Wasp's Forge (in Services)

Wasp [Demon Forging] January 10 2010 5:21 PM EST

Going to be finishing my current job in the next couple of days so will be looking for another job if the right item comes up. I'm pretty fast and highly reliable. My rate is at least 75% on most items. I don't do low-blow jobs (Those with efficiencies below .95) as they really aren't worth it. Just cm me or leave a post here if you need anything done. I've got a few items as replacements if needed.

No job is too small but looking for no more then a 15m NW job at this time. Cheers - Wasp

yooo January 11 2010 3:07 PM EST

Wasp is forging my SC + 25 to +28 at a 75% rate.

yooo January 12 2010 3:24 PM EST

Serialkiller (I need more space) Wasp (Canada) $500000 3:24 PM EST

Wasp [Demon Forging] January 20 2010 1:08 PM EST

Currently working on:

A Blacksword of Nan Elmoth [92x3520] (+2) 27,527,312


A Blacksword of Nan Elmoth [92x4320] (+52)

yooo January 20 2010 2:59 PM EST

Serialkiller (I need more space) Wasp (Canada) $2753686 2:59 PM EST

paid in full

Wasp [Demon Forging] February 8 2010 4:52 PM EST

Finished all jobs so am free atm. Looking for a small/medium job for the time being. If it's a decent item then I don't mind forging long term on it. Just drop me a cm. Cheers

DoS February 8 2010 5:06 PM EST

Wasp will be forging my TGs from +9 to +16 at 75%

Wasp [Demon Forging] February 8 2010 5:06 PM EST

New job found. Will have an open slot again in around 3 days.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 8 2010 5:29 PM EST

can i get you to forge my mod just the x(75%?), cm me when your ready and if you have a loaner?

Wasp [Demon Forging] February 9 2010 5:14 PM EST

Sorry I don't really want to work on a MoD
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