Dominion Day 50 of 50 - round 61 anyone? (in Off-topic)

AdminShade March 18 2010 2:12 AM EDT

Getting ready to make new plans for next round.

Who wants in?

- Shade

DoS March 18 2010 4:18 PM EDT

Sorry, but what is this?

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 18 2010 4:19 PM EDT

DoS March 18 2010 4:23 PM EDT


AdminShade March 18 2010 4:43 PM EDT


Salketer [big bucks] March 19 2010 12:24 AM EDT

It looks similar to a game I played ages ago... I was always ending up in the first 50.

I'll give it a go :)

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] March 19 2010 2:52 AM EDT

im in if theres room.

kevlar March 19 2010 4:44 AM EDT

if ya need 1

Salketer [big bucks] March 19 2010 11:57 AM EDT

Hrm I don't think I will have time for that next month... 3 more contracts just came in :)

AdminShade March 31 2010 11:04 AM EDT

Round is almost over, people for next round:


AdminShade March 31 2010 11:06 AM EDT

rules for next round: cl!ck

Soxjr March 31 2010 11:16 AM EDT

I'll try, :)

Soxjr March 31 2010 11:16 AM EDT

When will the next round start?

AdminShade March 31 2010 11:51 AM EDT

Friday or Saturday the sign up will start, and 3 days after sign up, the round will actually start.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] March 31 2010 12:17 PM EDT

gonna have to think of a pack password and forward it to those who will be playin in the next round.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 31 2010 3:21 PM EDT

I'll play with yah Shade! =) Just CM me the pack info // password when the time comes.

We need to figure out if we are good or evil, and then come up with a pack theme (names).

I'll check out the changes and offer any insight once I've read up on everything.

Due to time constraints I will likely be an explorer (ZzzZ)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 31 2010 3:56 PM EDT

We'll be using the Tech Ruleset again. This was last used in Round 55. You can view those rules here:

Here is the list of anticipated changes to the Round 55 Tech ruleset:

* Wizard Guilds will revert to their original abilities (last seen in Tech Ruleset Round 51):

-Increases Wizard Strength refresh rate by 1% for every 10% guilds, up to a refresh bonus of 2%

-Decreases cost of Wizards and ArchMages by 2 * (Wizard Guilds / Total Land)%, to a maximum bonus of 40%

-Decreases cost of spells by 2 * (Wizard Guilds / Total Land)%, to a maximum bonus of 40%

-The existing bonuses will be removed, and it will house and employ the same number of peasants as other buildings.

* Kobold Grunt +10p
* Kobold Underling +10p
* Kobold Beast +50p
* Kobold Overlord +50p

* Dark Elf Spirit Warrior +50p

* Goblin Shaman +5r
* Goblin Wolf Rider +20r
* Goblin Hobgoblin +25p
* Goblin Wolf Rider +50p

* Wood Elf Druid to 4*/1* from 4*/2 (increasing +1 per 20% forest)

* Dwarf Cleric will be a flat 4/4 from 4/4*
* Dwarf Cleric -50p
* Dwarf Warrior 7/2 from 7*/2, +15% more casualties against all alignments, no price change
* Dwarf will lose the bonus strength against evil

* Lycanthrope Garou 6/0 from 6*/0
* Lycanthrope Garou -50p

* Nox Lich will now be 4.5/2, at the same price, and will take 50% fewer casualties against all alignments

* Firewalker Salamander will be 5*/3 against all alignments
* Firewalker Salamander +50p

* Human/Nomad Crusade spell: +5% attack power against all alignments, instead of +10% against opposite alignment
* Human Cavalry +25p, +30r

Further changes to the last list.

* Lizardfolk Chameleon +25p
* Lizardfolk Lizardman +25p


I think Human is going to be the race to go this round. Tech ruleset favors Human a little anyways, (very solid elites) but it seems that Ross has decided to throw the nerf hammer at all the fast attacking races. Not that Orc won't still be a force, but Human is a very solid mid-late round race, which will only shine with these kind of changes. The +30 ore per unit sucks a little bit, but ore isn't that big of a deal ^^ Maybe 2% more ore mines should cover that for an attacker / converter without too much difficulty.

Halfling also looks very promising actually now that I look at it. Looking at it, Good is the way to go imho.

Troll shouldn't be played by any top tier players, due to the nerf to gobbo/woodelf/kobold, there should be a decline in those races, and any good player will want to maximize the targets available to them, so while there may be a few stubborn good players that play Troll, the best wont.

I think the perfect Race makeup this round for good would be something like

Woodelf // Merfolk // Dwarf

If we are to play semi-competitively, we will need a Halfling for spy ops, a Sylvan for wizard ops, the woodelf / merfolk / dwarf should ideally be an experienced attacker that is very active. (the halfling /sylvan should also be very active because the pack will rely on them for ops) The Humans can do whatever (that's what's great about human) they can attack all round, convert, or explore fairly easily.

I haven't played a tech round in A LONG TIME. So I don't know the best way to proceed with techs. I know some people go OOP with 500 schools, and try to catch up later with efficiency, some people try to race ahead with 10% schools, instead relying on attacking for tech points (another win for human as our attacking elites return 3 hours faster from battle, so we can attack more often)...

I'll prowl around and see what I can find out.

If you want Shade (not to steal the leadership from yah here) but I can see if any of my old friends are interested in packing. Most are really good players. I'll need to do this soon though, as most packs will be filling up.

Lemme know and I'll get on the horn, I just need to know how many spots I need to fill ^^.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 31 2010 4:21 PM EDT

Triple post!!!! (Sorry, lots of information :D)

Here are a few links to simulate your protection period. The more successful players spend 6+ HOURS simulating their protection. This is a process of refinement where you essentially lay out a blueprint for your protection, and is best when you are able to follow it to a TEE. Maximizing your protection, as well as planning it around time where you can actually play. (Rounds are RUINED by people who try and follow a sim (you can save it and follow it like a map or guide for the first 72 hours) and can't follow through with the whole thing. So it's best to be honest in the sim about time you will be able to actually build and train... Some people even do 100% hour logins for all of protection (72 hours). While difficult for most, if you can achieve this, as well as have a successful blueprint, you can set yourself up pretty nice for the rest of the round this way. (to download) <---- This is my favorite sim, being the original (It's massively pwned by the spreadsheet sims though, because in the spreadsheet sims you can change something on an early hour, and see how it effects you on hour 72, where as this sim you have to manually go through a whole new sim to try different stuff, which some players actually prefer) The problem with this sim, is that it doesn't account for "Ruleset-dependent exploration bumps" So it's only really useful accurately during base ruleset rounds. <--- GREAT tools for use.

AdminShade March 31 2010 5:40 PM EDT

atm it's:


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 31 2010 6:33 PM EDT

Do you attack other players/Dominion in Dominion? and how much time will this take, like daily? If it's not too much of a time killer and we get to own some people, I'm down.

AdminShade April 1 2010 1:18 AM EDT

yes you can, but you don't attack anyone in your own realm (there were 40+ realms last round)

you can attack every 12 (or 9) hours.

kevlar April 1 2010 1:24 AM EDT

Shade I am in, if still room. Titan, the more you can log in / day the better... but you can log in 1-2 times / day and still do well if you explore or are just good. The key time is to be on when the game starts, which is when everyone attacks for land... and is crucial. Unless things have changed?

AdminShade April 1 2010 1:28 AM EDT

That's still the same, if you have your defense OOP (out of protection, which is when everyone really actually starts) then it'll be relatively ok.


Seems we've got 1 6-pack. If more people want to play, you can. We'll just have to make more packs and communicate between them. :)

kevlar April 1 2010 1:33 AM EDT

OOP wow there is a term I haven't heard in ages... >:) Shade, can you cm or post the best attacking / sexploring races? I will look to see what changes have been made, but the last time I played Trolls were the toughest attackers and Undead/DE were the strongest sexplorers.

kevlar April 1 2010 1:34 AM EDT

oh and is there a simulator?

kevlar April 1 2010 1:34 AM EDT

nm Jir posted 1 <3

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 1 2010 1:40 AM EDT

Ok, well I'm a noob at this, but I should be able to play a good amount, so any tips?

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 1 2010 2:23 PM EDT

There are lots of links on the website itself // reading material.

I've been discussing races with some of the better minds, and I think the strongest pack makeup will be:::


Hands down.


Any combination of those races should be really good picks. I think Human is going to really shine this round (I'm pretty sure you can only have 3 of the same race unless things have changed) but we will need FOR SURE at least a halfling and a sylvan to complete our spy and wizard ops respectively.

I also think we should all devote a chat room for dominion, and be as active as possible as 90% of the game is activity / communication.

I will thrive no matter the race.

Human is SUPER easy to learn to play, easily the least complicated race. Seriously people recommend human to start with to learn because it's THAT simple. That being said the fact humans are going to own makes it an even better race to pick.

I'll play Sylvan or Halfling if you guys wanna follow my advice. Truthfully I can play anything so if you guys wanna start picking your race, we can work on a theme. We don't have much time to figure everything out.


(P.S. you might want to invest in a "premium" account (it's like $7) you get some perks *shrug* like picking what wave you start in.

When the game launches, people are started in "waves". 1 through 6. Wave one enters the game hour 1, Wave 2 hour 2, Wave 3 hour 3, etc etc.

As an attacker, the earlier wave the better (generally speaking) and the later the wave, the better for exploring. *shrug*

Hit me up with any comments or concerns.

I vote we use some kind of comedic theme.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 1 2010 2:29 PM EDT

Actually I'm going to likely play icekin if I decide to get a premium (only way to play icer) in which case the sylvan wouldn't be needed.

AdminShade April 1 2010 4:08 PM EDT

I could be either the halfer or a human.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 1 2010 4:11 PM EDT

if were goin good, ill be sylvan

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 2 2010 12:11 AM EDT

Kamikaze Games to me show details 9:08 PM (1 minute ago)

Jiraiya Storme,

You are receiving this email because someone using this email address recently registered for the free online strategy / war game Dominion. If you did not register for Dominion, don't worry, the person using this email address will need the codes below to continue playing, and they will be deleted without them.

If you did indeed register for Dominion, then welcome to the game! Please save the codes below because you *will need them* later, and there is no way to get them again if you delete this message.

Username: xxxxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Group ID: 6
Group Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Verification Code: xxxxxxxxx

The following Dominions have joined your group:
Bring the Carnage Baby!

Your group has space for 6 dominions, and 1 spots have been filled. When the other 5 spots are taken or deleted by the creator of your group, you will be able to log into the game.

Soxjr April 2 2010 1:04 AM EDT

I made a chat room called Dominion. I would love to chat anytime I'm online about stuff :)

Soxjr April 2 2010 1:10 AM EDT

I am picking human, and it says only 2 of this race if group is 4 or more. So we can only have 2 humans.

kevlar April 2 2010 1:40 AM EDT

Shade should probably 1/2er then, let Titan roll the other Human slot, and I'll go WE.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 2 2010 2:44 AM EDT

registered. :)

The following Dominions have joined your group:
Is this Carnage around me
Too Hot for Carnage Radio
Carnage isas Carnage does <-- me
Bring the Carnage Baby!

Soxjr April 2 2010 3:28 AM EDT

Is this Carnage around me ... that's me :)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 3:42 AM EDT

I'm Livin for the Carnage, a human, only Shade is left now. I've got to read up on Strategy now.

AdminShade April 2 2010 5:08 AM EDT

And I'm in: A Shade of Carnage (and I'm halfer obviously)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 1:11 PM EDT


AdminShade April 2 2010 3:03 PM EDT

I have traded my 10000 gems for 20000 platinum
I have explored 29 acres of Plains (for Alchemies)
I have released my 25 Spies and 150 Defenders into peasants (for population growth

I have built:
40 Factories
15 Towers
20 Schools
10 Ore Mines

and still have acres to build on, ideas?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 3:18 PM EDT

Wait, I thought the game didn't start till tuesday?

AdminShade April 2 2010 3:51 PM EDT

True but you can make pre-emptive actions. You can build, train, explore, invest :)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 4:28 PM EDT

What should I build? I'm a human.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 4:29 PM EDT

Resources don't regen though right?

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 2 2010 4:35 PM EDT

nope. not till game starts.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 2 2010 4:40 PM EDT

Make sure EVERYONE changes their military draft rate to 90%. For the first few weeks of the round, this should stay at 90% or you will run out of draftees.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 2 2010 4:45 PM EDT

Also, once we are able to see the realm we are in (sometimes doesn't happen until we actually start (what wave you are in) go to government and vote for a realm monarch.

The monarch controls the war // peace options and the realm name.

You don't have to vote for me, but I'm very experienced with knowing when to peace people, and you know I won't abuse the war function. Also allows us control if we want to attack for a wonder.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 2 2010 4:49 PM EDT

I have traded my 10000 gems for 20000 platinum
I have explored 37 acres. 12 forests for homes and 25 caverns for more diamond mines
I have released my 150 Defenders into draftees for exploration

I have built:
10 Factories
20 Towers
20 diamond mines
20 Ore Mines
20 lumberyards
10 barracks
10 farms
30 homes
20 docks

built on all my land.

Soxjr April 2 2010 4:54 PM EDT

Ok. I'm so lost. I was reading and reading and then seeing what you guys did. I'm lost. haha. I'm in the Dominion room and will hold off doing anything other than changing my draft % to 90 till I chat with someone that has played this game some.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 2 2010 5:04 PM EDT

Sparticus, you should restart your account you messed up, you only want to initially explore 29 acres. The cost of exploring increases in certain intervals (can't find the chart, but I'll look for it)

Strategy guide:

Basically you start at 250, you explore 29, you get your daily bonus of 20, putting you at 299 acres. (the first cost increase is @ 300)

Every day you get a plat daily bonus and a land daily bonus DO NOT FORGET THESE, THEY ARE IMPORTANT) It's ebst to take your land bonus as needed depending, but it's best to get your plat bonus as late as possible.

The server rolls over to the next day at midnight server time (which is west coast USA time) So taking your daily bonus at hour 23 is best because it's directly related to your population which grows throughout the day.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 5:07 PM EDT

So, explore 29, change draft rate to 90%, what should I build?

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 2 2010 5:07 PM EDT

Read the strategy guide I posted in its entirety, it answers everything about protection for the most part.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] April 2 2010 5:08 PM EDT

k k

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 2 2010 10:32 PM EDT

Technically im shooting for as many land as i can in the first 12hours. since explored land doesnt count towards your total until it comes in.should give me enough time to explore my land up to around 399. if not its cool. I like to experiment, and am more into spy/wiz ops(top 10 most successful thief round 60) then i am attacking/ mass exploring.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 2 2010 10:43 PM EDT

No worries, I've just found it's better to do 299, and then exploring from hour 12 - 23 your still at 299 so you can get to 419 (420 is the next break) very easy. (399 plus daily bonus for day two is 419)


As long as you know what's going on, hit me up with any questions.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 3 2010 10:49 AM EDT

wheres the list of breaks? it used to be every 100 so 299 399 499 etc were the the cut off's for land hikes.. so maybe im alittle confused at the moment. :P

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 3 2010 3:23 PM EDT <--- lots of information as well if anyone is struggling to figure out simulations.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 3 2010 9:18 PM EDT

so which of you wants us to vote for you for king?

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 3 2010 10:12 PM EDT

The cost of draftees go up at certain amounts of acres. The limits after 4500 or 5000 are unknown. The list only goes to 5003, but that number is not correct. Under rulesets with the limit at 4500, draftee costs above 4500 are incorrect.

* 4 draftees - below 300 acres
* 5 draftees - below 420 acres
* 6 draftees - below 633 acres
* 7 draftees - below 837 acres
* 8 draftees - below 1036 acres
* 9 draftees - below 1229 acres
* 10 draftees - below 1422 acres
* 11 draftees - below 1611 acres
* 12 draftees - below 1799 acres
* 13 draftees - below 1985 acres
* 14 draftees - below 2169 acres
* 15 draftees - below 2353 acres
* 16 draftees - below 2535 acres
* 17 draftees - below 2716 acres
* 18 draftees - below 2896 acres
* 19 draftees - below 3075 acres
* 20 draftees - below 3254 acres
* 21 draftees - below 3431 acres
* 22 draftees - below 3608 acres
* 23 draftees - below 3785 acres
* 24 draftees - below 3960 acres
* 25 draftees - below 4136 acres
* 26 draftees - below 4310 acres
* 27 draftees - below 4484 acres
* 28 draftees - below 4658 acres
* 29 draftees - below 4831 acres
* 30 draftees - below 5003 acres

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 3 2010 10:20 PM EDT

Oh man, I'm all sorts of flustered right now, I was all excited to play Icekin (premium only) but the race was moved to evil while I was away!!!


What races is everyone playing? if you could post up your dominion name and race, I'll have to figure out a new plan.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 3 2010 10:27 PM EDT

Yay for triple post, I just went with sylvan, good solid race which will give us some lategame reach.

Just realized something really really crappy.

The day I will come OOP, is the day I leave for a trip. I'll be gone from the 9th until the 17th, and I'm 95% sure I won't have internet at all until the 12th or 13th, and I won't be home until the 16/17th.


I'm going to try something based on those facts that may or may not work.

I'm going to sit on 500 acres (Maybe 450?) running 95% Schools while I'm away, so when I get back I can have a decent chunk done with techs, and then mass explore.

Hopefully I can catch up :S ^^.
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