Guess my age (in Contests)

Warchild August 4 2011 2:59 AM EDT

Today is my b-day so I figured I would have a quick contest.

Object: guess my age as of today
Prize: 100k to start plus bonus
Cost: 0
1-max 3 guesses per person (seperate posts)
2-hints(2) will be given periodically thru the day...each hint halves the prize
3-bonus item if the winner can also guess what time i was born at give or take an hour (example: 2pm would be correct if my actual birth time was between 1pm and 3pm) (hint: I was born at the top of an hour)
4-Contest ends with or without a winner at (and guesses must be in by) midnight servertime


winner winner August 4 2011 3:20 AM EDT

you are 34 years old and you were born at 6 pm

Warchild August 4 2011 3:44 AM EDT

lol well that was a lot faster th I thought it would be but looking back it seems I did a contest very similar to this one some 6 years ago

well SK wins and gets the bonus..good job checking my previous posts lol


{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 4 2011 4:11 AM EDT

heh, Happy Birthday Warchild

Quyen August 4 2011 5:20 AM EDT

Happy Birthday!!! :D

AdminShade August 4 2011 8:29 AM EDT

Happy Birthday!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] August 4 2011 8:50 AM EDT

ROFL well we CBers have a lot of time to read X-D.

Happy B-Day!

Or as a close friend would say: Happy Confirmation your parents bumped uglies day!

Shadow xEclipse August 4 2011 10:07 AM EDT

Happy Birthday WC!!

Demigod August 4 2011 10:45 AM EDT

Happy b-day

Fishead August 4 2011 1:57 PM EDT

A belated Happy Birthday to you!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] August 4 2011 6:29 PM EDT

Happy birthday, dahling!

IPoop August 4 2011 6:56 PM EDT

happy birthday! hope any hangover isnt to bad but is well earned!

Phoenix [The Forgehood] August 4 2011 6:57 PM EDT

happy birthday, Warchild
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