possible microtransactions for cb (in General)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 26 2011 5:30 PM EDT

i wanted to consolidate a few other threads and give people a forum to come up with some new ideas for microtransactions on cb to bring in income and hopefully supplement development. this is by no means part of my admin duties but just a post from an 8+ years player.

add any other ideas you have but i would appreciate it if you want to discuss an idea to start another thread for that discussion. thanks!

extra character slots
clan tags
name reservations
extended item namings
extra inventory slots
titles (patron, benefactor, lord, etc.)

this one may need its own thread:
rares by usd only (would require a change to the drop system)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 26 2011 5:42 PM EDT

Vacation Time: Tried to put forth a Vacation Mode(no dice) and the basic Idea would fit but instead of it being free this would have to be paid for.

The player could pay for Vacation Time and based on Game play for the same amount of time taken(or over the year) be rewarded an averaged equivalent Exp.

The Char picked (through Management) would effectively be put on Vacation Time and would not be playable for the week(or two).

N*Bs would not be eligible for this feature.

The Vacation Time could only be used 1 time a year.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 26 2011 6:46 PM EDT

One other: I would only do Seasonally or Special Occasion - CBD buying directly from the Dev.

For a Fee of say $3-$5 Per Mil
No More than 20 Mil, No less than 5Mil
Only during CBs Inception Date, the Devs B-Day, or X-Mas.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 26 2011 7:48 PM EDT

Sorry for the Triple Post but another one brought up by NS I think would fit the requirements.

Most of the items we get from Drops or the Special Items are base, why not have leveled Items?

Personally I would make it randomized(since this is just for game support) and a little more than the Cost of Special Items.

No more than 10% more or Less than the equivalent paid for the Item in NW based on a preset of say $3-%5 per mil.

This could come in several Varieties.

Ranged, Melee and Armor(Sorry guys I just cannot foresee Tats in this equation.)

Special Items are $11 so the Prices could be in increments of $5 added up to $51 total (More would be abusive in my mind unless for something Very Special.)

For Weapons you could pick between X and + or a 50/50 balance.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 26 2011 7:56 PM EDT

-Extended NCB (8-12 months)
-NCB without increased BA costs

You can only use one or the other, it creates a new NCB character upon purchase.


Basically things like XP/Money potions that give a certain % bonus to gains for X amount of time length of time could vary on the size potion you buy. Something fair, not some insane bonus.

Blessings would be things similar to Clan rituals but last for a longer period of time and are account wide.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 26 2011 8:11 PM EDT

From: Thought Crime (7:55 PM EDT)
rather than the hassle of figuring out what someone wants for x/y on a weapon, incorporate a blacksmith credit currency where the cost to buy credits is half the cost to buy actually cbd, but credits can only be spent at the blacksmith, if the person De'd the item they would only get back the same as what they put in...

Totally forgot about this old Idea: Black Smith Credits!

Now I am not in total agreement on the price of CBD to BSC, I would keep it on the same Ratio as before $3-$5 per mil. (Remember this is to support the game!) Plus don't you think this would be prime when the proverbial CBD well runs dry and you really really need to get that upgrade? This would be especially helpful for those items that cannot be forged anyway!

I of course would set some limits here for amount of BSC to be acquired and usable per Month, per account.(per Item?)

Non transferable from account to account without Admin assistance.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 26 2011 8:49 PM EDT

A new supporter Item,

Crystal Shield of the Mind
0.5% bonus to DD, EO and ED spells per enchantment point.
Not forgeable.

I've suggested this before (a long time ago).
I am suggesting an upgrade curve of this

+0 = $26,397
+1 = $36,286
+2 = $54,256
+3 = $86,905
+4 = $146,229
+5 = $254,017
+6 = $449,864
+7 = $805,710
+8 = $1,452,268
+9 = $2,627,037
+10 = $4,761,542
+11 = $8,639,844
+12 = $15,686,548
+13 = $28,490,105
+14 = $51,753,607

Lord Bob June 27 2011 1:02 AM EDT

Free retrains (Free as in no XP loss).
Something to make the N*B obsolete so old characters can still be viable.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 27 2011 1:53 AM EDT

It wouldn't make N*Bs obsolete LB but I do agree this would be a really cool thing to have for a char you don't want to drop in MPR. I'd pay for a feature like this once a year.

I would suggest something else the OCB or Old Character Bonus(an old idea but I feel it to be relevant). The Requirements, Percentage and Duration could vary but honestly even if it were very low I would take it for my old char.

The requirements I would propose would be:

Char must be more than a year old.
Must be 50% or lower of the Top MPR.
Can only bring the char within 80% of Top MPR.
Duration of no more than 3 Months.(Don't qualm you'd be lucky to get it!)
Cost no less than $20. (I would pay more if it were my favorite char.)

Feel free to impose any number of things but I think this would revitalize some of the ranks and make some vets very happy and would be well worth it to iron out.

horseguy001 June 27 2011 5:58 AM EDT

Purchasable whacky exp slots.

$10 for 4, can be toggled on and last for 6 hours, do not stack with regular whacky exp times.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 27 2011 9:43 AM EDT

Wow! Very cool idea!

Hmmm personally I would think this not fair unless they could be purchased for other players AND would not be available for use with N*Bs.

Also either only available at Special Times(X-Mas, CB Inception Date, Dev B-Day).


Only the ability to move your present Bonus Times to a more convenient/accommodating time in the week.

Once again this is just how I would do it.

horseguy001 June 27 2011 10:38 AM EDT

I'd say make them available any time. Casual players could just make another NCB to catch up.

Two games to look at in terms of massive money F2P markets are Maple Story and Gaya (sp?) Online. If the devs want to make a fair amount of coin, it would be in their best interest to focus on those two games and what they offer.

- purchases that can be activated at any time
- misc. bonuses for certain time blocks
- avatars (I personally think CB has a HUGE opportunity to get into the chat/avatar market while still catering to its core gaming group)
- 'bling' packages
- pets

Nexon has made hundreds of millions of $$$ off of their F2P games, I think CB could generate enough $ to hire a dedicated coder/graphics artist. At its core, there is a very solid game here.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 27 2011 2:49 PM EDT

I could really get behind an Avatar program, even a basic flash one like Shakes and Fight has.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 27 2011 4:59 PM EDT

Purchasable whacky exp slots.

$10 for 4, can be toggled on and last for 6 hours, do not stack with regular whacky exp times.

Don't want to be seen as totally negative, but this would be a very bad idea. :(

It would be another one of those massive, "everyone must do this, all the time" things. Everyone would have to buy these, to the maximum they could, just to stay competitive to the one guy that's doing just that. :(

Now paying to be able to switch your 2 set wacky times around (or to other times), would be cool. ;)

horseguy001 June 27 2011 10:33 PM EDT

Everyone would have to buy these, to the maximum they could, just to stay competitive to the one guy that's doing just that.

Exactly. Thats a lot of dev money :D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 28 2011 3:51 AM EDT


Might just as well make BA cost USD if you go that route though. ;)

horseguy001 June 28 2011 8:51 AM EDT

In all seriousness though, CB has a unique set up where you can play as serious as you want, and if you want to take a break, can jump back in later with a NCB.

If we implement a regular BA cost NCB perk, then players have the option to pay to stay ahead in small amounts, or pay to catch up/become the new #1 in a larger amount. All serving the purpose of bringing in money for the game.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 29 2011 12:49 PM EDT

AAnother feature I would pay for it password protected rooms in chat! Nothing like being able to kelp the unwanted element out of conversations that really do not pertain to them!

Don't get me wrong I know that when you create a room you are the OP but if someone higher in server status comes in then they lose it. If it was a private conversation between more than 2 ppl then this would be prime. I mean yeah I gent it go to another method like IMs or something but hey why not have the same kind of convenience here?

Dathron [Dragon Court] June 29 2011 12:50 PM EDT

Already posted this idea in another thread, but Zenai kindly directed me to this post so figured I could post it again.

Character slots with their own BA (basically what OP has mentioned) would be amazing. Maybe $11 for a non-bonus one, to basically be a cash farm. $20 for buying a new NCB with its own BA, and $50 for a NUB. I know that personally, I'd consider getting at least a bonus-free one for some quicker CB cash, as well as a testing ground for strategies. Sure it could be abused, but I was thinking maybe limit it to two extra chars after your main, maybe even only one. Once one is retired, you can buy another one, although maybe there would be a waiting period in between, like wait 3 months before it's available again or something.

Also, I love the idea of purchaseable Titles. Maybe titles would come with progressively higher fight bonuses. So, a $5 Title would add, I dunno, 7.5% bonus to cash/exp per fight, and a $25 Title could add like 50% bonus. There could even be Forging specific titles, where the bonus would instead go towards your forging efficiency.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 2 2011 1:24 PM EDT

Yep Another Idea but I think this one mobile users would like a lot.

So far the only way to Ignore a person is from chat. Really sucks when you are on your phone and have to way to stop the annoying CMs of some jerk even after you have politely asked them to stop.

Well how about a way to /ignore simply from inspecting a person. Kind of like how the "Send Button" was instituted. This I would pay for gladly!
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