and you thought you were having a bad day! (in Off-topic)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 13 2009 10:39 AM EST

kevlar December 13 2009 10:57 AM EST

holy crap. Next episode of House?

QBRanger December 13 2009 11:02 AM EST

One would think they would take a pulse before declaring someone as dead.

Zenai December 13 2009 11:02 AM EST

That is freaking scary to hear about I cannot even imagine what is was actually like. I have heard about things similar to this like waking up in the morgue before. I have never heard of waking up during the cut. Man how crazy it that!

AdminNightStrike December 13 2009 11:10 AM EST

Is there any news outlet with actual information on how that happened?

Cube December 13 2009 1:48 PM EST

holy crap. Next episode of House?

Actually.. House just did this like a month ago. Serious. I'll try and find the episode.

Cube December 13 2009 1:55 PM EST

Skip to 22:00

Zenai December 13 2009 3:19 PM EST

dude that was freaky to watch!

Lochnivar December 13 2009 3:22 PM EST

just imagine if he'd woken up a lot later and they hadn't been able to save him...

The autopsy would have to list cause of death: autopsy.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 13 2009 4:55 PM EST

Lmbo loch!

Demigod December 13 2009 5:03 PM EST

The autopsy began with an initial incision... to the face?
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