Strange PR / Score Ratios of 'unplayed' Chars (in General)

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] January 20 2012 1:40 AM EST

I started my new NCB 2 days ago, and now i'm coming across a lot of apparently inactive clan members with incredibly high scores an almost no PR.

So how did this happen? It's just a huge difference between those 'non clan' characters, which amost all have about equal score an pr ..

- all those normal chars have PR 20.000 and score about 20.000, or PR of 100.000 and Score of about 100.000

Here ist the copy of my current fightlist, all of which seem to have more like 200.000 score with less then 10.000 PR ..

C Ferstar (401,683)
C watsonandcrick (399,356)
C Team Quadro (399,297)
C Patriots (399,235)
C Treal (399,152)
C Rodeva (398,972)
C Klick Gray (395,605)
C Helvete (391,470)
C Jay (245,403)
C noob killa (245,102)
C PhantomFire (244,084)
C DwadeHU (239,593)
C Brakmar Prophets (228,289)

.. in the end i wonder if the gained XP depends also on the PR of the opponent, or if its only the score and i can keep fighting those opponents.

But still it's strange, i can fight at around 200% score of my own PR against everyone, but these have more like 600% but still less PR than myself??

(slightly confused old cb1 player)

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] January 20 2012 1:41 AM EST

A few weeks ago, Natasha' dumped a bunch of artificial score into the system by making her much higher score character draw with extremely low players. It gave new players a chance to have 100% bonus's for a while.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 20 2012 3:35 AM EST

And it's AWESOME! :D

Dries up around 1M -1.5M Score.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 20 2012 6:10 AM EST

Yes as Gohan stated this was done by Natasha not that long ago, I have plans to go back and do it again once everything drops below the point of useful.

in the end i wonder if the gained XP depends also on the PR of the opponent, or if its only the score and i can keep fighting those opponents.

PR does matter, update the list every day or so as your pr increases down there to optimize your growth, and spend your XP every cycle you fight.

For even better results update your list every cycle and your xp every fight. At least for the first week or two, after that it doesn't matter quite as much because your PR wont be increasing as quickly vs the targets you can pick from.

Also yes it does begin to dry up around 1.5m-ish because that's around where the gap between scores and mpr starts getting smaller. But by then you should be set up to take on stronger teams up to the 2m+ score range if you are doing well.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 20 2012 6:13 AM EST

Oh also I believe she specifically targeted clan members for obvious reasons. Though there were a few none clan targets that were boosted in the beginning if I recall correctly.
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