How does HoC clearly work? (in General)

Quyen May 31 2011 10:12 AM EDT

apparantly, i tried it out in the tourney. from there on, if i used 1 HoC, the user could use a Direct Damage spell. the other character just use their weapons in that round.

so, if you use the HoC on a DD mage, it will also effect the other minions, that way you dont need a HoC on other characters right? :o

AdminShade May 31 2011 10:50 AM EDT

user? characters?

You must mean character and minions?

The minion wearing a HoC will have 1 extra round of ranged combat, the others do not.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 31 2011 11:39 AM EDT

Its like shade said, the HoC will grant only the minion wearing it one additional round during ranged combat, if the DD mage is using a melee only spell it will fire during the last round of ranged combat with the HoC equipped. So if you want multiple minions to get an extra round during ranged, they each need their own HoC.

Quyen May 31 2011 11:43 AM EDT

apparently, im being tricked by my eyes

Sickone May 31 2011 12:07 PM EDT

Without a HoC on the field, ranged only lasts 5 rounds, while with one on the field on any minion on any character involved, ranged lasts 6 rounds.
In the very first round of a 6-round ranged combat, only minions with a HoC equipped can act, all the others start acting only in round 2.
There are some other more subtle effects for minions wearing HoC (different penalties being applied in ranged rounds compared to a minion without one, being able to fire melee-only DDs in ranged round 6 already, etc).

Phaete May 31 2011 12:16 PM EDT

My amulet of junction lets my familiar shoot 6 times while my minion has helm of clearsight. Only thing i could add
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