I finally found new rims for my car (in Off-topic)

AdminShade March 12 2010 2:07 PM EST

This is just for whom ever might care about this nonsensical news.
I currently own a '95 Toyota Starlet for almost 1.5 years and am very fond of it.

For the last 1.5 years, I have been searching for new rims to fit under my fast little hatchback (75 bhp with 775 kgs weight according to specs). (and yes, small hatchbacks are popular in West Europe / Netherlands)

Anyway, I just want to let people know I'm going from 13 inch to 15 inch rims while going from 145/80/R13 tires to 195/45/R15 ones. (dimensions: mm/mm/inch) Diameter is almost the same but I'm getting 5 cm wider wheels now. I'm very, uhm how to say, anxious about it all.

AdminShade March 12 2010 2:08 PM EST

some pics:

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] March 12 2010 2:11 PM EST

The Starlets here in England are usually all modified. The starlet gti is a cool little car. Well quick. I would have pictured you in something totally different lol. It's funny as I've found some different rims for my car too... I only buy standard OE stuff so they are made by vauxhall but are for the later higher spec Sri models. Mine are 195.60.15 and the new ones will be 205.55.16 : ) Every little helps

AdminShade March 12 2010 2:22 PM EST

Hehehe, wouldn't you? Now, this is the way the car looked when I bought it, which currently it doesn't any longer. I've changed the bumpers into bodywork coloured ones, and both outside mirrors will be switched with bodywork coloured ones this weekend as well.

AdminShade March 14 2010 3:25 PM EDT

And this is the way it looks now (needs a proper wash):

Miandrital March 14 2010 5:09 PM EDT

That looks awesome!

I am especially fond of rims like that, narrow spokes, and very clean looking.

If only my gf understood why rims look so good...

Well done shade! :D

Gandalf March 14 2010 6:15 PM EDT

Very nice little car Shade!:)

I've just started my lessons, stupid prices for insurance at my age though :/

Guardian March 14 2010 6:27 PM EDT

a lot better now, your wheels looks like hte ones in my cars in burnout paradise game

AdminShade March 29 2010 5:03 PM EDT

Gave the car a very good wash and detailing treat. Should make new pictures very soon.

I've now also found a spedometer set with rpm gauge which I'll buy and install in a few weeks! :)

AdminShade March 31 2010 12:58 PM EDT

Few more pictures, bottom one is edited with Photoshop, sort of as part of an assignment for my course in Photography:

TheHatchetman March 31 2010 1:06 PM EDT

I remember a contest about this or something similar... Glad to hear you FINALLY found something fitting. Also glad to see nice rims on a vehicle that actually fit the car... I get more and more annoyed every time i see some $5000 27 inch rims on a $1800 Crown Victoria that everyone but me now needs a stepladder to get in and out of...

kevlar March 31 2010 1:34 PM EDT

I remember that contest too! hehe I have plastic hub caps on my dinky tires. 27", Hatch? wOw >:) And here I thought my friend's 16's were big haha

AdminShade March 31 2010 2:10 PM EDT

And here I thought my friend's 16's were big haha

Hehe, mine are 15" :)

TheHatchetman March 31 2010 2:21 PM EDT

if you thought 16" rims were big then you've done yourself the courtesy of avoiding mainstream American rap music from the early millenium.

Congratulations sir.
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