CB Olympics (2mil in prizes!) (in Contests)

Lochnivar May 29 2010 2:40 PM EDT

Hear ye competitive Blenders of Carnage!

I propose a challenge, to the victor 1 mil CB (and maybe other stuff).

Simply complete the following task:

Best time wins (longest time being best)

Remember, screen shot or it didn't happen.

Contest will run for a week, prizes will be awarded to the top 5 entries.


moskel May 29 2010 4:01 PM EDT

From my chair using the trackpad on my Air. I'll post a better time with a mouse as soon as somebody beats this. A hint for those trying, the goal is to move as little as possible and the pattern is consistent so you can map out a plan like a memory game.

Colonel Custard May 29 2010 4:10 PM EDT

22.784 seconds, here. I'll post a screen shot as soon as I can remember how to upload one.

DoS May 29 2010 4:12 PM EDT

basgor May 29 2010 7:54 PM EDT

26.219 :D


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 29 2010 10:57 PM EDT

How long does this last?

Lochnivar May 30 2010 12:08 AM EDT

Contest will run for a week, prizes will be awarded to the top 5 entries.

^ that long :-)

Lochnivar May 30 2010 11:38 PM EDT


Lochnivar June 1 2010 2:45 PM EDT

oh, and bump!

Demigod June 1 2010 3:15 PM EDT

42.435 -- and yes, it's legit. I win. The faster the processor, the harder it is.


AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] June 1 2010 3:24 PM EDT

This is my best.

Zippy June 1 2010 3:55 PM EDT

Zippy June 1 2010 3:56 PM EDT

On a side note, this is why there should be an edit post, so I can fix the size...

AdminShade June 1 2010 4:12 PM EDT

No, that is the point at which you should know html and know to add width="100%" :)

Lochnivar June 3 2010 10:34 PM EDT


ScrObot June 4 2010 12:25 AM EDT

29.859. Hopefully enough to make it in the money. (=


ScrObot June 4 2010 12:29 AM EDT

The faster the processor, the harder it is.

I pulled out an old laptop just to see... tried to play while running an AV scan too and I got to 59 seconds before I got bored and rammed the wall. ;) There was like a quarter second of lag every second or so, it was silly. (=

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] June 4 2010 1:23 AM EDT

Weak, it should only count non lag....

ScrObot June 4 2010 1:25 AM EDT

I considered posting a 2 minute score as a joke, but I could just as easily fake the JavaScript popup too. ;) Oh well, I'm happy with my 29 seconds, that took far too long to accomplish. (=

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] June 4 2010 7:29 AM EDT

I got 103... but don't know how to post... maybe I'll try today...

Demigod June 4 2010 8:55 AM EDT

it should only count non lag

Ideally, but it doesn't work that way. I'm sure anyone whose 27 or older remembers that old DOS flying game where a biplane moves laterally across the monitor, turning around as it gets to the edge of the screen while you shoot at another biplane. These same people should remember how those computers had the greatest invention ever -- a turbo button built into the case. If you played that Red Baron knockoff on a slow computer, it was easy. But if someone pushed that turbo button, the planes would fly across the screen insanely fast.

It's the same concept. The game is harder on a 3 gig processor than it is on a 2.4 gig. There's no perceived lag on a 2.4 gig, it's just slower.

Demigod June 4 2010 8:56 AM EDT

Argh, whoever can think of the name of that game wins a cookie.

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] June 4 2010 10:32 AM EDT


Lochnivar June 4 2010 10:46 AM EDT

bah... stupid technology!

I suppose all I can ask is that there is no deliberate 'gaming the system' here.


Demigod June 4 2010 10:50 AM EDT


dudemus wins the cookie.

SimplyNic June 4 2010 12:15 PM EDT

Wow, beyond 20 seconds everything moves so fast >,<. Just like watching a bunch of blue blurs flying from corner to corner.

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] June 4 2010 12:29 PM EDT

wow my work computer must be REALLY slow... go public education.... (for note: I'm a public school teacher...)

Lochnivar June 7 2010 9:54 PM EDT

prizes will be awarded in a little bit.... my time management is lacking

Soxjr June 7 2010 10:22 PM EDT

I got over a minute, but it was after I left my comp on for a day or two and had a ton of applications running. The actual time I got was around 24 or so seconds.. when my comp was running fast. When it was slow I was just at the same point but with lag the timer counted in real time. :)
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