Free will, the most widely believed illusion (in Off-topic)

Sickone September 10 2012 1:43 AM EDT

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 10 2012 2:38 AM EDT

It should be Free Online Gaming, the most widely believed internet scam.

Sickone September 10 2012 10:46 AM EDT

Well, in some cases, it can actually be free (as in, at no cash charge), if you have the proper character strengths to not cave in to purchase stuff. Nothing is ever truly completely free though, not even gifts, so, eh.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] September 10 2012 12:52 PM EDT

Sickone September 10 2012 2:26 PM EDT

Out of context, almost anything sounds ludicrous :p

Demigod September 10 2012 5:50 PM EDT

Admittedly, I laughed.

QBRanger September 10 2012 6:47 PM EDT

No, it's in perfect context.

Demigod September 10 2012 9:23 PM EDT

Though horribly worded, the context was very different.

QBRanger September 10 2012 10:41 PM EDT

No, if you watched or read the entire speech, it was quite obvious he said what he meant.

I would be happy to debate this with you in the appropriate forum which is not CB.

Just like the student who gets an A did not do it by them self. The bus driver who took them to school should get part of the credit. Etc...

Demigod September 10 2012 10:56 PM EDT

While I adamantly disagree with you regarding the context, I'll decline the offer. I've seen those debates, and I won't pretend to have the stamina or passion of LB.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] September 10 2012 11:03 PM EDT

in the appropriate forum which is not CB.
We built you. /me eyerolls
Tell you what Inspector Context, go best guess two out of three for reasons I posted that picture.

Sickone September 11 2012 3:38 AM EDT

No, if you watched or read the entire speech, it was quite obvious he said what he meant.

Actually, I did watch the entire speech, and it was quite obvious what he said, and is not what you seem to imply he said.
What exactly other than "business X owner" NOT having built the infrastructure he relies upon for his business to work was he supposed to have meant, in that exact context (which has the advantage of being TRUE in almost every case)?
That the business itself was not built up mainly by the guy ?
That's so obviously not what he could possibly have meant (and also, it's FALSE, and does not need much thinking to realize that it's incorrect), I am baffled by how long republicans can keep harping on the same old soundbite.
That's nothing more than a strawman, hanging on a wildly unlikely misinterpretation of a phrase.
At worst, you could maybe argue honestly (if in a much more roundabout way) that he could possibly may have meant something along the lines of "you (and/or your employees) couldn't have built that (your business) as easily as you did on your own, without any help from others (from outside your company)", which is also arguably TRUE, but at least it's not a strawman, and it's somewhat open to debate.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 11 2012 6:40 AM EDT

Freedom of anything has some kind of perceived string attached. So no matter what by SOMEONE'S viewpoint "X" is NOT free. I say Meh what does it matter if this is the case? Do what you think you can with what you think you have and be happy with what you think is yours and be fulfilled by it in thought. After all if perception is everything in this instance imagination is king :-)

I know I know Random comment is Random I blame it on the medicine I am taking right now........still though from SOMEONE'S perspective this does make sense......rofl
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