A bot maybe? (in General)

Pwned February 19 2011 1:39 AM EST

This guy stalemate me 101 times today.... How could you do it 101 times without noticing this.

Duke February 19 2011 1:47 AM EST

Does not look like behavior of a Bot.

Phaete February 19 2011 1:59 AM EST

Looks like just mindless pressing enter, since list does not advance with stalemate?
I'm curious if there are timed out bot checks at specific times where he does not use up all BA.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] February 19 2011 2:34 AM EST

I don't think he pays attention, when I started beating him it took him a full 3 days to realize it before he took me off his list.. I enjoyed the free xp though.

Optimus(Prime) February 19 2011 2:49 AM EST

omg this is about me lol.
It is mindless enter. I multi task a lot.

Demigod February 19 2011 10:38 AM EST

Ausra? ::clicks name::

Ha! It's bubbletea.

QBRanger February 19 2011 5:52 PM EST

I just lost to you 160 times. No bot here.

And no botcheck.
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