Bye all (in Off-topic)

QBRanger May 6 2012 4:28 PM EDT

Have fun and thanks for all the fish.

j'bob May 6 2012 4:32 PM EDT


j'bob May 6 2012 4:33 PM EDT

Sorry bout the double, but if that's the case, Have fun storming the castle.

Windwalker May 6 2012 5:37 PM EDT

need a few weeks off? NP see you then

--JDM-- May 6 2012 6:04 PM EDT

Come back soon, everyone does!

Sickone May 6 2012 6:25 PM EDT

I'd post something nicer and more meaningful here, but he's allegedly ignoring everything I post, so... just a simple goodbye, I guess ?

Unappreciated Misnomer May 6 2012 6:34 PM EDT

first I hear of this. are you leaving for good or a vacation?

Joel May 6 2012 6:42 PM EDT

Dang, I forgot that I'd heard you were leaving, a while back... I hope you do well in whatever you do! Just don't stay away so long that I pass you up! I still make over 4 million exp., per week, you know! ^.^

Fishead May 7 2012 1:24 AM EDT

Take care, hope to see you in the forums once and a while.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 7 2012 4:27 AM EDT

Take it easy Ranger, don't be a stranger, we'll always be happy to see you around the forums.

And no I did not intentionally try to make that first bit rhyme.
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