Combat Gi improvement? (in General)

Rawr December 10 2009 8:22 PM EST

How about make the Gi's + add UC directly? Because right now [junctioned JKF] >>>>>>>[regular UC] minion. This way UC minions can compete with a junctioned JKF.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 10 2009 8:25 PM EST

while the jiggy got a temporary reprieve he will still suffer the same fate as uc as the game progresses.

why not make them both able to compete with all other damage in the game and be done with it?

QBRanger December 10 2009 8:27 PM EST

why not make them both able to compete with all other damage in the game and be done with it?

Instead of trying to patch things or change other things to compensate, let us fix the underlying problem.

What a novel and fantastic idea!


Wraithlin December 10 2009 8:30 PM EST

Ranger is right, let's have UC drain STR in 2 hits during melee. That should fix the problem.

QBRanger December 10 2009 8:34 PM EST


I have noticed that on most of my posts, you reply with a snide comment that has nothing to do with the post at hand.

Please stop it now. If you disagree with my posts, fine. Keep the snide comments to a minimum.

Rawr December 10 2009 8:35 PM EST

Nobody likes a troll

Wraithlin December 10 2009 8:46 PM EST

So you hijack close to 75% of threads to get them talking about your problems with CB. Even though for instance this thread is talking about the Combat Gi, and how to improve it.

You're right, my comments are snide, and that's because I can't stand seeing you post about your 2-3 complaints about CB everytime someone else starts talking about something completely different that has nothing to do with it.

This is a thread about the Combat Gi and how to improve it, how about we both stay on topic?

Rawr December 10 2009 8:49 PM EST

No matter what it is not your place to make such rude comments.

QBRanger December 10 2009 9:10 PM EST


This is CB and how it is. Been this way for years. Is it right? Possibly not. But it is the game we know and love to play.

Everyone has their personalities. After 5+ years of playing I have mine. And Sut his, Bast hers, JW his etc...

A new player coming in making rude comments from the getgo is not a great way to endear yourself to the game and its peoples.

Now to explain my post:

This thread is due to the many 'UC is underpowered' threads throughout the history of CB. There have been few subjects talked about as much throughout the years of CB.

Most people agree, after some time debating things after years, that UC is underpowered but with some tweaking it really can be useful throughout the entire game.

Dude has been UCs advocate for a while. And he has convinced me that UC damage is not linear and not viable at the higher levels of CB.

In the beginning fine, but not later. So it likely will be fixable with a linear damage model.

Post like these are doing nothing but trying to help with ideas for UC buffs.

But like with other things overpowered, it is best to just fix the underlying problem than add more variables that can go wrong.

So I was agreeing with Dude's post. Rather vehemently.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 10 2009 9:13 PM EST

Have we proved yet that the weapon used by the JKF is actually using the same setup that UC is?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 10 2009 9:18 PM EST

i feel that we have certainly proven that. the junctioning of the uc skill and the way that there are no modifications, it happens seamlessly and you can predict junctioned numbers accurately all support that hypothesis.

uc's damage is 20 times the uc effect and i also feel that it is no coincidence that this is the number that shows up in post battle stats for both uc and jiggy.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 10 2009 9:22 PM EST

I reckon a way to make UC more linear would be to base damage off a percentage of the skill + strength, say about 20-30% possibly a little lower considering item boosts and multiple hits.

Say you had a UC minion with UC level of 50k and strength 25K. 20% linear damage would be 1/5 x (50k+25k). Damage on an average hit would be 15k.
something similar to that would work I think.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 10 2009 9:25 PM EST

i think the hal has a linear model in place already that could be tweaked.

QBRanger December 10 2009 9:46 PM EST

The one problem that I can see with a linear model is that the only UC viable will likely be a junctioned JKF.

I do like, in addition to boosting UC damage ability a boost to the CGI.

Something to help but not overtake a junctioned JKF.

If we boost the CGI that much, nobody would use the JKF.

I do not know enough of UC and its items. But would +80, as the highest CGI now, be too powerful adding directly as Rawr proposes?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] December 10 2009 9:56 PM EST

Yes, it would be far too powerful in a straight + to UC effect. However at a .5 UC effect per + it might be a bit more reasonable. Even then it would probably be a bit too strong.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 10 2009 10:00 PM EST

i have no idea as my experience has been with jigs.

i will state though that i would rather see uc become competitive and lose the ability to junction uc, as that seems to be most peoples concern. i would also suggest reworking junctioned evasion though and making it be based on the familiar for determining any dex penalty, that way people could choose between bloodlust and evasion still.

BHT December 10 2009 10:01 PM EST

Agreed. And/Or the cost curve needs to be very steep.
As Ranger said, the largest in the game is +80, Thats a HUGE boost, especially at those levels.

.5 UC point gained per + and a steep cost curve?

Rawr December 10 2009 10:04 PM EST

i will state though that i would rather see uc become competitive and lose the ability to junction uc, as that seems to be most peoples concern

This is my main concern.

In regards to my buff to CGI: yes, +80 is probably too much. I forgot to mention a steeper upgrade curve if this is implemented. But again, the point is that a buff to CGI is needed to make it comparable to Junction JKF.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] December 10 2009 11:14 PM EST

I like that idea, UC + adding to UC would be a nice buff.

Just to add a few ideas to the brainstorming bin, how about these:
1) Gi's could add to ST for each +, same as TSA. At least this way it would be as good as the competition.
2) I like the idea of a UC damage boost. How about training UC causes ST gains to cause more damage? My understanding now is you must quadruple your ST to get double the damage, or something like that. Make it linear for UC/ST in melee.
3) since we're all talking bad about the exbow, how about UC minions have immunity to stat draining xbows?

AdminShade December 11 2009 5:34 AM EST

Fined Wraithlin $25k for his stupid and trolling remark.
I could have removed all involved (i.e. the remarks on his remark) posts but I won't yet.
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