yay. (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] May 26 2010 5:43 AM EDT

Clan MVPs: 24 hours
LightningRaider (5,046)
TheHatchetdude (4,070)
Sickone (3,888)
Shadowsparkle (3,820)
Eliteofdelete (3,734)

Clan MVPs: 1 week
LightningRaider (22,866)
Natasha' (21,388)
SundariZelia (20,394)
Zenai (20,282)
dudemus (19,758)

Clan MVPs: 1 month
LightningRaider (91,860)
Natasha' (90,776)
dudemus (88,768)
ImmortalAA (87,272)
SundariZelia (86,978)

Clan MVPs: 1 year
LightningRaider (1,053,564)
Zenai (1,018,284)
SundariZelia (987,894)
gols090 (954,106)
ImmortalAA (952,642)

well i like being the top of the list

BootyGod May 26 2010 5:53 AM EDT

Congrats! A huge accomplishment, in my opinion.

Very well done, man. Real dedication there.

(Would also like to say congrats to Zenai, Sundari, Gols and AA. Clan MVP is the one statistic that is pure dedication and time spent. It can not be bought, like so many of the others.)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] May 26 2010 7:06 AM EDT

Congratz Bro! Awesome job and right behind ya! (Thanks GW :-D)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 26 2010 8:57 AM EDT

damn fine numbers! throw in the fact that many of the ones in the list also did ncb runs that ended less than 12 months ago and the accomplishments mean even more.


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 26 2010 11:07 AM EDT


AdminNightStrike May 26 2010 4:26 PM EDT

As I recall, only Ranger and DAWG did this.

TheHatchetman May 26 2010 4:45 PM EDT

As I recall, only Ranger did this without help ~_^

Mikel May 26 2010 5:27 PM EDT

Congrats, but you've been here long enough, long ways to go for you to top me on the 4 year list :)

Clan MVPs: 4 year

Mikel (3,739,459)
PoisoN (3,500,409)
Angel of Death (3,452,619)
Super J (3,447,629)
hzarb (3,417,692)
LightningRaider (1,392,390)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 26 2010 5:44 PM EDT

damn Mikel... that's awesome
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