ELS vs ELB (in General)

Neo Japan December 3 2009 3:49 PM EST

what lvl would an ELS have to be, to do more damage than a ELB at x1000 +40?

AdminTal Destra December 3 2009 4:59 PM EST

you're comparing apples to oranges here... els is melee and elb is ranged

use both

AdminShade December 3 2009 5:04 PM EST

But to make an attempt in answering your question: I think it would be about x500.

Neo Japan December 4 2009 2:23 PM EST

the point of the question was to find out if I should invest in the ELB, or both. Because if ELB will be stronger than ELS, with equal NW or whatnot. know what I'm saying Imus?

Lord Bob December 4 2009 2:33 PM EST

The ELB will suck during melee though. You're going to want both if you want to have a reasonable offense after ranged.

AdminShade December 4 2009 2:36 PM EST

The ELB will have severe (60%) penalties during the Melee rounds. This penalty is both to the PTH as well as the DX so you'd hardly hit.

Best is to invest in both.

QBRanger December 4 2009 2:38 PM EST

I disagree about investing in both.

Pick one and max it as much as possible.

Base the rest of your character upon that portion of the combat.

Whether to use DM to maximize the ELB or try to use AMF to attempt to get to melee.

Perhaps using a speciality xbow instead of ELB/ELS is best as the exbow does not have to be massively high to do its job.

QBJohnnywas December 4 2009 2:58 PM EST

I'm in agreement with Ranger. Invest in one over the other. But I will add, once the main weapon is large enough that you're happy with the results then you can start boosting the other weapon.

Remember you don't have to be using the 2nd weapon to be boosting it.
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