New DB anytime soon (in General)

Duke January 27 2012 11:52 PM EST

You know when its time to press the reset button and its due badly.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 27 2012 11:57 PM EST

I'd say that's a bad bad idea.

QBRanger January 28 2012 12:55 AM EST


I thought you quit?


And what is DB? A new item?

Demigod January 28 2012 1:37 AM EST

I took it to mean db = database = CB3

AdminNightStrike January 28 2012 3:06 AM EST

Resetting CB would result in the loss of pretty much everyone.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 28 2012 4:01 AM EST

I guarantee to you that anyone who woke up to find that their YEARS of playing this game had been wiped would stop playing. That would not be the transition of CB1 to CB2, that would be a funeral for what i believe to be quite an enjoyable game.

lostling January 28 2012 4:29 AM EST

thats rich coming from the person who just sold off everything he had in the game

Tabaldak January 28 2012 3:37 PM EST

I think we have two choices for having a reset.

If we reset the game we lose half or more of all the players immediately.

If we don't reset then we slowly lose everyone.

Jecht January 28 2012 3:42 PM EST

Let's reset World of Warcraft.

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] January 28 2012 4:27 PM EST

Why would anyone think a reset could be good for anything in cb? That's just wrong.

Anyway there are some things that were introduced that might influence gameplay in the long term. With this i mean for example that now you can change your strategy including almost everything whenever you want.

So it's more and more 'math' instead of simple funny playing. Especially since you don't have to stick with your strategie.

Maybe remove 'disechant', 'ink tatoo', 'salvage yard' and even 'untrain'.

This way you have to stick to your character, you'll know and love/hate him.

The second thing that made (like 5 years ago) my CB-live more boring was the introduction of 'Favorites' .. becaus since then i was fighting only the same few chars over and over, never lost and never knew if my strat was good or bad ..
Without Favorites, you'll fight much more against different chars, see their strat, adjust your strat, etc. etc. -- all the fun stuff in the end.
Maybe you should even 'have' to fight everyone without skipping .. then you could only decide 'how high' you fight in relation to 'how often you win/loose' .. but this would be something new and i'm not able to guess all the consequences.

just my 2 cents

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 28 2012 4:31 PM EST

Stab, that's a bad idea.

Well, it wouldbe if we had changemonths.

When the MoD was originally introduced, no one used it. It was the supporter item with the smallest amount in game.

Not becuase it was bad.

But becuase everyone who wanted a melee weapon, already had a massive melee weapon.

And no one was going to spend the cash to up another. No matter how good it would have been.

Same goes for tattoo's, but is even more pronounced. Add a new tat, and if you have to level it from base (and you're using a massive tattoo currently), no one would care.

Duke January 28 2012 4:46 PM EST

2005 for CB was by far the best year new players new stuff new race to the top.

AS for me quiting Anno 2070 as prove to be a major disapointement. Afterwind is great but sometime there not enough players late at night. So that leave me with CB or making a 1034 game of Ciz 5.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 28 2012 6:22 PM EST

We're delighted to be your late-night back-up.

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 5 2012 1:08 AM EST

"Stab, that's a bad idea.
Well, it would be if we had changemonths."

No, it's an important point that has huge impact on the long-term fun in CB.

You wouldn't worry that much about the 'most best ever' weapon or whatever as there would just be very rare usage up the higher ranks. The point is that e.g. trading of weapons would again be way more interesting as you couldn't change it to whatever you wanted it to be. The same especially for tats.

The overall result would be very likely that there is no 'best' one in cb, but that there are 10 or like 30 chars of which each could beat some of the others but without a special order. Of course you could adapt yours strat slowly (by training this or that more than something else) to win next month against opponent x. But by that time maybe some other opponent focused on fighting you, and so it'll be lots of fun.

.. im not saying CB is not fun right now, but due to all the change-possibilities it's much more math and simple changing of things instead of 'character care' and 'developing a strat'.

Quyen February 5 2012 4:07 AM EST

Maybe remove 'disenchant', 'ink tattoo', 'salvage yard' and even 'untrain'.

want to try a new strat? start new character, buy new tattoo, buy new weapon.. :|

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 5 2012 4:11 AM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 5 2012 4:12 AM EST

You miss the point massively stab...

Quyen February 5 2012 4:19 AM EST

The overall result would be very likely that there is no 'best' one in cb

but if strats can't change, wouldn't it give the mastermind time enough to create a counter to the most strategies without having to think:"What if he untrains, or inks his tattoo?"

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 5 2012 4:20 AM EST

For example, (And you think resets are bad, right) take someone using Fireball or a Fire Familiar.

We have a changemonth, becuase Fireball becomes the Flavour of the Month (as has happened before). And Friendly Fire gets added, or some other massive, but out of the box nerf occurs.

This has just ruined your strat.

CB *was* all about adapting to Changemonth hits. When we had them.

So your FB and your *entire* strat has been nerfed, and now sucks.

With the inability to change your massive Tat into another type. It now becomes worthless. All that time, BA, cash, put into it. Gone.

No one will buy it off you.

It's been 'reset'.

So you have to start again, from scratch. A base level 20 tattoo, with no bonus to pump it.


Then there's the example of the MoD, which you should remember. It was the least purchased supporter item ever, and *no one* used one. Becuase everyone already had 100M NW Morgs and couldn't afford to/wouldn't waste the cash to throw them away to rebuild a MoD from base.

Especially as you have to continually improve your team to stay competitive.

For a game like CB, the inability to exchange item types, especially when new ones are introduced, is a very bad thing.

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 5 2012 4:25 AM EST

i'm still not convinced.

but yes, maybe then 'existing' items should not ever be changed so existing strats couldn't be turned around (like your FB example).
The thing with the MoD isn't as bad as you put it as anyone building a new strat upon it would had a good chance ..

anyway, these are more like 'psychological thoughts' on what eventually led to so many people leaving cb ..
IMHO having to stick to your minion, your weapons and your tat also increases your commitment to your char (and though cb).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 5 2012 8:15 AM EST

Sure, no existing Vet would be able to use any new Weapons/Tattoo's that would be created.

But NUBs would have more choice and strategic options open to them

And that's a *good* thing?

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 5 2012 9:11 AM EST

Well, maybe that's one of it's downsides, as it is a little more as in real life .. you just can't go and become a chemist when you worked your first 30 years of life as e.g. electrician. (well, actually you can in both worlds, but only with continued training and not just like 'now').

It's a small downside - if one at all, given the big benefits it would impose to the whole system.

Maybe try to view it this way:
If there were two identical CB-Servers, one with retraining/inking/disechanting, and one without:

I bet the one where you can retrain would be called something like
'training cb camp for beginners and testing',

while the other one would be the
'real cb world'
where everybody would be proud to fight and care for his personal character.

All this is not supposed to be offense in any way or the other! Please don't get me wrong, just trying to pinpoint this issue here.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 5 2012 9:37 AM EST

Truthfully, that sounds too boring to play. A game that never changes or if it does but at the speed of a glacier just doesn't sound interesting. I left the top game because it was too slow as it is. Turning it more into a glacier....

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 5 2012 10:06 AM EST

hm ..

well, than it's maybe just not a that good idea as i thought it might be ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 5 2012 12:05 PM EST

A game that never changes or if it does but at the speed of a glacier just doesn't sound interesting.

Well... ;)
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