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winner winner July 23 2011 11:41 PM EDT

If you wish me to help your clan gain thousands of clan points a day, all you have to do is pay my entry fee into your clan.

A/N I'll probably average between 3-5k net clan points per day.

IPoop July 24 2011 2:06 AM EDT

how much is the fee? - Dukes on holiday for a week and we could sure use the help getting back in to the top few on a more regular basis

winner winner July 24 2011 2:23 AM EDT

probably a little more than 1m

IPoop July 24 2011 8:03 AM EDT

It's probably going to take me 48 hours to save the 300k and change needed. The offer is here but no worries if you find another home between now and then

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] July 24 2011 8:12 AM EDT

probably a little more than 1m

lol... It's not even that high for me.. >.>

Unappreciated Misnomer July 24 2011 8:24 AM EDT

money scam!? :P

QBRanger July 24 2011 8:30 AM EDT

Joining a clan is 1/10th VPR.

Daz July 24 2011 9:51 AM EDT

Speaking to TAH about giving you the cash now (since I have enough to cover it...)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2011 1:03 PM EDT

I'll pay his entry fees, it'll be good to see I Win back in the running again >:-)

IPoop July 24 2011 3:51 PM EDT

Cool thanks for all the offers and info. If you want a spot in the clan let me know SK

winner winner July 24 2011 5:50 PM EDT

There is a fee of $545,503 to join a Clan.

IPoop July 24 2011 5:56 PM EDT

sent this as im about to hit the sack and wont be around for a few hours
- TheArtistHaze(There Can Only Be One) Serialkiller (Shinobi Legends) $545503 -- clan joining fee :) 5:54 PM EDT

If you dont join just send it back :)
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