Super Bowl-any Giants fans (in Contests)

dj1914 January 23 2012 11:08 AM EST

I am taking the Pats to win. 100k increments up to a total of 9 million CBD. If interested and you think the Giants will win post your bid.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 23 2012 11:24 AM EST

I also take the Pats to win...

ill go for 5 1m bets

Demigod January 23 2012 11:46 AM EST

No spread?

dj1914 January 23 2012 12:19 PM EST

current spread is 3.5 in favor of Pats. Am guessing it will end up around 2 in favor of Pats so I can offer Pats -2.5

QBOddBird January 23 2012 3:04 PM EST

What the hell, why not. Put me down for 300k. c:

Don't be alarmed if I don't pay immediately day-of, life's kept me logging in much less frequently as of late, but I'll send you your winnings if the Pats take it.

DoS January 23 2012 3:09 PM EST

Go patriots! I called their last Super Bowl win mid season, so I will go with them again :)

dj1914 January 23 2012 4:06 PM EST

Current bids

OddBird for 300k

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 23 2012 8:41 PM EST

I wont bet....but I predict Pats

dj1914 January 25 2012 10:39 AM EST


Demigod January 25 2012 10:57 AM EST

I think the Pats will beat the -2.5 spread, but I'd prefer to see the underdogs take it. I'll support this thread with $300,000 for Giants at 2.5.

dj1914 January 25 2012 11:34 AM EST

Current bids

OddBird for 300k
Demigod for 300k

{CB1}stingiestbard [why] January 27 2012 9:35 AM EST

300k... Giants to win and Brady is sooooo like last week....

dj1914 January 27 2012 11:35 AM EST

Current bids

OddBird for 300k
Demigod for 300k
stingiestbard 300k

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] January 27 2012 3:30 PM EST

sure... I'll go 2 mil on giants... what is life with out risk...

dj1914 January 27 2012 4:03 PM EST

Current bids

OddBird for 300k
Demigod for 300k
stingiestbard 300k
The Pope 2M

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 27 2012 5:09 PM EST

If you don't mind a payment plan I will take the Giants for 5mil.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 27 2012 5:32 PM EST

ill take the payment plan

dj1914 January 28 2012 11:26 AM EST

Current bids

OddBird for 300k
Demigod for 300k
stingiestbard 300k
The Pope 2M
Josh 5M on payment plan of 1M per week.

1 million CBD still open for bids.

dj1914 February 1 2012 9:41 AM EST

Current bids

OddBird for 300k
Demigod for 300k
stingiestbard 300k
The Pope 2M
Josh 5M on payment plan of 1M per week.

1 million CBD still open for bids.

The bidding will close at Noon server time on Friday. Thanks and enjoy the game.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 5 2012 10:04 PM EST

Giants won 21- 17 over the patriots

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] February 5 2012 10:15 PM EST


Demigod February 5 2012 11:38 PM EST

'grats to Josh on this one.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 6 2012 3:49 AM EST

Demi... you only know half of it... i had the exact same bet on the line with Josh... he made out like a bandit

dj1914 February 6 2012 6:19 AM EST

All winners have been paid.

dj1914 (Shanahan) Josh (It's Always Sunny) $5000000 6:19 AM EST
dj1914 (Shanahan) The Pope (Laydown your arms) $2000000 6:18 AM EST
dj1914 (Shanahan) {CB1}stingiestbard
(Bring it on home) $300000 6:18 AM EST
dj1914 (Shanahan) Demigod (Demigod) $300000 6:17 AM EST
dj1914 (Shanahan) QBOddBird (Safety Deposit Box) $300000 6:17 AM EST

Demigod February 6 2012 7:26 AM EST


The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] February 6 2012 8:17 AM EST

thank you... it was fun...

QBRanger February 6 2012 11:05 AM EST

Good game but the ending was very frustrating for a Giants fan.

Why did they even bother to give Bradshaw the ball at all.

Manning should have taken a knee to run the clock out and kick the 20 yard FG with less than 10 seconds left.

They gave Brady a chance. And if he completed that first pass for 25 yards, the one that was dropped, it would have been very interesting at the end.

QBsutekh137 February 6 2012 1:08 PM EST

It's funny, we had the sound turned way down, so when we saw the Bradshaw run, I didn't even think about the clock management angle.

That challenge toward the end really made a difference, too. NYG was managing time outs VERY poorly, but then the Pats used one up on a fairly clear catch (though whether or not it was worth the challenge was debatable at the time...)

Fun game, though! That's always nice to see...

Lochnivar February 6 2012 3:48 PM EST

Good game but the ending was very frustrating for a Giants fan.

It was probably more frustrating for the Patriots fans watching Welker, Branch (x2), and Hernendez not making the sort of catches you have to make in a big game. (though Branch's issues were more a lack of adaptation in running his route)

Great catch by Manningham though.

QBRanger February 6 2012 3:56 PM EST

The Welker drop was as much Brady's fault as Welkers'. The pass was not as accurate as it needed to be and the attempt by Welker was a good one.

I think the Pats really missed The Gronk, especially on that jump ball that was intercepted.

However, at the end of the game the time management by the Giants utterly sucked but every sports pundit seems to blame Bradshaw for getting into the endzone. My response is that the ball should have never been in his hands. Manning needed to just take a knee three times, let the Pats burn their last time out. Then kick the FG with 15 seconds left.

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 6 2012 5:09 PM EST


In terms of the finish. I am fine with Bradshaw scoring the TD. I'll take the sure points and go up by more than 3 forcing the Pats to have to score a TD rather than risk a poor snap, poor kick, block, etc.

However, I would have liked him being able to stop himself on the 1 yard line to at least force NE to us up their last time out and/or run a little more clock. Completely fine with him scoring. If you trust the kicker so much you should trust your defense equally as much.

QBRanger February 6 2012 5:24 PM EST

IDK Josh.

Tynes has not missed any kick from inside 30 yards in 4 years.

I would have much rather given Brady no time vs giving him any shot especially with 55 seconds left and 1 time out.

I realize Cundiff missed a 33 yarder in the AFC championship game, but you cannot give Brady the ball back with that much time and a TO left.

Mikel February 6 2012 8:20 PM EST

Well in Bradshaw's defense, he did try to stop, at the same time though, NE let him in so they could get the ball back asap.

QBRanger February 6 2012 10:46 PM EST

The thing is the ball should have never been in Bradshaw's hands. Manning should have taken 3 knees then they kick the FG with no or very little time left.

You cannot fault a RB for doing what they have been trained to do for years-run the rock into the endzone.

QBsutekh137 February 7 2012 11:01 AM EST

Tynes has not missed any kick from inside 30 yards in 4 years.

True, but I recall a hapless little kicker named Gary Andersen missing his first field goal of the whole season (a 38 yarder), at home, IIRC.

These things do happen. *smile*

I'm with Josh on trusting the D, especially the way the Giants D got better and better as the playoffs went on. Other than the Pat drives right before half and right after, they did a decent job of holding the Pat's offense (but yes, they did miss Gronk -- Brady never should have thrown that long ball, it was 1st down and he was out of the pocket...bad decision).

QBRanger February 7 2012 11:10 AM EST

My counter is what has a higher probability:

Tynes missing a 25 yard FG or Brady, with a TO, marching down the field for a TD?

I highly think the latter. If the long ball to Branch was caught, on the first play after the ensuing kickoff, the Pats have the ball on the 45 yard line with 1 TO left and about 40 seconds. That did not happen, but I would rather take my chance with a kicker at 25 yards than Brady having a minute.

But if the Giants did not want to score, and it appears that was the case, they should have never given the ball to Bradshaw and just had Manning kneel down.

For all the grief that Bradshaw is getting, the coach is the one who made the decision to hand it off.

QBsutekh137 February 7 2012 11:16 AM EST

Yes, I agree about the Bradshaw thing -- if they wanted the pure odds-play, just kneel it. They should have been thinking better clock strategy as soon as the Pats lost that timeout in the challenge.

I also agree that the Pats (normally) would have gotten to the red-zone within just a few passes. But I think once they hit the red zone they would have been stopped, anyway (and with the way the O-line was becoming more porous, I'd even say the odds are significant). Knowing the Pats would have to pas and could not settle for a field goal would have made punching it in tough, and I think NY would have been ready for various trick plays because they had already run a few of those earlier (to very good effect, IIRC).

TO me the odds end up about even, and forcing the TD drive less...binary. You are right, Tynes would have probably made it. But one bad snap or ball placement and it can go from ON to OFF. Tynes had one barely sneak in earlier in the game, if I'm not mistaken.

We should keep this arm-chair QB-ing going, though -- we've a long way until next season! I'm having a bit of a SuperBowl "hangover", sad to see football over, but I already got over a fair amount of that when the Packers choked...

QBRanger February 7 2012 11:36 AM EST

I am ready for the new season to being tomorrow.

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 7 2012 8:18 PM EST

I'm fine not talking football until the Bears get OL and WR help. New GM better do something different because the last 10 years of not caring about either position has been maddening.

At least I have my Bulls and Blackhawks.

And yes, I am enjoying this 10mil the Giants won me.

BestNUB February 7 2012 9:18 PM EST

Sweet another Bears fan :)
Go Bears and Bulls and the Fighting Illini!
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