we got BUGSS! (in General)

Shark December 31 2009 2:04 AM EST

my standard fight list wont load up and hasn't been able to load up since early yesterday..any thing I can do? try reload and just go back to favorites. others way to do this but tis easier to use the standard or favorites list. ?? did someone kill the link? where the bug list? or would that take up too much room :)

Pwned December 31 2009 2:17 AM EST

Wish I read this before i clicked it

Shark December 31 2009 2:35 AM EST

heh now you stuck too :) lol

Demigod December 31 2009 2:54 AM EST

And of course I promptly click "Standard" and get hit by the bug. Ugh. Oh well, refreshing the page fixed it.

DoS December 31 2009 3:01 AM EST

Mine loads up perfectly fine.

If it matters, I am using firefox.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 31 2009 3:08 AM EST

can't load my standard list either. Refreshing carnage lets me fight my favourites list but i was about to look for new opponents. Really frustrating

kevlar December 31 2009 3:09 AM EST

I'm using IE and it does freeze saying "loading". Just right click the box in that area and choose "refresh" and it will reload to normal.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 31 2009 3:28 AM EST

Using Safari and it just keeps sending me back to my favourites list.

AdminShade December 31 2009 4:40 AM EST

I'm on Firefox, when I try to put up my standard list, it remains on 'loading'.

When I refresh however, it's back on my fav list.

Mythology December 31 2009 5:02 AM EST

Maybe a new ultra incentive to become supporter or you dont get to fight?

Guardian December 31 2009 5:55 AM EST

USING FIREFOX AND ALSO standard list wont lod

Vicious Cat December 31 2009 6:26 AM EST

Same in Chrome - Standard List just says Loading

Joel December 31 2009 8:20 AM EST

Same on Chrome for me, too. I'll need to look for new opponents in a couple of weeks, so I hope this problem is fixed by then.

Flamey December 31 2009 10:52 AM EST

May possibly have something with moving the "delete" button and the delete button being in the old spot on the "standard" list. Just a guess though. This was a fairly recent (1-2 days) tinkering of the fightlist.

AdminNightStrike December 31 2009 11:17 AM EST

It's probably due to the change from Verifex to address the moving Delete link. I'll revert it for now.

Shark December 31 2009 8:07 PM EST

oh thank you and it does work again :)

Joel December 31 2009 10:05 PM EST

I really liked the new location of the delete button. I hope all the BUGSS can be worked out!
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