Guess the NW! 750k Potential, 500k Guaranteed! (in Contests)

[P]Mitt January 24 2010 1:16 AM EST

Guessing ends WEDNESDAY, 1/27/2010, in order to decrease people who wait and try to "snipe" a guess.

Continued from this thread

I'm currently working on my TGs to (+26) and when I achieve that, the Blacksmith will tell me how much the upgrade to (+33) will be.

Here's the contest:
1. Guess how much A Set of Tulkas' Gauntlets [6] (+33) will have in Networth - closest wins 400k + Entry fees - xfer fees.
2. Guess when I will achieve the upgrade to (+26) - closest date wins 100k.

Entries cost 5k - and you are allowed to enter ONLY ONCE. Please send entries to Gloves Contest

I will not hesitate to click "Forge" when I reach 99.999% RPM. I have the forge fees saved up in my bank.
Do some research, plot some graphs. I didn't start forging these today.

BONUS PRIZE: If the person who correctly guesses closest to what day I successfully complete this forging job is the same person as the one who most closely guesses the correct NW, I will add in a bonus of 250k into the 500k prize for awesomeness!

Current guesses:
Miandrital: $1,497,777,225; February 7th
Shade: $1,497,353,192; June 2nd
Nayab: $1,497,820,637; April 9th
Novice: $1,400,000,000; May 15th

Rawr January 26 2010 12:43 AM EST

Rawr: $1,505,108,731; April 1st

[P]Mitt January 26 2010 12:47 AM EST

Admiralkiller: $1,497,583,731; February 13 (Posted on other thread)

If it's not clear, guessing ends at 11:59:59PM on Wednesday.

three4thsforsaken January 27 2010 1:18 AM EST

$1,499,999,999 :D

the face is actually part of my guess

three4thsforsaken January 27 2010 1:22 AM EST

Jan 27, 2010


Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 27 2010 1:28 PM EST


That's my guess.

[P]Mitt January 27 2010 1:47 PM EST

Your Set of Tulkas' Gauntlets has improved as you desired
The Blacksmith charges you a facilities fee of $4,185,537.


But in other news, the contest is now over!

three4thsforsaken wins the date, and...
Looking into the blacksmith, the NW of (+33) TGs is: $1,497,353,335

Shade wins the NW portion by a guess that is less than $150 away from the actual cost!


[P]Mitt (Gloves Contest) AdminShade (Dagor-nuin-Giliath) $490000 -- Won NW - Nice! 1:47 PM EST
[P]Mitt (Mittar) three4thsforsaken (morningGlory) $100000 -- Won Date 1:40 PM EST

AdminShade January 27 2010 1:52 PM EST


Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 27 2010 5:18 PM EST

Just curious but are you going to forage them again?

[P]Mitt January 27 2010 7:23 PM EST

No. It's a 42M upgrade. I'm not going to forge the same item for 3 months...

Novice wins the title for largest gloves, at least for a while :)
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