I need your thought on this: (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer February 20 2010 8:09 PM EST

With the NW change I find myself confused about what to do. Let me explain. nooneknows is forging for me but he has the item permanently so he received the refund of 420k.

The question is: am I entitled to the whole amount or is 75% of it nooneknows for a loss of forging. We are not at a disagreement just im confused how to see it.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] February 20 2010 8:11 PM EST

100% of NW is refunded, only 75% is paid in forging. NOK keeps 75% to reforge to the point it was at.

Salketer [big bucks] February 20 2010 8:14 PM EST

I would say 75%... He forged that NW and deserves to be paid for it too.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 20 2010 8:16 PM EST

but he did get paid and then i got a refund, i see it as a credit atm for more forging

Salketer [big bucks] February 20 2010 8:18 PM EST

If he got paid for the NW already then it is yours...

Wraithlin February 20 2010 8:21 PM EST

I see two options here, with different answers.

He is either forging to a certain NW, or he is forging a certain amount of bonuses.

If he is forging to a NW, he is still required to forge to that NW, so all this really did was put him back and give some money, it was like a partial disenchant. Since you obviously want your item as soon as possible, the blacksmith shouldn't really be taking more time, but it also wasn't his fault. I would split the money 50/50.

If he is forging a certain amount of X value or + value then this did not put him any farther away from his goal, it just means that the total cost to you has gone down by the amount refunded. Since you have to pay 75% of NW difference then I would say you should get 75% of the money back, he'll keep 25%.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 20 2010 8:44 PM EST

Figure out how much of the 420k is actually profit and you keep that...the remainder should be split up 75% and 25% and forging should continue as normal...just a few steps back

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 20 2010 8:46 PM EST

He should get 75% and you get 25%.

BTW I am right.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 20 2010 8:47 PM EST

but he did get paid and then i got a refund, i see it as a credit atm for more forging

that would be my opinion as well. ;)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 20 2010 9:02 PM EST

If he currently has your item and is forging to a certain point say x5001 and was at x5000 then got reduced to say x4900 and you have already paid him then why should he have to do x100 for free when you get refunded.

Now I guess I am wrong because I was also assuming that he has done 100% of the forging from 0-x5000 he would not be entitled to 75% of your total refund only 75% of the forging he has done on this current agreement.

My suggestion would be figure out how many x's or +'s he has lost that he has already forged and been paid for and pay him 75% of that NW.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 20 2010 9:06 PM EST

It would be a credit in my opinion, limited by only one thing here.

How far back this set him in forging.(Depending on what was refunded of course.)

If he is further back than where he started then he should be paid 75% for that amount of Forging to bring him back to his starting point and have the rest as a credit.

If he has not been set back that far then I would give him 25% for his Forging as a nicety and use the rest as credit.

I hope that I have not made this seem complicated.......lol

Demigod February 20 2010 9:32 PM EST

I've got to go with Salk here.

iBananco [Blue Army] February 20 2010 10:13 PM EST

If the RPM was 0 or close to it, just blacksmith it up to where it was before. The extra money goes to you. If not, then figure out how the RPMs worked out.

AdminShade February 21 2010 7:23 AM EST

Basically you are entitled to 100% of the refund as the item is yours and the refund is based on Blacksmithed NW, not Forged NW.

True, the item lost NW but he still has made NW from forging otherwise the item would be smaller still.

You could pay him to forge it up to where it was though, which would net you a nice bonus in money (25%) ;)
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