Just got back: 'Knights of Valinor' recruiting (in General)

AdminShade August 11 2010 1:46 PM EDT

Hey there, I just got back from my city trip and saw Knighthood 2 was disbanded.

Instead of making it anew I might find myself wanting to join another clan or make one with a few players with which I can utilise the new clan system better.

Any ideas / invites?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 11 2010 1:50 PM EDT

Keep TKII alive!

Good luck with whatever you do Shade!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] August 11 2010 2:40 PM EDT

Yeah was a sad day when The Knighthood 2 vanished :-(

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] August 11 2010 2:49 PM EDT

Honestly I wish there was a way to keep this from happening. A lot of History was lost when the clan disbanded. Maybe a Preset Fine or Vacation Mode, even a clan action pause button.....just something for those who actually care about their clan but have real life things to DO/take care of and cannot be on CB.

AdminShade August 11 2010 3:04 PM EDT

So true. While I would want TK II to be reborn again, perhaps I'd pick a new name though, not sure about it...

Womp August 11 2010 3:09 PM EDT

Make the new name include something about the undead.

AdminShade August 11 2010 3:58 PM EDT

There, I 'cut the knot' (or rather made the decision, to cut a knot is a Dutch proverb).

The clan now is named: 'Knights of Valinor'

Applications can be made :)

AdminShade August 11 2010 4:09 PM EDT

The max VPR you can accept is 211,703,156.
Currently already have 6% clan bonus.

p.s. I took the liberty to change the thread title a bit as well. :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 11 2010 4:22 PM EDT

whoa... Valinor

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] August 11 2010 4:26 PM EDT

Nostalgia has returned.

AdminShade August 11 2010 4:41 PM EDT

Nostalgia it may be, I still kind of like it :)

[RX3]Cotillion August 11 2010 4:48 PM EDT

if you don't want your clan to be disbanded due to inactivity, put a mule character in your clan and take out your main. I think that works. Clans only get disbanded after having a negative weekly score right?

AdminShade August 11 2010 4:49 PM EDT

True, the thing which happened was that we had 3 people having mule characters in the clan and 2 others were being attacked a lot, effectively draining clan points.

Demigod August 11 2010 4:50 PM EDT

Hmm. You should have gone with "The Knights of Good," ala The Guild.

AdminShade August 12 2010 6:16 AM EDT

The max VPR you can accept is 214,738,102.

AdminShade August 15 2010 5:23 PM EDT

bump, we could still use a few people!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] August 15 2010 7:06 PM EDT

I'm sure if you offered some kind of incentive it would help potential members to MAKE a decision more quickly.

[RX3]Cotillion August 16 2010 10:42 PM EDT

An incentive? How about being part of one of the top clans? Everyone could use a substantial bonus!

Fuhgawz August 16 2010 11:20 PM EDT

shade I am back and playing and would be interested in joining ya

AdminShade August 17 2010 1:14 AM EDT

I'd happily accept you fuh, the clan is set on open policy so you can just join.

p.s. if people (including fuhgawz) want to join, let me know what your entry fee is and I'll see if I can reimburse you for some of it (if not all)
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