where is CB T-Shirt 2009? (in General)

{EQ}Viperboy January 2 2010 10:10 PM EST

Don't we get one every year?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 2 2010 10:13 PM EST

i think it came on or around the tenth last year...no word yet though as far as i know!

Demigod January 2 2010 10:47 PM EST

Shh. Don't jinx it...

Charity January 3 2010 11:37 AM EST

I'm already lacking pants

I rely on these t-shirts to keep me only half naked

It's wintertime and I'm freezin' my jewels off


iBananco [Blue Army] January 3 2010 3:06 PM EST

OB: You have two shirts. Be creative.

Lochnivar January 3 2010 3:08 PM EST

no good has ever come of OB being creative....

AdminShade January 3 2010 3:58 PM EST

My 2 minions have been wearing their T-shirts for eternity. They demand to have theirs washed once in a while!

AdminShade January 3 2010 4:41 PM EST

Why not have 2007 T-shirts be modified to 3 AC instead of 1, and 2008 ones to be modified to 2 AC instead of 1 to make those more used? ;)

Miandrital January 3 2010 4:53 PM EST

I like how it has some minimal benefit, but it is not good enough to make other people want one. If you start increasing the ac each year, eventually it is gonna become something that newer people really want, but could never get

kevlar January 16 2010 11:34 PM EST

From: system Sent: 6:59 PM EST Delivered: 11:26 PM EST
Enjoy your commemorative 2009 CB T-shirt (this time for sure)!

yay! Thanks!!! >:]
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