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Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 13 2011 5:45 PM EST

A conversation in a recent post made me think of this idea.

I will give you a picture, and 50k goes to the person who gives it the best story for each pic.

This can be any story untrue, made up, funny, sad, drama anything but what really happened.

I will judge each story by what I enjoyed reading the most.

I will also be uploading a new pic every day or two or three (when ever I feel like)

If someone wants to make this^ a picture instead of a link feel free I don't know how^

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 13 2011 5:56 PM EST


QBOddBird January 13 2011 6:27 PM EST

Re-enactment of the traditional "car drives under a semi, becomes a convertible" movie scene; does not work as well with aircraft

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 13 2011 6:28 PM EST

Nice crushed cop car too.

Coheed January 13 2011 7:32 PM EST

Alright so airforce pilot gets super wasted at an mtv movie awards after party. P diddy convinces him to take him on a ride in his fighter jet. they go to the airforce base down the road and jump in the nearest jet. The pilot starts taxiing down the runway but is so drunk he thinks he's in his car. Well when he takes a left onto Hollywood blvd he catches the eye of a few cops. Well as he sees the red n blues in his rear view mirror he suddenly snaps back to reality and realizes his situation. P diddy freaks out cuz he's got a gun on him and tell the pilot to floor it. The pilot panics and runs over a cop car.

Or russias new sedan launching MIG

Demigod January 13 2011 7:33 PM EST

General Thompson was embarrassed when the troops finally explained the concept of a "car bomb."

QBOddBird January 13 2011 8:00 PM EST

"Sweet, I won the grand prize in your contest? Sure, just toss it on top of the car and secure it with some cables so I can take it home with me."

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] January 13 2011 8:02 PM EST

While General Dwight's land-based automotive aircraft carrier was a good concept, project underfunding has led to a few corners being cut...

Unappreciated Misnomer January 13 2011 8:29 PM EST

O_o what is that plane doing to that poor cruiser?

QBOddBird January 13 2011 8:54 PM EST

It's a scene from Transformers 4: ideas have run out and it's become a techno-geek adult film franchise.

Shia LaBeouf - "Barricade? Starscream? Hey what's up guys, what are you two up tOH GOD OH GOD NO"

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] January 14 2011 12:42 AM EST

The AC went out in the cop car, so he was trying to bum some jet wash off the plane.

{cb1}dyno January 14 2011 2:11 AM EST

The car represents dramatic changes people propose to fix CB, and the plane represents the community and their response.


Car: Hey, let's try to

(Disclaimer: Alcohol may have played a part in this post).

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 14 2011 5:28 AM EST

So I guess I did not make it clear on a format but buy story I mean more then one sentence, Omegawolf seems to have it right tho a cpl of you are close.

Shadow Ruler January 14 2011 2:29 PM EST

The cop after seeing how fast the plane was going decides to give the plane a speeding ticket, unfortunately for him the plane didn't like that idea.

AdminShade January 14 2011 8:14 PM EST

Divorced couple wins car and plane, woman drives plane into car.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 15 2011 6:12 AM EST

No no no no no no!..:-P... you guys are getting it wrong.

I don't want one sentence reply's I want a tiny little story that can make me laugh or cry or smash my T.V. or other stuff.

I'll use Shades last post as an example.

A divorced couple asked onto a game show manages to win the The top prize(thought impossible by producers and instantly bankrupting the network) a plane and police car!

Finding some of their old passion while competing in the contest the couple get together for a last night of passion. Upon waking in the morning, the Xwife notices the husband has done the thing that annoyed her so many times over the years. Leaves the toilet seat up.

This angers her so much that she drives the jet into the cop car, effectively ruining the car and plane.

Police unsure of what to charge her with let her go. The husband crys like a little school girl while police laugh at him.

The end.

So a little long winded but I hope you guys get the idea. Omegawolf wins 50k and her is the next pic for you guys to put a story to.

Can someone make this into a pic not a link, also CM me how so I can do eeit next time.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 15 2011 10:14 AM EST

Sgt. Marks from the 140th and Sgt. Schrade from the 37th Tanker Units had a true and very long standing rivalry of who is the best Tank Driver. Marks would pull off something incredible then Lo and Behold Schrade would pull it off too and with a bit of a one upper maneuver every time.

Well Marks dealt with this for years and finally had enough. It took him a while but Marks finally figured out how to outdo and get out from under the looming shadow of Schrade. After some preparation and a lot of training he was ready, time for some action!

Marks challenged Scrade to a 5 Star General Showdown drinking contest. It was a true spectacle to see to say the least. Shot after excruciating shot and neither would back down. Finally after all 5 bottles were finished the bartender called it a draw and would serve neither another drop of alcohol. Well both of these long standing rivals couldn't stomach a draw and agreed that only a Tank Maneuver could settle this....of course Schrade suggested that Marks go first, go figure.

Marks called the place of the maneuver. Signed out and hopped into his Tank. He jumped the road without a hitch. Now it was Schrade's turn. He jumped into his tank and went for it......well the picture is of course the outcome.

Here is what was missed:

Bribing the bartender to change out your bottles for harmless coffee, tea, apple juice and water: $300.00

Politely convincing the local MPs to be at said location: Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for a month.

Having your longstanding rival so drunk he couldn't tell where the low point of the jump was and crashing in front of the MPs: Awesome!

Being removed from Tank Duty for 6 months for tanking the tank out on unauthorized maneuvers: Freaking Worth It!

Having said rival embarrassed, demoted to Private and permanently removed from tank duty for publically humiliating the military in front of anonymously tipped News Crews: Priceless!

Out Maneuver that one Schrade!

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 16 2011 8:36 AM EST

Going to give this another day or so and a bump

.....5 minutes and a little story for 50K?....

Ankou January 16 2011 12:52 PM EST

This is Dave. Dave was never really meant for the military. He was simply not the right kind of person for the job. Unfortunately, the draft said otherwise. After Dave worked through boot-camp, he was shipped of to a dessert in the middle of nowhere.

He soon realized things were a little different that he had been lead to believe. As a result, Dave tried to escape. Dave thought that the best way to escape would be by vehicle. "But what if they try and block it? Get a big vehicle!" He thought. "A truck maybe, so I can bash cars out of the way. Better yet, a tank, yea, that might work." So a tank he got.

Dave went on the run. He rammed every car in his way and smashed through all that opposed him in his escape. Soon, he was being followed by a small group of fellow soldiers who were attempting to reclaim their vehicle. In a last ditch effort, he tried to run to a road he knew of just a mile or so away from his location. The road lead into enemy territory, but he figured that his 'friends' would not follow across the border.

As he approached the road, he quickly realized that he was not where he had expected, resulting in a quick lesson on gravity and an even quicker stop.


As a side note: you may have more feedback by opting for a sentence or two for responses instead of the paragraph(s) I feel you wanted. One word or partial sentence responses are understandably unwanted, but I could have cut this to two or three sentences and had a similar feel.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 18 2011 10:40 AM EST

Zenai Wins this 50k. Ankou I must agree that It would be easier if I allowed 1-3 sentences to participate but I want a little mini story and knowing 50k is not much, I still need more then 20 letters worth of effort to give it away.


Hope I did this right^
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