawr, OB, and Wraithlin, the Talent and ability that they exhibited bordered on Matrix levels. It was almost insane Nate thought that he could be doing what he was doing and still be kicking up dust with a crowd of Zombies and wondered was he doing the same thing they were, eh probably not.... Nate noted though that he had to change his tactics, the usual pressure and break points were just not enough to make these things go down. It slowed and weakened them so Demi and the others in the Anvil could take them out easily but this would still take it's toll on them. Nate employed the nastiest of moves on these things, and Ancient part of Escrima that Focused specifically on the Temples, Nose, Occipital Lobe and the Smart bump and the back of the head. Nate pushed himself knowing if he slowed his pace even a small bit he would fall to these things and fail his friends. Sweat dripped from brow and his arms were feeling like lead, his legs like steel pylons, his chest burned like fire and his back ached but he kept it up. The others were finally done and Nate was on the last few making a good show of himself. When he finally finished the others that were watching clapped a bit and Nem shouted out "About time slow poke!" and smiled. Nate smiled, flipped him off and dropped to his knees in exhaustion as his "Great Rage" left him. It was like someone had cut the strings holding him up and he barely caught himself. OB and Shade seemingly of one mind said "Well seems you like being on your knees." Nate looked at them and saw them laughing together, everyone seemed to join in. It was a nervous holy crap I am alive laugh, they all needed it after this. The pent up frustrations, sorrow, feeling of helplessness and rage seemed to flow out of everyone, the release was needed. They helped Nate to his feet and everyone slowly looked around, seems a few people were missing...........

After a quick roll call they found that they had indeed lost a few people. Another blow to this already small group, they were getting whittled into nothing. Nate followed the plans of the leaders and and aided in the search. When finished he headed back to the room that they had fortified. After a bit he calmed himself, sat down and put his ASPs across his lap then pulled out a cloth to clean them. It was then he heard a frightening sound not but a few feet from him.......it was a moan like one of them! Nate bearly had time to fend for himself as Wraithlin came at him. Nate had learned a few moves from Wraithlin who apparently was a Master of some kind of ecclectic Karate. Nate employed one of them right now and it gave him enough time to knock Wraithlin back with his ASPs. Just like when they had sparred though Wraithlin had taken the hit the same way and he took minimal if any damage. Nate's heart was in his throat, Wraithlin scared the crap outta him, only a few in the group could take him Rawr, OB and maybe Nem. As a human Wraithlin was a force to be reckoned with as a Zombie he was doubly scary as it appeared he still retained his skill. He jumped back a few steps and just then Vaynard took a shot at him with a shotgun and blasted an arm off. Before he knew it people were screaming and running towards a hole in the barricade. Nate took off, not wanting to try and fight Wraithlin even and arm short, and managed to get out of the room and was trying to help GatemaN out as he had been helped out. Nate had thought it done when Gate was most of the way out, he could get the rest of the way out on his own, so he started to leave when all of a sudden Gate disappeared back into the room. Wraithlin had gotten him, Nate would never forget those screams, he started back when Nem and OB grabbed him and manhandled him out of the immediate area.

Nate was in daze as they scoured the rest of the hospital. It was just a blurr of pictures to him as he replayed the previous scene in his head over and over again. The look in Wraithlins eyes, was not of malice but of torture like he had no choice but to do what he was doing. Even as he was coming at everyone Nate saw one thing, a single tear sliding down Wraithlins cheek then the shotgun blast and GatmaN's screams playing in slow motion again and again. Nate moved as if he was one of the zombies, then a strange sound pervaded his melancholy, static ridden blues from a crappy radio. Nate came back to himself a bit and regretted listening to that radio as the news that came out of it was not good. He recognized the call signs and wording of the messages, the area was going to be cleansed with napalm or a nuke.......just.....freaking..... wonderful.

After listening to everything on the radio the group decided maybe going to where the other group was would be best. Nate followed along and did what he was told as if he was riding on automatic. They were all gonna die either be a freaking Zombie and eat people or fight the Zombies and get flame broiled/vaporized, what a wonderful set of choices he thought. When they got to their destination or rather close to it, it just reinforced Nate's thoughts, they were all freaking doomed! The Alpha Group was besieged by the Zombies, it would be much longer until they were overrun. Then a huge ground shaking thud and he saw it, there was no way he could forget it, it was the same thing that had barreled through the barricade at Zed Inc. It was coming straight for them, his heart sunk, there was no way that they could handle this thing and it was closing to fast for them to out run it. Then Nate heard a scraping sound and turned to see a soldier pop his head out of a sewer grate, he motioned them hurredly to follow. Couldn't be too bad considering the alternative, he followed as quickly as his legs could take him. Seconds after they had followed "Alice down the rabbit hole" huge arms burst through the opening behind them. They ran like hell after that adrenalin pushed them even when their legs said no more.

Not long after they emerged to rapid gunfire and moaning......"Oh just freaking perfect!" Nate though when he looked around, they were at the police station where they thought they would die...... yeah perfect. Well at least there was a bit of time to rest, might as well get to it, Nate dropped down and was asleep in seconds. Nightmares of Wraithlin, that thing, and oddly his grandfather woke him a bit later. He joined the group in their search, his thoughts getting assailed with a plethora of emotional fragments from his past and recent events again and again. A Big Boom had somewhat caught his attention, but still his thoughts were awash in an emotional soup of depression. He saw the Zombie shuffling towards him but he couldn't find the ability to move or even care to.......yeah maybe dying would be best, it was gonna happen anyway right? To hell with it, eat me already and stop that incessant moaning. Then his grandpa appeared in his vision, and did what he had done before, he slapped the crap outta him and said "Having Courage means to try even when you think you will not prevail!" Like a rubber band he snapped back to himself and just before the Zombie could reach him he sunk his ASP in its eye socket and kicked it away from him with a force he didn't know he had before. As if by second nature Nate spun the goo off his ASP and holstered it in two quick flowing moves and secured the top of the holster.

He and the rest heard a few gunshots and went there as fast as their legs could take them only to find that Nem and Titan had shot each other in an unlit room. Fortunately they were not severe, shooting in the dark doesn't make for good aim. After a bit of a nervous laugh and rough housing between the two everyone calmed down and headed back to the front. Then all hell broke loose, the barricade had failed and Demi looked down at his arm and back at the group and then plunged into the horde. It was the single most courageous sacrificial thing Nate had ever seen. Demi had pushed them all back all by himself. What his grandpa had said to him earlier echoed in his ears and this time it didn't serve to snap him back to reality, it caused him to understand what he was seeing. Demi was screaming as the Zombies started to eat him and then Pop, Pop, Pop! Nate looked over and saw Nem with a rifle pointed at the crowd of Zombies the barrel smoking. Demi's cries had stopped. They quickly re-barricaded everything and moved on.

OB lead everyone to the vault entrance and opened it, everyone went in. Nate saw on everyone's faces what he felt, it had been raided for weapons and ammo.......dam. Shade hit one of the beds and lifted the mattress up to see a M16. Everyone followed suit and soon they were all toting new weaponry. Nate settled down and saw Nem give something to Mess, and noticed Nem had the same ghosts swimming in his head that he had already dealt with. Nate hoped that they would be able to get out of this, Nem would be key in this too. Nate went over and patted Nem's shoulder and gave him a look of sympathy and both nodded in understanding. Apparently OB had found a dirty book and was putting it to good use from the sounds of the moaning from his corner. OB had a terrible reputation at Zed Inc. for having absolutely no shame in his game. He would get a Dirty Mag and go to the head secretaries desk on whatever floor he was on and ask for some lotion and request not to be disturbed for 35 - 45 minutes. Nate shook his head and all of a sudden a shoe whizzed past his head toward OB's direction. Nate looked back and saw Shade put a finger across his lips and shake his head while turning red trying not to laugh. All Nate could do was shake head and try to not laugh and incriminate himself.

QBOddBird December 2 2009 8:42 PM EST

So we didn't get any new options for today...

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 9:57 PM EST

Day 10 Results

Bullets bounced off the massive zombie as it lunged towards the SWAT van, swatting it as though it were a fly. The survivors found themselves backing into a corner. As zombies approached from all sides, it was all they could do to beat back the hordes, let alone the monstrosity that lumbered before them. Quickly making their retreat to the cul-de-sac, which was well fenced off and served as an excellent choke point, the survivors prepared to make a stand.

Nate and Nemerizt took their position at the end of the street, prepared to fight the hulking behemoth itself. To support them, two groups split up and garrisoned houses on opposite sides of the road. They would provide covering fire to stem the advancing horde. OddBird, Joel, Titan, and Vaynard took up positions on the right side of the road, each of them carrying fully automatic weapons. On the left side of the road Adampurkis, Rawr, Admiralkiller, and Whitewolf set up shop, baiting the first floor of the house with spoiled meats and luring zombies away from the main battle. As Shade went to join Nate and Nemerizt, he noticed rrowland fleeing into the basement of another house, and ran to follow.

As Patient Four drew closer, Nate's Great Rage kicked in. His adrenaline flowed, as he dodged potentially bone-crushing swings and got in close enough to do some damage. Leaping up, he tore into the flesh of Patient Four with his bladed ASP's. He swiftly tore a gaping cut across the chest of the zombie, sending it reeling backwards. As he landed behind the beast, bullets whizzed by him, each finding their mark in three zombies mere inches away from him. OddBird quickly turned and continued firing, blowing away zombies with intense precision. His field of view was suddenly encapsulated in a blinding light, as Nemerizt fired his plasma cannon in a large arc, vaporizing hundreds of zombies, allowing the group on the right of the road to focus their fire on Patient Four. After recovering from the barrage of lead, Patient Four tore from the pavement a street lamp, and crushed the roof of the building that Rawr and the others had fortified. The group barely had time to escape the structure before it collapsed. As they dove from the building, Nemerizt barely had time to swing the plasma cannon away from Patient Four, lest he sentence Rawr to a plasma filled death as well. As he swung the weapon away, its arc barely missed OddBird, vaporizing much of the left side of the building he was in. With the survivors now forced into the streets once again, the hordes took the opportunity to creep up on the survivors. Dodging a close blow, OddBird dove to the ground. From his backpack the radio fell, and clicked on.

"They have an original patient tied up! Send in the helicop---"

Within seconds the helicopters soared above the rooftops. With miniguns roaring, they cut down the horde quickly. A blackhawk landed just behind the survivors, all of whom scrambled to get on board. As the pilot was about to take off, Shade and rrowland emerged from the basement of one of the buildings. Even at full sprint it was clear that Patient Four would make it to the helicopter before they would. Rrowland suddenly veered away and sprinted towards Patient Four, in his hand he held a makeshift pipe bomb. He leapt into the air and thrust the lit bomb into the gaping wounds that Nate had inflicted. Patient Four hurled him into the horde, and as the helicopter took off, all that the remaining survivors could see was the broken body of rrowland struggling to fight off the inevitable death he faced. As Patient Four reached for a car to throw at the helicopter, the pipe bomb exploded, leaving nothing but confetti-like strips of flesh raining over the gruesome scene.

The helicopter landed minutes later at a makeshift fort, built on the only highway out of the city. Beyond this point the government had authorized the military to use deadly force on anyone leaving the city, infected or otherwise. There was no escape.

Rawr December 2 2009 10:03 PM EST

oh dear, how do we get out of this

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 10:05 PM EST

Day 10, Night

You are approached by the commander of the base. He is here to discuss with you the plans for tomorrow, and any other questions you may have about the situation. You can see that he knows more than he lets on, and you may be able to pry from him some information about the outbreak.

"What is it you would like to know?"

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 10:25 PM EST

The Bosses:


You will not know which entrance they will come from until you have decided where you will place your survivors.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2009 10:28 PM EST

Oh just great! Well *cracks neck* time to Cowboy up!

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 10:45 PM EST

You are so mean Slayer!
Those aren't bosses, they're death.
Oh and i personally would like to know what caused the initial infection :)

Demigod December 2 2009 10:51 PM EST


QBOddBird December 2 2009 10:53 PM EST

For each group, does only one need to defeat the boss to cout as a win for that group?

QBOddBird December 2 2009 10:55 PM EST

and if so, I'd say different groups need to form around me, Nem, Joel, and Rawr, as we 4 have the highest MPRs in the tournament and therefore have the best chance of each group defeating a given boss.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 10:56 PM EST

Every member of the group must win.

QBOddBird December 2 2009 11:02 PM EST

<OddBird> every member must win?
<{CB1}Slayer333> yeah
<{CB1}Slayer333> you don't all die if one person loses though
<{CB1}Slayer333> just the person who lost
<OddBird> so the boss is still defeated, but that person dies
<OddBird> and we don't get pushed back
<OddBird> amirite
<{CB1}Slayer333> no, you retreat back one level
<OddBird> and then we fight that boss again so the survivors all beat him?
<{CB1}Slayer333> you'll see :)

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 11:02 PM EST

can we do as we did before when fighting Wraithlin?
And why every member, wouldn't 2 winners out of 3 do?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 11:04 PM EST

You may team fight as you did against wraithlin.

If one of the group members fails to defeat a boss, he dies, and the others fall back to the inner levels.

QBOddBird December 2 2009 11:07 PM EST

Dear Commander,

why can't we leave? :( and if we kill all the nearby zombies, THEN can we leave?

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 11:08 PM EST

If 1 of the 4 groups fail but the other 3 win, does everyone retreat and have to fight their bosses again?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 11:10 PM EST

They all retreat.

QBOddBird December 2 2009 11:52 PM EST

Dear Commander,

You haven't answered my first letter, but since you're writing from a battlefield, I'll forgive you.

Is there any means of healing our wounded at the base, or have you discovered anything that can slow or stop an infected individual from turning? These supplies would be very useful to our surviving group members.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 2 2009 11:59 PM EST

Dear OddBird,

I am not sure why we are corresponding via letter, considering we are sitting across from one another at this table, but I will indulge you. We cannot leave because there are several very paranoid generals with several very explode-y missiles pointed at us. Should we attempt to flee, the aforementioned missiles will turn us into a very fine mist. As for your request for supplies, I can offer you one antidote.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 3 2009 12:02 AM EST

Is there any way in which we can convince those generals to help us?

QBOddBird December 3 2009 12:08 AM EST

Dear Commander,

I accept your offer of the antidote, and I offer you my only dirty magazine in return as payment. If we survive, I hope to get that back from you.

BHT December 3 2009 12:10 AM EST

WW- Generals don't fight, silly.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 3 2009 12:14 AM EST

All contact with the outside world has been cut off. After issuing the order to completely quarantine all inhabitants of the city, all communications were shut down.

QBOddBird December 3 2009 1:36 AM EST

Group A:
Oddbird, Titan, Nemerizt, Shade

Group B:
Joel, Rawr, Adampurkis, Messbrutal

Group C:
Whitewolf, Vaynard

Group D:
Zenai, Admiralkiller

That's how we'll be subdivided.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 3 2009 1:38 AM EST

A: Nightmares
B: Corpse
C: Wraithlin
D: CombatSquirrel

QBOddBird December 3 2009 1:39 AM EST

If anyone has hired all 4 minions and finds that they have extra cash they need to rid themselves of, please feel free to donate to the "OB's minions are 2.5M each and he will need to hire them both to kill his boss" fund. :D

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 3 2009 1:43 AM EST

Engineer Johnson (The Saltwater Room) {Zombie}Wraith (F) (+) (Wasting Time) Engineer Johnson 9 1:41 AM EST

Easy :)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] December 3 2009 2:23 AM EST

It kind of feels cheap, but you did say we could team up Slayer!

Scruffy defeated {Zombie}Wraith after 1 rounds of combat

Scruffy (F) (+) (Fees Dirt Cheap) {Zombie}Wraith (Wasting Time) Scruffy 1 2:21 AM EST

Thank you Whitewolf!

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] December 3 2009 2:48 AM EST

Scruffy clears his throat, *cough cough*

"Scruffy has everything he needs with him. Scruffy's trusty cleaning supplies have served him well in cleaning a path through the zombie hordes. Scruffy believes in this company, of zombiekillers. Scruffy is donating 2.5mill to OB for some cleaning supplies of his own. Scruffy is also putting up another 1mill to whomever needs it, first non-zombie request gets. Scruffy hopes this helps the team, in case he's not with it someday. Yup."

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 3 2009 2:54 AM EST

That is extremely kind of you Vaynard *cough* Scruffy

QBOddBird December 3 2009 2:57 AM EST

SUPER nice of you.

Also, I am short by 2M from the hiring amount needed, so if you wanted to put that .5M to another survivor who needs it, that would be more efficient. :D I know at least 2 others could use it for hiring.

AdminShade December 3 2009 3:26 AM EST

I have all the minions I could get, and have $250k left of the last sum we go from the drug money just before we left. You can have it OB.

Joel December 3 2009 4:02 AM EST

I'm about a million short of buying the expensive minion, Scruffy! I know I've been helped a bunch already, but I still am in need! I promise to use my money more wisely next zombie tourney!

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 3 2009 10:58 AM EST

Pale Knight {Z}Catastrophey (F) (+) (Hell Blenders) Pale Knight 7 10:57 AM EST

Yay...go me!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 3 2009 1:53 PM EST

[T46] Zenai (The Knighthood II) {Z}Catastrophey(F)(+)(HellBlenders) [T46] Zenai 8 1:45 PM EST

Right behind you partner >:-D

QBOddBird December 3 2009 8:03 PM EST

Zombie Wolverine Nightmares (F) (+) Zombie Wolverine 5 7:36 PM EST

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] December 3 2009 8:04 PM EST

Desperation (Band of Wookies) Nightmares (F) (+) Desperation 6 7:43 PM EST

Hurray for teamwork

AdminShade December 3 2009 8:05 PM EST

28 Blenders Later defeated Nightmares after 2 rounds of combat

28 Blenders Later Nightmares (F) (+) 28 Blenders Later 2 8:03 PM EST

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 3 2009 8:13 PM EST

here is Titan's win
Francis (LONG ISLAND DUB ALL-STARS) Nightmares (F) (+) Francis 8 7:49 PM EST

btw, if anyone is willing to donate money to me for items, it would be greatly appreciated.

QBOddBird December 3 2009 10:29 PM EST

Oh, you guys are gonna hate us.

<OddBird> hey slayer, out of curiosity
<{CB1}Slayer333> mmhmm
<OddBird> if we had gotten the good roll back in that lab where verifex died and the broken cure vial was
<OddBird> would we have found the cure?
<{CB1}Slayer333> yes
<OddBird> O_O
<OddBird> and now i hate myself
<{CB1}Slayer333> you opted out of going to the lab because you thought it was a trap
<{CB1}Slayer333> I was laughing so hard
<{CB1}Slayer333> oh me oh my it was funny
<OddBird> -.-
* WhiteWolf starts sobbing

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 3 2009 11:10 PM EST

Nate woke up early with the others oddly refreshed despite the constant moaning and occassional gunfire outside. Nate helped snatch up everything salvageable and with the others loaded up the SWAT truck. Nate sat in the back of the truck with the door open contemplating the "Plan" they had all agreed to the night before when Nem came by and put a hand pn his shoulder. He looked at Nem and saw he had beaten whatever demons he had been battling the night before from the bright and sharp look in his eyes. Something was poking Nate in the side so he looked down and saw that Nem was poking him in the side with some.....ASPs? He looked up at Nem and saw a fierce look in his eyes and a devilish grin on his face as he was nodded slightly he handed them over to Nate. "I've been watching, you have talent kid and I felt you needed some weapons to match it. I took some of those nasty electoded ASPs apart, took off the tips and added in some combat bayonetts I saw laying around. Now they were a bit top heavy so I put the batteries back in to counter weigh that some." Nate took them and checked them out, the combat bayonettes were tri-cornered, serrated, and about a foot long they were like a throw back to the civil war bayonettes but with a modern twist.....interesting he had never seen any like it.....maybe they were Special Ops harware or custom work....no matter though he would still put them to use. Nate stood up and got a little room and pressed the button on them and they quickly slid the rest of the way out. He toyed with them a little to get a feel for them. Yeah they were a bit heavy, but not by much, and the added length made them just about perfect for an Escrima Stick. Nate saw the electrode button on the handle and looked questioningly at Nem who shrugged his shoulders and looked down at his nails in interest. So Nate flipped the switch and "pop, pop, pop" sure enough Nem had figured out how to keep that part working. Nate looked back at Nem and thanked him, Nem walked by and said "Don't make me regret spending most of the night making those things for you....I'll kill you myself if you die." Nate understood the real meaning behind Nems words. So when Nem looked back at Nate with a wicked grin on his face Nate flipped him off and flipped on both ASPs electrodes. Nem and Nate laughed quietly for a few seconds. Nate turned them off and grabbed a few items, hopped back in the truck and started quickly fashioning some makeshift holsters.

Soon everyone was loaded up and ready to hit the road. OB jumped in the drivers seat revved the engine asked everyone if they were ready, when everyone said yeah he stomped the gas. As the truck broke through the barricade Nate could see through the windshield the Alpha Group was overrun with Zombies. Then a boom and it was all circles, slamming against things, flashes of light, and a lot of smoke. As Nate extracted himself from the wreckage and helped a couple others he saw the Zombies closing in he couldn't help but to shudder, it was that thing again. Nate watched as bullets bounced off of it like nerf darts, and it reached out and backhanded the SWAT van like it was nothing. AK grabbed his arm and said time to get the hell outta here and started dragging him away. The whole time Nates eyes were stuck on that thing his anger starting to build at it as it looked back at him as if he and his friends were appetizers. They fell back to the spot they had run from the thing in the first place. Nate stopped Nem and said "I want a piece of that thing." Nem looked in Nate's eyes and knew that this was his fight and nodded. "Fine kid but if you start to lose I'm shooting you and it too." Nate leered in the direction of the Thing and it's horde of followers and pulled out the new toys Nem and made for him. "I don't plan to..." He stood at the end of the street Nem behind him chunking out orders and powering up the Laser.

Nate concentrated, focused and tapped into his "Great Rage", "I understand what you meant now Grandpa......" The Thing lumbered before him and Nate's attention was purely on it, the Adrenalin flowed through him like quicksilver and everything started to slow down like before. It didn't waste any time as it swung at Nate, it's blows cracking the pavement where Nate had just been. Where ever it swung Nate could feel the backdraft of air from it's immense size and strength. It was like a sloth fighting a jackrabbit though, it just couldn't hit him he was plainly too fast. Nate played this dance to the fullest, he couldn't afford to make a mistake that would mean instant death. Nate let it swing again and again and would give a small slice here and there from his ASPs to piss it off, he knew if it got angry it would make the right mistake for him to get in a good blow. All he needed was one good strike on this thing he had never been so sure of anything before....he could feel it in his bones. He waited for what seemed an eternity then saw his opening , slice, slice, step up, sidestep, spin, Slash right to left and everything NOW! Straight across the Chest from right to left Nate sliced as deep as he could make those ASPs go. It was sheer poetry as Nate had positioned the APSs perfectly between the ribs of the beast and sliced so deep that it involuntarily fell back in an attempt to save itself. Nate used the momentum to flip over it and dislodge the ASPs further ripping the nasty gouge in it's chest. As soon as Nate landed he felt three presses of air by his head and turned to see Zombies hit the pavement. Yup focus on other things too much and lose sight of the whole picture, Nate went to town but paying close attention to the Beast, if it came back he would be ready. Before Nate knew it Nem had blasted several things apart, mowed down a ton of Zombies and the others were dropping Zombies like flies. It had pulled a lamp post from the ground and hit a house that one of the groups were in fortunately everyone had gotten out.....barely. Nate saw helicopters aiming and firing at the Zombie Horde and saw that there was a Black Hawk and ran as fast as he could to it and loaded up with everyone else..

Shade and rrowland popped out of a nearby house, Shade swung towards the copter and rrowland met the Thing and shoved something into the hole Nate had carved into it's chest. It flug him effortlessly into the Zombie Horde and started to reach for a car then.....Boom. It was no more, blood and guts galore.....yay! The flight lasted only a short time and they ended up in a small makeshift fort not far from the battle site.........this made Nate very curious and a bit pissed. All of a sudden there was a Soldier that everyone was conferring to and he said "What is it you would like to know?" with a bit of a smirk. Nate wanted to wipe the smug look off his face and one question came to mind. "What the hell happened?"

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2009 3:58 AM EST

Slayer, can you please update us on the current situation?

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2009 4:09 AM EST

btw Zenai, your characters Story so far is a little under 5000 words long.

AdminShade December 4 2009 6:46 AM EST

I don't see any story of our 4 brave warriors who were posted at point B. I fear the worst but hope for the best...

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2009 9:13 AM EST

WhiteWolf felt the surge of energy in him as Shade set about using the defibrillator to bring him back from the darkness. Another shock and he was coughing blood onto Shade's shirt, mixing with blood of dead zombies. Shade set the defibrillator aside, its pack drained bringing WhiteWolf back, and helped prop him up. The others rushed in to see WhiteWolf leaning against the wall, blood leaking out of his mouth and drained of colour. It was like a vampire from a horror movie.

Alanzo muttered under his breath and stepped back into the nearby kitchen, returning with a small broth that WhiteWolf took gratefully. In the background Nem was searching for someone but WhiteWolf was unsure who.

The others slowly returned to their posts, happy in the knowledge that the Wolf was still running with them. Last to leave was Shade, who helped WhiteWolf to the sleeping area.

The next morning, WhiteWolf got up of his own accord but was still rather unsteady on his feet. Dying does that to you. Everyone gathered together as OB, Shade and Nem announced that we would travel to the hospital to get further aid for injured and to look for supplies. It was a plan and Norman appreciated that they were looking out for him.

The survivors, their numbers dwindling as the days passed, made their way through abandoned streets towards the hospital. Outside they stood, looking at the grey brick and wondering as to what horrors it may hold. A car alarm sounded behind them and everyone glanced back to see Demigod jumping back, startled by the suddenness of the alarm. Looking forward, WhiteWolf gulped as he saw the impending horde of zombie patients, members of the community sent for medical care making it a hotspot for zombies.

The survivors rushed into action, forming into two groups, an anvil and hammer. The anvil overturned cars into obstacles for defensive positions while the hammer moved into a flanking position. WhiteWolf as a part of the hammer group prepared to fight the horde despite his obvious weakness. Pulling out a riot shield and a sawn off shotgun, he opened fire on the impending horde, exploding the zombies head and sending gore into the air. Out of the corner of his eye he saw others with rifles and shotguns and Nate dancing through the horde, smashing skulls with each swing of his ASPs. All was looking well for the Hammer but the same could not be said for the anvil. The patients had broken through the cars and were now making their way towards the survivors. WhiteWolf looked away from the carnage and focused on the task at hand. It was not lost though as a grenade blew apart a swarm of the zombies allowing the anvil to make it into the hospital.

The hammer had broken through the zombies, making it into the hospital. Shutting the doors, everyone gasped in relief that they were safe, at least for the time being.

Room after room the survivors searched, finding money, a second defibrillator as well as a radio. They decided to barricade the records room and everyone prepared to rest. Shade turned the radio on, flicking through the stations with screams coming through on more than one occasion. Another station and WhiteWolf heard of the plight at the police station, where police and military were fighting off swarms of zombies with dwindling hopes for survival. Out of the corner of the room, the darkest corner where light barely penetrated, a low groan was let out by a zombie. The survivors gasped as they recognised Wraithlin shambling towards them, his fighting capabilities well known amongst the group as being deadly.

WhiteWolf and the other survivors responded fast, attempting to breach a hole in their barricade to make their escape. Nate and Vaynard distracting Wraithlin, Nate seemingly untouchable dodging Wraithlin's swipes and striking hard with his ASPs while Vaynard lined up his shot, blowing Wraithlin's arm clean off. The hole was made and the survivors poured out with Nate dragging Gateman behind him. It seemed like everyone had made it when Gateman was yanked back into the room, his screams filling the air.

The leaders made a quick decision. The survivors would travel to the police station in hope of supplies. WhiteWolf was uncertain about this decision but knew it was folly to try and escape on his own. The zombies outside appeared to have thinned a little and were easy pickings for OB, his marksmanship unmatched in the group.

WhiteWolf made his way towards the station, with Shade and Messbrutal on either side. It still seemed a bit like a death wish to him but these people were his friends and he would look at for them.

Up ahead they noticed the zombie horde and turned into a small cul-de-sac, taking a moment to think of a course of action. WhiteWolf was distracted when a loud roar erupted from a nearby building, revealing a horror he had hoped to not see again. It was the creature that had broken through the barricade at Zed Inc and jumped from the building it hung from, creating a shockwave that could be felt despite the distance between it and the survivors. It crushed a house at the end of the cul-de-sac making it apparent to Norman that he would likely die now, beside his friends and coworkers at the hands of the monstrosity. But, at the corner of his vision, WhiteWolf noticed a manhole lid pop and a soldier beckoned the survivors towards him. They had just enough tim to escape and followed the soldier. They reached a ladder and once at the top they heard gunshots and moaning and they knew where they were immediately. Trapped inside a police station with a horde outside was not a place you wanted to be.

The smoke from burnt oil attracted Norman's attention and he looked outside to see a moat of flame circling the policemen and their military companions. When he turned back to the group he noticed a confidence about them, like they thought that since they had gone through so much they might survive this nightmare. WhiteWolf smiled at the thought and listened in as orders were given out. Everyone was to search the base for equipment and meet back at the vault room in about 1 hours time. They were interrupted as the front doors barricade broke and zombies burst through. Quickly mowing them down, the survivors moved to rebuild the barricade as Demigod dashed outside, making his last sacrifice count, slaughtering zombies brutally until he was brought down by the horde. Nem silenced his screams, the final gunshot echoing across the battlefield. Drug money was found but otherwise the survivors returned empty handed. After 45 minutes though, gunshots were heard in a supply closet and WhiteWolf rushed over their, riot shield ready. Nate kicked the door open and glanced in to find that Nem and Titan had shot each other in their confusion, bringing jittery laughter to the survivors.

Back at the vault, everyone gathered around as OB opened the door and stepped inside. WhiteWolf followed after Shade and was disappointed at the lack of weapons in the room. It appeared someone was there first. Shade slumped onto a bed sobbing and heard an odd thump. Looking under the mattress Shade found an M16 rifle and others followed suit. Nem took up an experimental plasma cannon while WhiteWolf found dual uzis with armour piercing bullets. With those in hand, he felt much better about the coming battles. He lay down on his mattress and saw a shoe fly past in the direction of OB. He smiled as he drifted into a deep sleep.

In the morning he woke up to the hurried footfalls as the others organised the departure from the police station. He felt a tug of guilt knowing that leaving was dooming the force still fighting outside but knew it was their only true chance to escape. Everyone slid into the Swat van as OB revved the engine a couple of times. Once everyone was ready, OB slammed his foot down on the accelerator, sending the van straight through the brick wall and allowing the zombies to pour into the station. It looked like they might escape but an explosion hit the vans left side, mortally injuring CombatSquirrel and sending the van toppling through the air to land at its side. WhiteWolf glanced down at the bleeding CombatSquirrel and prepared to fight against the creature that had haunted everyones dreams since that day at Zed Inc.

Nate dashed forward with ASPs, glinting long in the sunlight as bayonet blades stuck out from them. WhiteWolf admired them as Nate slashed off a zombie head in a single stroke. He then brought his weapons to bare, his uzis mowing down zombies on Nate's left flank, spilling guts across the pavement. Nem was in the back powering up his laser cannon and OB was dropping zombies as fast as he could reload. AK, Rawr and Adampurkis helped WhiteWolf cover the left flank while OddBird, Joel, Titan, and Vaynard opened fire on the right, automatic weapons halting the zombie assault. Shade and rrowland ran to a basement in another house. WhiteWolf wasn't sure what they were doing but hoped it would help. Nate dodged the creatures bone crushing attacks and marked its chest with a deep X, nearly killing it with the force of the blows. The creature tore a lamp post from the ground and used it to smash the building that WhiteWolf and his companions had fortified, forcing them into the streets. Nem had activated the plasma cannon and swung it wide to avoid annihilating Rawr and unfortunately vaporised the building OB had been fighting from, forcing the remaining survivors into the street.

A whooshing sound came from behind WhiteWolf and he glanced up to see helicopters, mini guns blazing, flying over head and cutting apart the horde. A black hawk helicopter landed behind the survivors and they quickly scrambled inside. From out of one of the buildings came Shade and rrowland as they dashed for the helicopter. Suddenly, rrowland veered towards the creature brandishing a home made pump bomb and rammed it into the X Nate had made. It then flung him into the horde where he was torn apart by the ravenous zombies. The pipe bomb exploded, obliterating the creature and sending flesh through the air.

The helicopter landed in a military base on the motor way. From high above WhiteWolf had seen the horde making their way there and new he wasn't getting much sleep that night. When they arrived, the bases commander greeted them and asked about their plans for tomorrow. OB, Shade, Nem, Titan and the commander went off and discussed the defensive positions while the others sat down and tried to relax. Nate got out his ASPs and went through some motions that looked quite painful if not deadly. WhiteWolf took apart his watch, which had long since stopped working, studying each mechanism carefully while the others rested. The leaders returned to inform each person of their posts. OB, Shade, Nem and Titan would be defending the North, Joel, Rawr, Adampurkis and Messbrutal would defend the east, WhiteWolf and Vaynard would defend the south while Zenai and AK would defend the west. WhiteWolf accepted this and talked with Vaynard about strategy for the following day. It was going to be a long battle ahead of them.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 4 2009 10:26 AM EST

Today you fight Patient One. You all fight him, as you now have too few people to fully man the defensive points in the second layer of defense. Story to come.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 4 2009 10:27 AM EST

And because of the difficulty of this boss, you will have tomorrow as well to defeat him. This boss must be defeated by midnight on the 5th.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 4 2009 11:25 AM EST

Day 11 Results

This was it. The survivors split up, not trusting the military to do anything more than flee like little girls, they spread across the four entrances to the base. The first wave of zombies was easily annihilated, as the soldiers picked away at the hordes from the walls, and the survivors laid waste to them in the narrow entrances. Then it happened. They were here. The primary infections, the stuff of nightmares. The leaders of the hordes.

OddBird, Shade, and Titan all ran out to meet the horrific Nightmares, a zombie whose tortured existence fueled its hatred. OddBird set up a huge 50cal machine gun and fired away, blowing off chunks of flesh and fracturing bones, but the bullets were unable to destroy the hulking behemoth. Shade charged in at the beast, plugging away with his AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, dodging wild flailing arms and removing several extremities. Titan quickly realized that there was no way the three of them would be able to take Nightmares down with their weapons. He leaped atop the back of Nightmares, pulling it towards the wall. Nemerizt dove out from behind cover, weapon fully charged. Titan, knowing that Nightmares could easily dodge the beam, decided on his course of action.

"FIRE," he yelled as he stretched as far as he could to touch the tip of his Desert Eagle to the power line above him, electrocuting himself and Nightmares, immobilizing both. Nemerizt fired, engulfing Titan and Nightmares in a hellish plasma beam, eradicating both of them from existence. As the beam cut across the open field in front of the fort, a similar beam pierced the sky originating from the city, just a mile or so outside the base. An explosion rocked the city, and every zombie in the area let out a horrible cry, as though they had lost something. The survivors had seen this before, when Patient Four was killed...

Joel Rawr Mess Adam From the other main entrance came the abomination known as Corpse. Prior to the infection, testing had been done on recently deceased cadavers, Corpse was the original returned cadaver. Because of the advanced state of decomposition he had already been through, his body was nigh impossible to further damage. All four survivors set their sights on his head. In a furious hail of gunfire, thousands of rounds of ammunition passed through the decrepit body of Corpse. As the smoke cleared, a headless figure emerged. Staring in amazement, the survivors could not believe what they saw. With one swift movement, the bony hand of Corpse found itself digging through the intestines of Adampurkis. Falling to the ground in horror, Joel was next to fall. As Messbrutal and Rawr ran to regroup, hundreds of zombies began to break the barrier. If they did not stem the tide, all would be lost. Rawr glanced at Messbrutal, Messbrutal met his gaze. The two loaded their weapons and blazed a trail of carnage through the oncoming horde. Into the smoke they went, and were never seen again.

The fortifications were lost, all four groups retreated to the center bunker to prepare for their last stand. As the last group returned, Vaynard walked into the bunker carrying the head of Wraithlin. Tossing it to the floor, he took his pistol and pointed it at his own head.

"I have come this far and killed enough of their kind to know when my own time has come."

With that, the janitor was no more.

All of the original infections now surrounded the bunker. Their terrifying roars were deafening, but even so, were drowned out by the thudding advance of something more powerful than any of them. The roars were soon replace with the snap of bones, and only one remained. The original infection, Patient One. The first human to be exposed to the live virus after it had been injected into Patient Zero. It was he that the survivors had seen plow through an entire military barricade. It was he that had torn the top half of a tank clean off and hurled it through the air as though it were paper. And it was he now who stood before the survivors, waiting to taste their delicious blood.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 4 2009 4:48 PM EST

I have 3,800,000 to donate to one of you tourney members. cm me if you need it. More importantly who needs it most?

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2009 5:41 PM EST

I would like to say 3 things at the moment.
a) Slayer, you are the cruelest tourney admin i have ever met.
b) Is there actually a way to beat that thing?
c) I would like to take 1mil of your available funds Kevlar. Thanks.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2009 6:54 PM EST

A) don't encourage him
B) not with twice as many people as you've got team fighting it

AdminShade December 4 2009 7:12 PM EST

c) kevlar? he's not playing in the tournament...

I also have 2 mil available, it's drugs money ;p

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2009 7:29 PM EST

WhiteWolf stood amongst the survivors, watching as the monstrosity known as "patient one". He realised his mistake, they hadn't killed the creature that had broken through the barricade that day at Zed Inc, they had killed something far far weaker. The abomination walking towards them was the behemoth that had plagued their dreams.

It was a moving mass of flesh, carrion beetles crawling across it as it lumbered towards the group. The stench was horrific, like a combination of sewage, garbage and sun screen that rolled out from it in nauseating waves that some of the nearby soldiers could not handle.
Its arms were the size of trucks, dead muscles allowing it to tear off roofs with minimal effort. The worst was its head, a tiny lump poking out of the top it, peanut sized eyes glaring outwards. It seemed almost humorous the difference in size but no one felt like laughing.

WhiteWolf looked around at the weary, battle hardened faces of his friends and knew, like they did, that their lives were to be ended by that abomination. He saw Nate off to the left, ASPs in hand as he faced it, preparing to fight till the last. Nem was charging up his plasma cannon with OB standing by in case any zombies decided to attack. Shade, AK and Vaynard stood off to the right, remembering their loved ones. WhiteWolf stood alone at the front watching the sky so he could see the moon and stars, one final time. He smiled, it was time to meet his maker.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 5 2009 1:41 AM EST

Nate let the leaders do their thing and busied himself with cleaning himself and his weapons.....it had been a long and gruesome few days and he reeked of Zombie Gore. Before long they returned with a plan in hand and Nate had figured it would come down to this there was not much they could do but hope to hold out just like others had done......at the police station. He took it with a grain of salt and decided that if it was the best they could do then that is what they would do. When the time came he took up his spot with AK. Together they took down wave after wave of Zombies and before long they were fighting a lost comrade, CombatSquirrel. Nate and AK flowed around each other and took him out.....but not without some feelings of regret. CS had been a good man and more importantly he had been a good friend it was saddening to say the least.

The hail of gunfire from a 50 Cal got Nate's attention and he turned to see that not everyone had it as easy as he and AK did. OB, Shade and Titan had their hands full with Nightmares. It was a horrid site and hellish to see it move the way it did. There was noway they could take this thing down with regular bullets, Nem would have to hit it with that Laser Cannon. The problem posed was to hit it though and it seemed that Titan had figured that out too as he had jumped on it's back and screamed "Fire" and electrocuted him and the beast by touching a powerline with his pistol. This allowed Nem to hit it as it was stunned, the result was Titan and Nightmares was mowed down......another comrade lost. Nate saw a flash and looked towards the City and saw a beam like Nems and then the percussion of an explosion, the Zombies cried out just like when Patient 4 went down, small win for the good guys he guessed.

As Nate and AK still took Zombies down he saw out of the coner of his eye Corpse. Joel, Rawr, Mess, and Adam were trying to take it down. The hail of gunfire seemed to have little effect......even when they pinpointed it's head. When the smoke cleared it was still advancing, without its head.......in-freaking-possible! It slammed it's hand into Adam's stomach and pulled out his intestines. As he fell to the ground it with a look of horrified amazement, it threw them in Joel's face as if it could still seem him somehow. With Joel distracted it grabbed him by the neck, picked him up in one swift movement and crushed his throat. It tossed his still warm body to the horde behind him, it spurned them on. Rawr and Mess retreated and saw that the breach would have everyone dead. They looked at each other, locked and loaded weapons and ran into oncoming horde with guns blazing. Nate looked to see them come back out but nothing just then AK prodded him with the barrel of an M16 and said "Get your freaking head in the game bro I can't do all of the work alone!" He took out a Zombie reaching for AK, "Yeah..... sorry......"

It was already to late though the fortifications didn't hold, they all had to retreat to the last line of defense to make their last stand. A few moments later Vaynard came back with Wraithlins head and unceremoniously dumped it on the ground. He pull out his pistol pointed it to his head and all Nate heard was "....my own time has come." He took his life and yet another comrade gone. They all heard the terrifying roars and it cause a shudder to go through them all, then the advancement of something huge drowned them out. The sound of a struggled ensued accompanied with the sounds of further screaming and the sickening sound of cracking bones and snapping sinew. Everything was quiet for a second......then it walked through the already thinned out fortifications like it was tissue paper.

As it emerged into the groups line of site it was then that they understood they had been mistaken. The others were pale imitations to this thing, this was the thing that had decimated the military forces outside of Zed Inc. This was the Alpha no doubt about it, Patient one was here. It's immense body size belied the small head on it, it was like a bad muscleman cartoon character come to life in the worst way. The stench was incredible, things were crawling all over it, and the look in it's beady little eyes were that of a hound looking at a steak. It's muscles were aquiver in anticipation, and Nate saw a smile as it licked it's decomposing face.

His anger built, the pain of his lost friends, all of the innocent people gone or turned into Zombies swam in his vision. He heard his heart loudy in his ears. "Thump...pump" So many killed for this things thirst for human blood and hunger for flesh......"Thump...pump" . The thought pervaded his senses over and over, "What for?....Why?" "Thump...pump" With each time he thought it, his anger built more, and the world seemed to slow a little more. "Thump...pump" Nate knew without a doubt he would die, but not before he made this thing suffer "Thump...pump" Somehow it would suffer, his hands tightened on his ASPs, knuckles turning white with strain. "Thump...pump" His body was suffused with adrenaline almost to the point of his heart exploding and his body failing but Nate asked for more. "Thump...pump" Breathe, Control....... Concentrate! "Thump...pump" He gasped with the surge and resulting strain. "Thump...pump" He thought he might have a heart attack, then all of a sudden Nate hit a plateau something further than anything he had experienced before. Everything was bathing in a slight white outline, his body was still a jitter with pent up energy but it was no longer strained like it had been just a few seconds ago. It was what his grandpa said happened when a person was completely committed to dying for another, the apitomy of Kali Escrima and Arnis, it was "Sacrificial Rage".

Then it all came into focus for Nate, the one spot that was vulnerable. "It's eyes are mine!" he shouted so loud that even the behemoth stopped for a second.

AdminShade December 5 2009 6:25 AM EST

"Then the behemoth grabbed a huge pair of protective sunglasses."

muhuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha =)

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 5 2009 6:39 AM EST

I just realised that in my story Vaynard was still alive (why didn't he just take the antidote?) Sorry about that mistake.

QBOddBird December 5 2009 12:58 PM EST


1) Fight.

2) Flee."

I believe I speak for everyone when I say


QBOddBird December 5 2009 12:59 PM EST

Also, antidote to Shade and revival to Joel

A few more survivors to promptly re-die

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 5 2009 1:00 PM EST

Yes you guys try to get out, Im gonna try to take out it's eyes first, maybe that will be enough to give you a fair headstart

QBOddBird December 5 2009 1:07 PM EST

You go after the eyes

I'll shoot him in the crotch before running

AdminShade December 5 2009 1:09 PM EST

Nemerizt and Shade will kill CombatZombieSquirrel before fleeing ;p

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 5 2009 1:15 PM EST

ummm CS is dead, AK and I took him out already.....

Joel December 5 2009 4:23 PM EST

I hope that revive involves an air-pump of some kind to reinflate my neck, lol, it was crushed >.<;

Rawr December 5 2009 4:54 PM EST

you can use my neck :D

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 6 2009 3:06 AM EST

The story will come tomorrow. No need to continue fighting, as the tournament is over.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] December 6 2009 3:10 AM EST

There is a reason for me to continue fighting. I can take a couple more rares out.

QBOddBird December 6 2009 3:58 AM EST

We almost managed 10k battles challenged this tourney. ;D

And I'll stop just short of 450k MPR, I expect.

Impressive what a 700% bonus can accomplish!

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 6 2009 8:07 PM EST

Day 12 Results

The survivors peered out of the bunker at Patient One. It stood in all of its rotten glory, waiting. Though it could have easily smashed the roof of the bunker in and crushed all of the survivors at any instant, it waited. It's eyes peered into the bunker, taking brief glances at each survivor, and resting its eyes on the Commander for minutes at a time.

Nate stepped up to OddBird and spoke with him on the situation. Nate was eager to fight. Though it was an impossible fight, Nate refused to accept going out without a fight. OddBird considered it. He considered going out in a blaze of glory, gunfire and plasma beams roaring, and then he looked at the body of Vaynard. Some good it did him. Run. The simple word popped into his head and took hold. Run away. Some will die, but surely some would escape. Better this than everyone meeting their end in this forsaken base!

So it would be, the survivors decided that they would go their separate ways, each running in a different direction in the hopes of spreading the zombies out and avoiding any one person having to face an entire horde. The plan was seemingly solid, but a few brave souls would have to distract Patient One...

Nate stepped forward when OddBird called for volunteers. Joel as well, stepped forward, knowing that he would never be able to outrun the horde with his recent injuries. Nemerizt volunteered as well, revealing that this was his last day of infection, not to mention his weapon was too heavy to run with. So that was it, these three would fight, and the rest would leave them to their deaths.

The survivors cracked open the bunker entrance, and slowly emerged. Patient One stood perfectly still, its eyes fixed on the Commander, its labored breath blowing dust into the air. Nate, Joel, and Nemerizt stepped out into the sunlight. Nate's heart began to beat faster. His adrenaline flowed, and time slowed. He sprinted at Patient One, sidestepping fists and leaping off of a wall directly towards the monster. Extending his ASP's mid jump, he prepared to drive them into the eyes of the huge monster. The other survivors began their escape, splitting up in small groups towards each of the four exits. As Nate thrusted his ASP's forwards, he felt the crushing force of a fist knock him through a small wooden barricade. Patient One let out a devastating roar, and zombies began flooding into the base.

The Commander stood frozen in his tracks as he faced the huge figure of Patient One. The beast picked him up, encapsulating his entire body in one fist, and crushed him alive, smashing the bloody ragdoll of his body into the pavement, and hurling it through the air. Joel readied the 50 cal. machine gun above the bunker and let loose a torrent of lead. Even as hundreds of rounds pierced its flesh, the monster took no notice. Leaping into the air, Patient One landed atop the bunker, crushing Joel under his immense weight.

Nemerizt, from inside the bunker, saw his chance. Firing directly at the roof of the bunker, he engulfed Patient One in a pillar of light. The roof of the bunker came crashing down on him, but it seemed there was a chance for the rest to now escape.

AdmiralKiller found himself alone, surrounded by zombies. As he spun wildly firing his rifle, the horde drew ever closer. As the teeth sunk into his flesh, he fell to the ground, glancing to the side just in time to see the flaming remains of Patient One emerge from the rubble of the bunker.

It's flesh was scorched, barely hanging from its bones, but it lived yet. It's rage was now focused on the escapees, who were at this point trapped within the compound.

WhiteWolf and Shade found themselves back to back fighting off an uncountable horde of zombies. The horde however, began to back away from them. As Shade quickly looked around, his view was immediately filled with the sight of Patient One. Patient One picked each survivor from the ground with great speed, gnawing at both of them as they screamed.

Tossing them aside, the monster turned to face OddBird. In each hand he held a grenade, both with pins missing. He ran with all his remaining energy at Patient One and plunged his fists into the eyes of the beast. The monster shook violently, biting both of OddBird's arms clean off, before staggering backwards. The grenades exploded, disintegrating Patient One's brain.

The survivors lay dead to a man. Their broken bodies littered the ground. The remaining zombies fled the site of their beloved leaders death. In the silence of the night, the survivors turned.

The next morning the silhouette of a man enters the front gates of the military base. He calls out, but there is no answer. He sits on the ground, alone, abandoned. As a familiar groan rises above the white noise, he sits, staring at a picture of his family. As OddBird, Nemerizt, Whitewolf, Joel, Shade, AdmiralKiller, and Nate surround him, and tear apart his now fragile body, a siren rings from the depths of the base. A plane flies overhead, and drops something in the center of the city. A white flash and a deafening crash, a wall of fire cleanses the city, and then there was quiet.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] December 6 2009 8:22 PM EST

We all turned.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 6 2009 9:27 PM EST

Oh my god, zombie OB from this tourney ate survivor OB from the previous tournament!
That is freakin awesome plot synchronisation!

QBOddBird December 6 2009 9:27 PM EST

LOL I had no arms

Next zombie tournament, I am Stubbs McGee, the armless warrior

AdminShade December 7 2009 1:51 AM EST

or plok:
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