Game over (in Off-topic)

Sickone January 10 2013 4:11 PM EST

Wife pees on stick, two blue lines, good bye fun and games... sigh.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 10 2013 4:22 PM EST

Tsk tsk, that is why your suppose to wrap it up ;).

Either way, congrats! :]

TheNatural January 10 2013 4:25 PM EST

I see plenty of options!

1) Trade wife in for one with only a single blue line. Lose half your stuff, but maintain fun and games! You could even upgrade to a newer model!

2) Continue fun and games, but with baby! Drunk people in bars love babies. Babies also conveniently fit in backpacks and can come along on almost any adventure!

3) Take up drinking alone! Hard things in life are surprisingly more tolerable when intoxicated.

4) Run away! It's pretty hard to have a bad time on a beach in the Caribbean!

Sickone January 10 2013 4:27 PM EST

Mild latex allergies, hormonal issues with the pill, so, eh.
We've been as careful as possible so far, but to be honest, we should have actively tried it much earlier before, since we're not exactly spring chicken anymore (me over 35, her almost 32).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 10 2013 5:17 PM EST

Congrats Sick! May your firstborn bring you as much happiness and joy as mine does for me!

If not, you can always make a deal with the devil. >;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 10 2013 5:20 PM EST

I'm now getting to sit down and watch the new Thundercats, as Emma *must* show Daddy something in this episode!

Ahh, excuses to sit and watch cartoons!

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, HOOOOO!!!!!!

Emma also still plays WoW, has a level 60 Hunter and Deathknight. She's quite taken by GW2 as well (well you can be a cat person!) and a couple of weekends ago we introduced her to the Wii. which she loved and took to instantly.

On top of boards games, there's no need to give up all the fun and games! :D

IPoop January 10 2013 6:13 PM EST

Grats on news, dont worry about games you will be entertained enough.

nephew number 2 age 2 sat in the car in a que, Wanted the interior light switched on. I humour them loads but this time as its a moving que i say you cant have it on, its day time and it would be silly having a light on during the day.
The little cretin then looks at the cars infront who are in this slow moving que, points at the break lights and says ... lights on.

cant beat kid logic for laughs
(well unless you cover them in chocolate after - very wrong baby P joke)

Achertontus [Sneezels] January 10 2013 6:20 PM EST

Gratz matey, say bye bye to life lol

Fishead January 10 2013 6:31 PM EST

Little Sickones! Congrats! The fun and games don't end they just change. Time in the hospital when my second one was born actually brought me back to CB.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 10 2013 7:13 PM EST

Not game over silly....You got a "1up" "extra life"....your set!!!

Demigod January 10 2013 7:40 PM EST

Congrats, sucker! :D Remember, Ebay doesn't permit the sale of infants, but there's always Craigslist. As for games, just think of the baby as a loud, stinky Tamagatchi.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 10 2013 7:57 PM EST

Lol Congrats man. Kids are fun, soon enough you'll be sitting on the floor playing games with them on christmas/birthdays or whatever. Fun stuff, love my nieces and nephews to death, and looking forward to having kids of my own.. eventually lol.

DarkCloud January 10 2013 8:04 PM EST

I use late night crying baby time to burn through my BA! Also babies can be tons of fun, just don't let them eat Warhammer models . Congrats!
ps any one have a dodge caravan with the turbo for sale?

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 10 2013 8:13 PM EST

Congratz Bro! Many have already said it, kids do not stop fun. In fact they can increase your ability to be a straight up goofball for years to come! The first 3 - 6 Months is difficult but after that as long as you are creative you can do just about anything you want within reason of course.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 10 2013 9:37 PM EST

'grats, Sickone, and like everyone else said, just 'cause you have a kid doesn't mean you have to stop the fun. XD

ScrObot January 10 2013 10:20 PM EST

Congrats! For the record, I played a bit pre-kids in 2004/2005, but played much more after I had little'uns running around. (= They're 4 years old now and I still get plenty of gaming in after hours.

Don't get me wrong, your free time WILL suffer though, and you'll need to schedule things ahead of time rather than just jumping into things on a whim. But it's hardly the end of the world. (=

Bounty Hunter January 11 2013 1:48 AM EST

Yep Sickone congrats first and foremost, and yes life as you have come to know it IS OVER. But hardly the end of the world at least till they are teenage girls. (Which is what I am dealing with presently) You will make time to game and hobby kind of a quality vs. quantity speech you will have less time but may enjoy it more if that makes sense. And lastly my advise to you for the first 6 months is sleep when they good luck with that.

Sickone January 11 2013 5:03 AM EST

Heh, thanks everybody ;)
I'm slightly reserving both enthusiasm and panic until after the first serious combined pre-natal screening tests (should be mid-february, early march).

The "fun" part though is that I'm also kind of in between jobs (been working for nearly a year on something, got paid only for a couple of months, got shafted), the wife's business went belly up due to the recent economic downturn, and a teacher's salary over here is minuscule. I still have reserves of roughly 15k EUR (a bit under 20k USD) stashed away for a rainy day, but that will soon evaporate.
Also, the wife has a bank credit in her name (cosigned by me, when we both had decent-ish income) for her PARENT'S house since her parents could not get a loan (too old, too small salaries, etc), and the combined income of her parents is not enough to pay for their basic living expenses plus the bank loan monthly rate, so we're leaking finances towards them too. Needless to say, we do not own a house, and we can't get a loan to get a house, so we're basically renting (it's a bit more complicated and slightly less bad than it sounds, but the gist of it remains).
And last but not least, I'm still not quite ok health-wise (nothing too drastic, but enough for lack of comfort), even the latest surgery (gallbladder removal) is still acting up a little to add insult to injury. The wife's morning sickness does not help either.
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