Are lesser ToA's inferior to equal sized ToA's? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 16 2009 7:02 PM EST

Leveling speed aside, ToAs are the only Tattoos other than Hals (who can't have lesser version) that have an ability based on their NW.

Lesser Tattoos have less NW than an equal sized full Tattoo, don't they? If they do, this would mean that a LToA of the same size as a full ToA would provide the same STR and DEX, but less PTH.

Shouldn't they provide the same PTH?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 16 2009 7:06 PM EST

No they are a Lesser version so therefore should be inferior in some way.

iBananco [Blue Army] December 16 2009 7:09 PM EST

I thought the NW was the same.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 16 2009 7:10 PM EST

Zen, like every other Tattoo type, they are 'lesser' already by thier growing speed.

No other Lesser Tattoo, of equal size to it's full counterpart, provides less 'stats'.

Apart from the ToA.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 16 2009 7:12 PM EST

I thought the NW was the same.

I hope so, as it's the only way it can work.

But i'm sure that base Lesser have less NW than thier Full counterparts. Which would continue as they grow.

kevlar December 16 2009 7:22 PM EST

You'd think the NW would be the same, it would just take much longer to get to the same level.

QBRanger December 16 2009 7:32 PM EST

Lesser Tattoos have less NW than an equal sized full Tattoo, don't they?

Where did that assumption come from?

Lesser tattoos only grow slower than their full counterparts.

The NW of equal levels are the same as are the abilities.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 16 2009 7:38 PM EST

Not for base level 20 tattoos they aren't.

Fulls are around 11K NW, Lessers around 5K. Roughly half.

I'm assuming this relationship holds as they grow. But we'd need to compare a couple of near sized full and lessers.

QBRanger December 16 2009 7:43 PM EST

I did not realize that GL.

Perhaps you are right.

We need to see some lesser vs nl tattoos at equal level.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 16 2009 7:51 PM EST

If anyone has a full near 500K, my lesser is currently;

A Lesser Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 491,898 NW:8,924,652

QBRanger December 16 2009 7:53 PM EST

Augment Me Baby lvl 505,550 worth $9,177,314 owned by Vicious Cat (Vicious Pack Cat)

Full named ToA.

Seems NW align correctly.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- December 16 2009 7:54 PM EST

I've got lessers of everything including several ToAs, mostly base, the only higher lvl lessers I have are on retired characters.

I'll be out for the evening, so I'll throw a few Ltoas to GL. GL with the testing, I'm interested to see what you guys come up with.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 16 2009 7:54 PM EST


WooT! Panic over nothing. ;) Seems silly thier base NW's are that different though.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- December 16 2009 7:56 PM EST

Actually I can't send them to GL, as all his characters are full :P

Just hit me up if you need them, and give me a place to send them (if you need at all).

This would just be useful if someone had a big lesser and needed to ink it over to a ToA. *shrug*

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 16 2009 8:01 PM EST

the lesser tats of different types hold similar if not same NW as each other so changing the tat is unnecessary Jiraiya.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 18 2009 6:36 AM EST

A Lesser Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 506,302 9,185,831

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