Forging Efficiency Table (in General)

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 25 2012 7:43 PM EDT

Thanks to SuiteStuff and KittehShinobu for the idea and hard work in making this table come into being.(and for goading me late last night for I grabbed Raw Data(helped with finishing formatting), Kitteh Formatted and SS helped point out where various tweaks needed to be hit (and grabbed various data that Kitteh needed.)

Overall Forgers you now have a Table to go to for all of your Forging needs, so thank KittehShinobu and SuiteStuff without their invaluable help and positive attitudes it would not be there.(and I would not have done it alone either :-P)


Dudster4 August 25 2012 8:06 PM EDT

Nice. Something I would do if I had any motivation would be to find the efficiency vs mpr/ba regen. Would it be more beneficial to be the highest possible mpr while retaining 10 ba every 20 mins? or say the highest possible with 9/20. Maybe someone has worked this out already.

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] August 25 2012 8:12 PM EDT

lol I just dropped down to 6 ba regen and thinking of how bad that would impact me vs how much more nw I forge per day.

Dudster4 August 25 2012 8:31 PM EDT

Me personally i'd rather have a huge mpr with only 6 BA. Just because i'm so lazy i'd rather have 3 160 BA cycles a day instead of 4. But i'm not sure how much the mpr actually impacts forging at a certain point.

Sickone August 26 2012 3:09 AM EDT

Well, we could answer that, if people in different BA regeneration regions would post their BA purchase price.
I have a feeling we're actually going to end up with most optimal being the top MPR in the game :)

KittehShinobu August 28 2012 1:57 PM EDT

^_^ Rawr, kitteh elbow grease for formatting the raw data into a table with shortcuts leading to the corresponding topic
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