.9 repeating = 1 (in Off-topic)

Invader Sye March 17 2011 2:33 PM EDT

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Lochnivar March 17 2011 2:36 PM EDT

God I wish my handwriting was that easy to read...

Newlin [SeeD] March 17 2011 2:41 PM EDT

I'm pretty sure 9 times .1 repeating is one...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 17 2011 2:44 PM EDT

Any number divided by itself is one. Simple Math 101. Still cool to see in a different format though.

AdminShade March 17 2011 3:52 PM EDT

also it is not .1 but with a different symbol.

it's the same as saying 9 = y :)

Karn March 17 2011 7:41 PM EDT

The problem with this proof is that it requires you to assume that 1/9 = .1 repeating. Which is basically what you are trying to prove. Using geometric series as Titan said is probably best.
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