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Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 6 2010 12:27 PM EST

I decided to make this Thread in an Attempt to make it easier for New Players to pick the Right Clan. I will be linking this to my New NP Help Message for New Players.

Please feel free to give the best advice you can in order to make this an easier decision for them.

My Advice: Look for the Top 15 Clans in the Clan Section.

Sickone February 6 2010 3:11 PM EST

First off, realize that you're a desirable asset for all clans near the top, especially when you're still in the lower BA regeneration areas, because you could be the difference between spot #20 or spot #5, with the corresponding clan bonus... but you're only an asset as long as you can perform.
What does that mean ?
It means you should be able to burn a reasonable percentage of your daily BA (more difficult in the start, because you can only accrue about 6 hour's worth when you're at 9/20), that you never forget to also collect your free daily BA (it stops being free when your NUB period of 6 months is over), and most importantly, that you try to fight targets that are also in a clan, to earn more clan points per fight (also relatively difficult early on, but not very important yet, since you won't get many attacks on you yet to steal clan points away).

My advice to you would be to join any clan as soon as possible, as long as you are honest about the time you can spend in the game, and as long as you can get assurances they won't drop you like a hot potato in the nasty stages around the high 8/20, low 7/20 BA regeneration rates (where your score will probably be very high but your MPR low, so you will start getting a lot of clan attacks, and your total daily clan points could easily fall into the negatives).
Most clans support their new players through that phase, but it never hurts to double-check that with the clan leader, just in case.

The worst mistake you can possibly make is to waste your best chance of going high to the top, namely your NUB period.
DO NOT waste your time trying out different strategies too long, try to pick one long-term strategy in your first week or two, and stick with it even if it's not the best. DO NOT waste your money blacksmithing/disenchanting/blacksmithing, pick your items and stick with them. You'll always have the chance to start a NCB if it turns out it was really bad, but chances are you'll do better with a sub-par strategy you followed in an efficient manner rather than constantly switching strategies, losing XP and cash in the process.
DO NOT take up forging, forging is barely profitable for vets out of N*B, and you do not get any bonuses for forging in your NUB, but you get heavy fighting bonuses to XP/CB$... so use all your BA to fight, not forge.
Also, DO NOT delay joining a fighting clan, because you're looking to at least 10% clan bonus (both for XP and CB$ earned) for most of your NUB period if you join... even if you join a clan that previously was barely getting any bonuses at all.

So, to recap:
* don't forge, fight ; fight as much as possible
* find a _fighting_ clan to join ASAP ; almost any clan will do fine, even one out of top 15 at the moment ; you will not regret it
* save your money, don't waste it, you'll never get so much CB$ that easily ever again after your 6 months of NUB are over

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 6 2010 3:41 PM EST

Clans! - What they are about and how they benefit you!

kevlar February 6 2010 6:30 PM EST

For any new player that joins a clan, it is important that you attempt to actively participate and let your team know you are there through clan chatmails. Don't be shy! If your clan doesn't give you any tips or advice right off, then ask them what you should do. And continue to ask questions as you go.

As one begins their new character, joins a clan, and starts fighting, it is much easier to accumulate higher clan point totals if their strategy is appropriate. Ask your team what they think about your strategy, if they haven't already taken the initiative, and make sure you are pointed toward success and not trouble as your character grows at an empirical rate for the first 6 months.

As you begin to grow and your score rises rapidly, you will become a target for much more powerful characters and will most likely have to suffer through an interval of negative/very low scores. This is perhaps the toughest point when in a clan, because it's hard not to feel you're letting the team down with a negative score during this time. It is important to realize though as you continue to grow, you will become stronger and, slowly, certain people that were able to attack you when you were smaller, won't be able to later. This is the time that if your strategy is weak, you won't be able to rebound and stop as many people from attacking you.. but if your strategy is good, you will see your clan point total get much higher later. This should be evident very early as well if you are unable to maintain a very high CP total, and things should be adjusted at that point.

Do NOT switch clan characters or leave and try to come back (i.e. you bought a stronger character from another player and want it to join the clan). ALWAYS ask the clan owner before doing so, because there is a maximum amount of room a clan can have that changes as everyone gets larger. This has happened to me personally when I bought a character, took the other one I had out, and then the one I bought was too large to fit back into the clan. I was forced to join another clan. Less than ideal, to say the least.

Most importantly, have fun. If you aren't enjoying yourself, there are other clans out there... and ultimately, if you understand the clan structure/mechanics, you can always feel empowered to create your own if you so desire!

winner winner February 6 2010 7:56 PM EST

Couple good pieces of advice.
1. Burn as much BA as you can during your NUB. With the massive bonus you get, and the free BA, you can easily get to 6/20 BA regen rate.

2. Have good money management skills. Don't waste your money on items that you don't need. Try to get your items forged instead of blacksmith, and in my opinion, you should never ever disenchant.

Messbrutal February 6 2010 7:58 PM EST

- Try to choose one of the top 15 clan
To be sure it has active members

- Make sure to do your best to keep a positive clan score
Otherwise you become a liability to the clan rank and might get booted

- Use all your BA especially the free ones
The more BA you spend fighting clan player, the more clan points ya get and the better your clan ranks

- Get your supportership as soon as possible(some player are willing to pay for you in exchange of cbd)
The fightlist is invaluable and will allow you to filter clan player and also filter the 2 points and 4 points players

- Communicate with your new clan
Clan mates can be a very great source of advice and answer to your questions

Demigod February 6 2010 10:39 PM EST

Any of the active clans would love to accept a new player. If a clan has an open membership policy, just apply and jump right in. If the clan has a moderated policy, don't just skip it! Apply for it, and the clan leader will very likely accept.

New players are given more BA to use than older, larger characters. This means that new players can easily earn more points for their clans than other members. Unlike some other games, new players are not rejected as "newbies" here. Rather, they're sought after by clans.

If you enjoy the game, apply for a decent clan, and forget the tiny inactive ones. Besides, clans with many active players can help out with strategies and, if you're lucky, maybe even gear.
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