eek! clan stats are on top of the clan page now! (in Changelog)

Rawr December 2 2009 12:01 AM EST


BootyGod December 2 2009 12:02 AM EST

Indeed. I thought I was imagining it or something.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 2 2009 12:02 AM EST

Yeah, NS just changed that. Don't know whether I like it better or not yet.

Demigod December 2 2009 12:03 AM EST

Clan wall is there as well.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 2 2009 12:04 AM EST

all in all it's just another brick in the wall. ; )

BootyGod December 2 2009 12:04 AM EST

/facepalm dudemus

BHT December 2 2009 12:32 AM EST

I don't like it. Also, is anything really new? It seems there is just now a 'Wall' title over the chatmail box.

AdminNightStrike December 2 2009 11:02 AM EST

Relax, BHT..... Read some other threads first.

QBRanger December 2 2009 11:05 AM EST

Yes BHT,

Read other threads hoping to find out the ultimate reason for what is being done.

In addition, please try to figure out the reason behind the drop system as nobody has explained it to us in 9+ months.

Direct conversation rather than wisps in the winds work much better.

QBsutekh137 December 2 2009 11:38 AM EST

What other thread(s) should we be reading, NS? Can you provide a link? I don't see another thread under Changelog concerning this...?

Lochnivar December 2 2009 11:42 AM EST

The drop system seems to have been here longer every time you post Ranger....

June through Nov = 6 months, not 9.

And the explanation seemed clear to me when it came out... Now you are free to not like it, but arguing that it is a complete mystery is a little bit unreasonable.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 2 2009 11:46 AM EST


QBRanger December 2 2009 11:48 AM EST

Yes 6 months. Seems like 5 years to me.

But Loch, as it is a zero sum event, most of us have no idea why it really was enacted.

Was it for the thrill factor? Was it to lower overall money? Was it to try to increase the players?

While the explaination was ok to you, it was far from that for most of CB who still is asking these questions.

But again, hints are great, but lead us to a way we can draw conclusions.

AdminShade December 2 2009 11:53 AM EST

Loch, what was the explanation anyway because I think I might have missed it as well...

Anyway, let us not divert from the topic please, which is some changes in the clans pages.

Guardian December 2 2009 11:56 AM EST

"I could make a clan wall"

what he means by saying it?

QBsutekh137 December 2 2009 12:23 PM EST

Marl, thanks for the link, that is helpful.

I never saw that post because because it was probably off the front page and possibly not even on the expanded forums page by the time I looked. So, I appreciate you digging it up!

Flamey December 2 2009 7:32 PM EST

So nothing but moving has happened so far and what's planned is a little forum within the clan?

AdminNightStrike December 3 2009 3:43 PM EST

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