Xeno/Zenai/Splinter Piper Deal (in Public Record)

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] November 17 2011 9:11 PM EST

This is a multiple party deal which is why Iメm throwing it in the PR for everyone to keep track of.

Zen will be buying Piper off me for a total of 150m/$300 + xfers (~12m)

I will be sending the character and all gear to Splinter.

Splinter has already covered 10m of the xfer cost, I will be covering the final ~2m in the mean time (I will need this back at some point.)

Splinter has also agreed to place a downpayment of 25m CBD and $50 towards the character with another $50 to be paid on Friday (possibly next Friday)

Zen has agreed to pay me $50 every 2 weeks until all has been paid off.

Most of this deal has gone on behind closed doors up to this point but I think everyone is finally in agreement and I personally wanted a place where everyone could keep track of the deal somewhere other then CMs.

I trust both of them enough that theyメll confirm when they get a chance, but for now as a show of good faith Iメm sending the character to Splinter.

What follows next is all the transfer records of this deal and after that I will have a total Summary of what is still owed to me after Splinter sends the downpayment.


For Xfer: Splinter (Bank of Warlords) Xenogard (Piper at the Gates) $10000000 8:10 PM EST

A transfer fee of $11,799,127 will apply

Xenogard Splinter Piper at the Gates 9:00 PM EST

Still owed for Xfer: $1,799,127 (Would like this back in CBD and to be kept separate from the other total.

Once splinter sends me the money I'll update this post with the remainder owed.

The character tat and gear are all in splinters hands now.

Guys please post here so we're all on the same page.

Django November 17 2011 10:02 PM EST

Sounds good

Quyen November 18 2011 8:42 AM EST

so Z helps Splinter to pay Piper At The Gates?

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] November 18 2011 11:22 AM EST

Splinter (Bank of Warlords) Xenogard (Xeno's Secretary) $1799127 11:11 AM EST

Xfer fee is now covered.

Nov 18, 2011 Payment From XXXXXXXX Completed Details $100.00 USD

That brings the total down to 100m/$200 owed

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] November 19 2011 12:14 PM EST

XXXXXXXX sent you $200.00 USD.

Another party has stepped into this deal and has covered the remaining debt. I'll let those two work out the details from there, though I'm sure they already have.

I'd like to personally thank everyone involved, you guys really helped me out.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 19 2011 12:46 PM EST

I am glad that everything has worked out and everyone is happy. Thank you for the help 3rd party!
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