Thought on UC (in General)

QBRanger December 16 2009 8:53 PM EST

Now that I have had a chance to play a bit with UC, one suggestion I would love to see.

Make UC have Armor Proficiency built in.

The 10% spell loss for the CGI is just too freaking much.

Rawr December 16 2009 8:54 PM EST

then I'd train UC on all my enchanters! free 900 xp :)

QBRanger December 16 2009 8:54 PM EST

Then make it so effect of (1) brings the AP on.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 16 2009 9:53 PM EST

Thats a good suggestion Ranger. Definitely effect of 1 activation :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 17 2009 3:53 AM EST

If we roll that into UC, why not just reduce the Magic penalty on the Gi?

The only difference it would make would be for Mages/Enchanters training AP, and I doubt they'd want to wear a Combat Gi over an MCM. ;)

AdminNightStrike December 17 2009 7:07 AM EST

or BoE :)

QBRanger December 17 2009 8:49 AM EST

Because the HG and HoE also have a magic penalty.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 17 2009 8:59 AM EST

The 10% spell loss for the CGI is just too freaking much.

So actually it's that the Magic loss for a single UC character is too much in Tank gear.

Probably. But then it's probably designed that way.

You could always drop the HoE for a Cab, same for the HG (Although they provide such a boost for UC no one would...).

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] December 17 2009 9:29 AM EST

thats a good idea, but only if your using UC on a minion with no tat, i.e. not junctioning it other or not using a RoBF or a ToA.

i would prefer if it could have a secondary effect similiar to the RoS, where the UC grants a 5% of the level in immunity for VA against DM.

i think that would make it more viable in use than using a weapon, even though from using it i much prefer junctinoing it over to a jig as it can be so effective.

AdminNightStrike December 17 2009 12:25 PM EST

Why would AP help a UC char? The only benefit I see is if the UC minion itself is also training some enchantment (or perhaps a ranged DD for something clever). And that really wouldn't be in the spirit of UC, I don't think.

Unless I'm missing something and some classic UC armor detracts from ST/DX
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