Challenge Bonus (in General)

DoS October 8 2011 1:34 AM EDT

I just started a non-competitive NCB and I inflated my PR to match my opponent's as to maximize my bonus. Score is not a problem, he has well over double my PR. So after receiving 100% bonus for around 100 BA, my challenge bonus started to decrease. Sure you could say that I gained over 1.2mil VPR in that 100 BA, but that is unrealistic. I have only aquired an additional 76k exp, so it shouldn't be a problem.

My VPR is probably ~8k over my opponent's PR, but his PR shouldn't be playing a factor in my Challenge Bonus.

For the number people
My score: ~3mil
My PR: 274 - 284k
Opp. score: ~2.6mil
Opp. PR: 274k

DoS October 8 2011 2:20 AM EDT

Now at 229.4k pr + 89k exp my challenge bonus is starting to decrease again. His stats are unchanged since my last post.

Duke October 8 2011 2:31 AM EDT

You mostlikely had only a few score when you have fought him you have decrease is score under 600K

DoS October 8 2011 2:35 AM EDT

His score is currently 2,591,000

Duke October 8 2011 2:36 AM EDT

What the NW on your bone is that what get your PR to 200K

DoS October 8 2011 2:41 AM EDT

Yes, A Blacksword of Nan Elmoth [92x7607] (+87) 70,342,868

DoS October 8 2011 2:25 PM EDT

Any ideas? I was under the impression that challenge bonus was VPR vs. opponent's score.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 8 2011 2:29 PM EDT

It is, this has to be a bug.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] October 8 2011 2:33 PM EDT

How low did the CB% drop? I'll fix it for you, but that is odd, you should still be getting 100% off me.

DoS October 8 2011 2:34 PM EDT

27% currently x.x

DoS October 8 2011 2:36 PM EDT

I trained and I am back at 100%.... I trained approx 160k exp. Definitely a bug.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] October 8 2011 2:37 PM EDT

Wow, that's really strange.. unfortunately I cant bump his score anymore, since Tasha retired Kamon.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] October 8 2011 3:12 PM EDT

I think I know what the case might be. It probably has to do with how VPR is calculated and how you had a very high PR for your MPR. If it were something like say the % increase your MPR would increase by multiplied to your PR in this case you would be getting something well over 1 mil VPR.

Duke October 8 2011 4:02 PM EDT

Its possible that VPR is caculate as follow (Minion MPR*powerweight) repeat for each minion + TAT PR + weapon PTH PR = PR. Now we have PR for VPR its would be ((untrain MPR + trained MPR)/trained MPR)*PR.

In the case of dos here untrained MPR is higher that train MPR.For a easy EX ((10+1)/1)*10= 110 VPR vs is PR of 10 if he train its goes like this ((0+11)/11)*20= 20 VPR.
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