holiday (in General)

Ancient Anubis January 9 2010 6:59 PM EST

for clan characters if your away for say more than two days u can place your clan character on holiday meaning no points are gained or lost by the character until the owner returns and takes the character out of holiday mode. A better alternative than leaving the clan and then rejoining the clan and means the clan is not penalized due to an absent player.

QBRanger January 9 2010 7:06 PM EST

One can switch characters and put a 1 PR character in that place.

I know, if your over the PR limit you cannot get your better one back in, however, it is the price you pay for having a lot of PR in the clan.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 9 2010 7:07 PM EST

That would only be necessary for a clan that is completely or over full. I would just consider it a price to pay for if you have a full clan. Any clan that isn't full can just switch in a placeholder.

Miandrital January 9 2010 7:07 PM EST

What you could do is to make a 1 mpr character your clan character, that way you are still in the clan and dont have to pay to get in again. Of course, you then have to worry about not being able to fit your character back into the clan when you come back from vacation

Ancient Anubis January 9 2010 7:10 PM EST

Well i guess this is not a wanted feature so just add it to the scrap heap i guess :P

AdminShade January 9 2010 9:51 PM EST

Well, I think a lot of players would want to have this feature enabled. Most of them however know that a sort of similar feature is possible but it has a downside...

QBsutekh137 January 9 2010 9:58 PM EST

No. No holidays should be allowed.

AdminShade January 9 2010 9:59 PM EST

I didn't say holidays would not be allowed... ;'(

QBsutekh137 January 9 2010 10:17 PM EST

I wasn't speaking to you, Shade. I was referring to the original post. No clan holidays of any type should be allowed, not or ever.
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